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  1. Lmao do you still have the blowpa story time dupe xD
  2. Well I am back for some odd reason and this time I hope to stay . Also wanted to introduce my self to the new players. Hi im Blowpa and I was a minge (still am). I also hope I could have a fun time.
  3. Lets be honest here, I never play on Gateway anymore, but I believe you'll do a better job then me and also your also a nice lad and also I dont know what you did. But after all isn't this community about second chances. Unless your me. So its a +1 from me Even tho I dont play on the server anymore and also Goods Lucks
  4. Blowpa Race App *** APPLICATION *** Name: Blowpa Current Rank: Padawan Previous / Current Master: Jedi High General Mace Windu Desired Race: Mon Calamari Make a brief summary of that race (Features, abilities, etc): Sego Nago was an aggressive Jedi who hated clones Backstory: Sego Nago was and young boy. Sago nago was taken by the Jedi council to be trained and become a master like Mace windu so he went through lots of training to become a blue lightsaber jedi
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