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  1. omg! u STOLE this from Call of Duty: Ghosts !!!!! you will not get away with this
  2. report to the starboard hangar, pilot spootenfreeman will fly you out
  3. surely you could’ve paid for some pulp fiction lines instead
  4. Magnus

    ARC VBA All Stars

    zombie ain’t win shit he’s only 6’7 or something
  5. Magnus

    ARC VBA All Stars

    right sir that’s enough time on the gateway gaming forums for you
  6. cs is easy tho it’s legit just cod without ads
  7. Magnus

    ARC VBA All Stars

    never call the scumbag college team washed again you filthy fuckin dog if you do i’ll fuck you up on soldier mge spire
  8. Magnus

    GTA 5 Free

    starting up clone gang
  9. but wdym u didnt tag me ur dog is cool im taking him
  10. Name: Magnus Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/seventyysix/
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