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  1. Name: JohanSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061743235/In-game Name: Noah Austin ISB / CT-1122 Johan Vaders FistServer: Imperial RPWhy do you want it: I wish to further enhance my RolePlay on the server by becoming an inquisitor, I've never RPed as a inquisitor and wish to experience what its like. Another reason is that there's just so much RP to explore as an inquisitor and so many different pathways to go down towards when building a character.
  2. Hello David Thorn, So lets kick it off here, first things first you have only 7 hours within our community, this is not very long for someone who has a desire to become staff, I recommend to get about 25-40 hours before applying that way you become more known within the community and stand out a bit more. Secondly, you say your 21 which could be a plus side shows that you could be more mature then most players this is a plus in my eyes Thirdly Not sure if this is true or not..... It's either that its true or you just didn't read the question. Lastly the questions your answers were straight to the point and direct which isn't a bad thing but as a staff member we need to look at every possible scenario before dishing out a punishment, also would like to see more descriptive answers for example adding in some commands such as !tp !kick etc etc. Overall I have no idea who you are and based on this app which has little to no effort put into it, shows to me that you will put in the same effort when being a staff member. I am going to be giving this a -1. Good Luck.
  3. Hey guys just a quick thread. Was just wondering to everyone out there, is there anything you guys wanna see on the server? Anything specific? doesn't matter how small or how big it is whether its more RP during downtime or if you guys want some new addons added, comment down below!
  4. Good luck, sir! enjoy the RP
  5. hehe xd I'll be hitting up work
  6. Honestly, didn't really get much from you when you were apart of shock, however after seeing you join Reg Gov, I've seen nothing but good from you. You've been RPing really well and your able to be serious when needed. Your scenario questions are answered pretty well, only thing I would say is possibly get yourself known around the community more as you are a new player to GG I wouldn't say your a 7/10 known on the community. However I am going to be +1ing this as I feel like you have the potential to be a good staff memeber. Good luck mate !
  7. Hi tommo, tbh I have no idea who you are application is lacking a lot ,Astro has already mentioned what you need to fix and it seems like you don't care enough to fix it. -1
  8. 7th Shock are currently looking for active troopers, if you are interested in dealing with common criminals and law breakers... Our main objective as shock is to maintain law and order around the ISD/Base feel free to PM me on discord if interested reply to this thread with Ingame Name: Other known alias: Discord:
  9. Maybe a campaign? Not every week, maybe once a month or once every two weeks Probably some more RP on downtime.... Some breaching courses with NPCs spawned in, Server wide training that's hosted by IHC or by commanders(server wide training could also be an opportunity for promotions for people between the Private and CPL ranks if they show the necessary skills) and group training with other regiments for example having 501st and ST's train together, also delivery RP can be fun for example someone comes in does a delivery this automatically puts RP in for Navy, Shock and ISB and possibly other regiments of course we don't wanna just scare the person away by flopping out our IMP ego, we go through the correct protocol search the ship search the person ask questions etc Some mini games that can be hosted by staff or by EMs such as PvP these are always fun. Also with events I feel like we need to see more Jedi... past couple of days I've been on there's only been 1 Jedi on for the 6 events I played I know I'm not an inquisitor but as someone who has played Sith/Jedi in the past this can be really boring for them as they literally can't do anything but block bullets for troopers which gets super boring. Put a random Jedi with 15k HP and get him to defend or to attack the inquisitors I feel like this point should defiantly be more looked into this could also give Vader some more RP as well. Lastly events on the server have been great lately with RP and the ideas the EMs have come up with. My only concern with them is how fast they go. Back in the day events usually went for 40-50 minutes obviously a lot has changed since then but some events have taken 30 minutes to setup and they'll go for 15-20 minutes we need more passive RP and more EC's to interact with maybe we can have the EC as an ally or an enemy and do stuff with them tourte them for intel and use them as a source of intel for that event. Mini events, now these are a bit iffy and I won't go to into it. Basically mini events can be something like the delivery I mentioned earlier. Mini events can be as random as "Rebel ship encountered" or "There's a ship floating in space lets tractor beam it and search it" Now from my point of view I have only seen this happen once or twice mini events are basically only done like 1 or 2 hours before the 630 event or late at night to keep some people entertained but the best thing about this is that an EM doesn't have to do them (if they don't want to) its pretty easy to do as a staff member just keep it basic and simple nothing to complicated.
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