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  1. Alright I used to low key hate the living shit out of you when you demoted me to youngling but after a while I got to know you and your a funny and nice dude. The app is also pretty well made. +1 from me. Good luck with the application YOUR A MINGE
  2. #...Enter Details #... Details Accepted #... Enter Secret #... Secret Enabled #... Accessing Jedi Archives For Blowpa Gloop Pop PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities; None Likings; Jedi Order, Companions, Grand Master, Other Gungans, Dueling, Meditating with The Force, Learning new things, Going for Adventures Dislikings: CIS, Anything releated to the Sith, Criminals, Mandolorians, Slavers, Clone Troopers Personality: Mature, Caring, Curious, Playful, Adventures PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 17 Weight: 76 kg Build: Lean Disabilities: None. Appearance: Blowpa stands 2 meters long, like most other gungans. His skin colour is brown and has eyes that are yellow nearly as bright as the sun. His robes are also the colour red JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master: Jedi Knight Trev Salius Lightsaber Details: Blowpa has a saber with a golden tip and a black hilt. The plasma for the saber is green and he is training for duals. Lightsaber Combat style: Blowpa’s favoured combat style would be defensive 2 as he is comfortable in defense then attack. BACKSTORY His time before Youngling: Blowpa Gloop Plop was born and raised in the planet of Naboo a few years later after the CIS battle droids attacked it. He spent his first 5 years in naboo until he showed signs of the force. One sign was when he was 3 years old and his parents saw him levitate his toys without even touching it. Blowpa’s parents tried to hide his force powers but the Jedi found out sooner or later. After the Jedi had found his powers, the Jedi at the time a Knight that did not reveal his name asked if he could take Blowpa to Jedi temple to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. Blowpa’s Parents didn’t let him however and trapped Blowpa into a corner of the room. The Knight Looked down with a frown and putting 2 fingers towards the Parents. Suddenly Armed Man in White Glistening Armor with hints of bright white came into the room and dragged the parents to the back of the house whilst dragging Blowpa to a Ship outside. All that Blowpa remembered his parents saying when the Clones dragged them away was “We Love You Blowpa..” His ride their he was escorted by some clone troopers from the Standard Force [Shinies], after he was taken to the Jedi temple on coruscant he started his pursuit of becoming a Jedi for the Jedi Order. He Was thrown onto the Ship by the clone troopers before looking up at them, clenching a fist and crying. His time as a Youngling: The LAAT Was Taken to a Venator where the troopers boarded off. The Knight tried to get Blowpa off the LAAT but he refused due to the emotions dwelling up from his parents. The Knight felt this so sat next to Blowpa and put his hand upon his Shoulder. Blowpa Re-Opened his eyes to see the LAAT Arriving on a platform with people in Robes Surrounding him. He Glanced Around the Area to see bunches of buildings closely together and ships flying busily around. He Proceeded to Cry due to being so far from home and possibly ever seeing his parents. He Buried his head into the Knight’s Arms to hide from the new scary environment. The Knight Proceeded to Pick him Up and take him onto a small ship which transported him to a Building that made everything seemed quiet even though the busy traffic was right behind him. The Knight Proceeded to Carry him in before dropping him onto the clear marble floor. The Knight took Blowpa’s Hand, Blowpa Occasionally Glanced Around to See People in Robes before covering his face again. The Knight then stopped and nudged him into the Youngling Dormitories were he saw other Younglings Playing with One-Another in a corner. His time at the temple he would try to be kept to himself until a Grand Master of small stature named Yoda had appeared out of nowhere, he proceeded to try and comfort the youngling but his attempts would have no success. One day a Jedi Master named Kit Fisto had offered to take him to go for a swim, Blowpa had accepted his offer and headed for swim. Blowpa wiped his eyes and smiled at the Master. “Yes…” Muttered Blowpa. Being the Only word that he had mustered to say since arriving at the Jedi Temple. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Trev Sailus | Best Friend | Trev Salius was a trusted and close friend of Blowpa Gloop Plop. Kit Fisto I Friend I Got Blowpa Comfortable around Jedi when asking him to come with him for a swim, Reminding him and making him feel at home.q
  3. Lmao do you still have the blowpa story time dupe xD
  4. Well I am back for some odd reason and this time I hope to stay . Also wanted to introduce my self to the new players. Hi im Blowpa and I was a minge (still am). I also hope I could have a fun time.
  5. Lets be honest here, I never play on Gateway anymore, but I believe you'll do a better job then me and also your also a nice lad and also I dont know what you did. But after all isn't this community about second chances. Unless your me. So its a +1 from me Even tho I dont play on the server anymore and also Goods Lucks
  6. Blowpa Race App *** APPLICATION *** Name: Blowpa Current Rank: Padawan Previous / Current Master: Jedi High General Mace Windu Desired Race: Mon Calamari Make a brief summary of that race (Features, abilities, etc): Sego Nago was an aggressive Jedi who hated clones Backstory: Sego Nago was and young boy. Sago nago was taken by the Jedi council to be trained and become a master like Mace windu so he went through lots of training to become a blue lightsaber jedi
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