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  1. DENIED Little to no ingame presence, activity is little to nothing *User may reapply in 1 month*
  2. Description To allow our PAC3 experts to show off there skills within the Imperial Community, there will be a PAC3 competition being hosted. Participants will need to come up with a creative Halloween Star Wars like PAC and post it down below. The community will be judging on everyone, similar to Noc you will be reacting on who you think has the best PAC with the +1 symbol. This is to be done on signal player or if you have access to PAC on our server feel free to do it there as well that way we don't opt out the others who don't. Whoever accumulates the top 3 votes will all get prizes on Halloween day! Prizes FIRST PLACE: 100,000 Credits SECOND PLACE: 50,000 Credits THIRD PLACE: 25,000 Credits Criteria -Must be star war themed in the Imperial Era (Legends and Cannon) -Must have one video or screenshot of your PAC -Only one submission per person (No working together individual only) Good luck to all that participate in the event!!
  3. DENIED *User will remain banned*
  4. DENIED *User may reapply in a month* As the previous comments states this is a very poor application with minimal effort as Kippy stated "this is a joke" I suggest you look at other applications before applying, any concerns with this you may message me on discord.
  5. Hey cosmos, My concern for you at the moment is that you withdrew your application before due to school, has something changed? Will you have time to play the server? As staff there is a higher standard of activity that is required for mod.
  6. Hi Nuvilin, After some chats with Kippy and other users of the community, it seems that you've taken this situation into your own hands. Mass RDM is no small rule break, considering that you've been banned off this server before I must take into account your previous actions as well, due to you killing more then 8+ people, this ban will be extended to a permanent ban, if you have an issue with this extension please take it to my server manager, or if you wish for it to go further take it to the staff manager, there is no justification to the reason you broke rules, you mass rdmed and DCed to avoid punishment regardless of the reason. *Ban will be extended to a permeant ban*
  7. DENIED I want you to wait a bit, feel like this is just a straight up lie, as there has been proof of you sending photos to imperial staff members of very illicit photos in the past, feel like you may slip up and just start doing it again, unless higher ups are against it this ban will remain.
  8. Regardless of the reasons, you've broken all these rules of the server, the ban will remain for 2 weeks you can wait it out. You should know better if you've played Clone Wars majority of the general rules are the same, you wouldn't go up to random players and ask them to scan your ID that's just straight up not on. *DENIED* *User will wait out the rest of his ban*
  9. Hey Manta, have one question, when you were JEM you seemed to be very inactive during that time, now as I do understand EM's have set times for events, will you be able to be active in the staff team?
  10. My man practicing his air dribbles !!
  11. Johan

    Ban Appeal

    Hi User As the person dealing with the situation you were acting completely out of order and upright disrespectful, however you've come to me and apologies and sounded more concise and less aggressive, I will lift this ban from a permanent to a 5 day ban. USER BAN REDUCED TO 5 DAYS 16/09 - 21/09
  12. Hi Link, So, judging from the amount of reports I've been given I've countlessly heard Link did this Link did that, now as per the past, this seems to be yet another repeat of scenarios with you, you were told as stated by Clarky and ended up getting a one day ban, now as you were given the warning you were on your last legs, similar to what Morpheus said, I think it is best that you mature a bit more before coming on and playing the server. DENIED *User will remain banned*
  13. DENIED *User may reapply in a month* DM me on discord if you'll like to know the reason. Steve#6455
  14. *User will undergo a 2 week trial.* Good Luck
  15. Hi So from the whole scenario I've gathered from here, you seem to have been getting trained but asked for a new one, now I do understand the frustration of wanting to get into the CT slot quick however, the way you went around it was wrong, you broke rule number 10 and constantly were being disrespectful, this then led to the trainer most likely getting frustrated as you were constantly disrespecting him and staff members of the Clone Wars staff team, I'm happy to reduce the punishment to a 1 day ban however that is as far as I go, do not forget all though you were on the Clone Wars server, we are one community and harassment and bullying is taken quiet seriously. Changed to 2 day ban due to executive staff.
  16. DENIED *User may re-apply once his is back from long LOA*
  17. User will undergo a 2 week trial period Good Luck.
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