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  1. Regardless, Clarky has been apart of the community for a while he was an Admin before I was, I can vouch for his abilities as a staff member , yeah he may have jumped the gun, but apps don't get accepted straight away. The application itself is solid. However he does need to build up a bit of a reputation again as the community has changed quiet a bit from the last time he played, I will be giving this a +1 because I know the man can do the job. Good Luck Clarky!
  2. Hi Hypo So of course with the way Morpheus dealt with the situation isn't right and its being dealt with, he should of used !respawn. However the ban is due to the fact that you were climb sweping abuse instead of doing this you could of simply done /ticket and called a staff member to help you no matter the reason, there is no point of justifying yourself you broke the server rule which led to the ban. It was also stated in staff chat that since you were coming back that you will be on your last chance to play the Imperial Server post the 3 day ban. You also have FOUR warnings to your name usually after the 3rd its a 2 week ban. Multiple times throughout the night you were doing something I like to call "Low key minging" Basically its a build up of breaking minor server rules such as body blocking the medbay so people can get killed by the EC, pressing the elevator buttons to annoy players and failRP from what I've seen. Also stated by some of the mods that have watched you throughout the night you kept "Messing around and breaking rules of the server" the whole night. I did have to pull you up once tonight also for this. You just had come back from a 3-4 day ban and continually kept to do this low key minging throughout the whole night. We are a community of 2nd chances but I believe you've been given plenty of them and to be honest I do believe you should remained banned. Overall the decision is up to @Zia with what to do with you but I will be -1 this ban, staff have to continually watch you do stupid things on the server and eventually it builds up to a ban you've been minging all night with your friend Barbra and have continually been spoken to.
  3. Johan Nose

    Ban appeal

    You were PKed yesterday for not following orders. I gave you multiple chances Staff have spoken to you multiple times. You did it yesterday as well and were left off with an arrest . You have been told you were on your last legs mutiple times by beatroot, Zia and myself. Your track record isn't all that great and mind you have been perm banned TWICE. This was your last hope. You've been banned for breaking body group rules, and with Imperial but your more then welcomed to join other servers. Also note, you said to @Noc and to @Zia that you were breaking rules on purpose which doesn't look all that good by you. -1
  4. Overall the application is good However your ingame activity isn't all that great, haven't really seen you do that much nor have you joined a regiment yet, would like to see you interact more with the community.
  5. Surley we turn it into a factions server with potpvp and put it back to 1.7.10
  6. Hello everyone! IHC is looking for a new Commander to lead the Regional Government, this regiment is an Imperial civilian branch, they deal with mainly internal affairs, such as the Justice department, the health department and the finance department. The RP in Regional Government is limitless! We are looking for someone who can do serious RP as this regiment requires it. This role requires someone who is able to manage people below him, organise documents when needed and able to act as a Government leader. Name/Alias: Previous Notable Roles on Gateway/Empire Gaming: Highest Rank Achieved: GG Server Playtime: What can you bring to the role?: Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
  7. I like your first pac but like Zia said the rest are just the same with different models
  8. You have a decent app, however the event is pretty stock standard. That's what the trial phase is for I guess. You have my +1. I've worked with you in the past and your mature and have your head screwed on. Good luck
  9. +1 everyone's basically said everything and I've seen you present yourself well ingame. Also seen you make multiple edits to the application which is a good sign. Good luck
  10. Nice Ronald..... Or Zach or Luke? Who tf are you [email protected]!?!?!!
  11. Hi Koby, So in terms of you in game overall, there's been some negatives when it comes to the way you react to things and whatnot. Honestly can't say that I can fully trust in your ability to keep your emotions in check, to be a staff member you have to be unbiased in every scenario due to your past situations I've seen things that doesn't allow me to trust you to hold a staffing position. When dealing with rulebreakers it can sometimes get intense and you have to be able to think on your feet, will you be able to do so in a unbiased way? In terms of your application, you have a decent app and have made edits where people have pointed out which is good as it seems you have a desire to become staff. Your answers have ULX and you have detailed the things you will do which is good. Overall, I'll be giving this a neutral. Just feel like you won't be able to handle the stress of a moderator, as staffing can be very stressful and annoying, us as admins need to be able to trust moderators to make choices on there own without us being there to hold their hand all the time. Good luck.
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