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  1. havent been that hyped since i passed the arc sgt test
  2. first gen windus fist, numbers arent even in the biography i see how it is riley
  3. this is chapter 13 not 12 idiot s8ncaat
  4. 90% sure moff gideon had dark troopers with him at the end of the episode
  5. not a huge amount of story in the episode but like i got hype as fuck when i saw boba's armor and then at the end when boba showed up for real
  6. it was rad thank u very much
  7. vigils my boy on defense but lesion is fun with that 1.5 scope hibana on attack is decent but zofia and mav are pretty rad
  8. yeah superman is like a shit verison or superboy prime and superboy prime punched a hole in reality so laters vader sir
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