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    this might not make it obvious that im a frank ocean fan
  2. staff room w the spooks church
  3. Imperial PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID STEAM_0:0:62253448 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/seventyysix/ Current in-game alias: Death Trooper Lance Corporal Nemesis Time Played (Hours): Around 1100 hours on CW under the name [GG] Magnus Are you a donator? Yes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes, I have used it previously on the Clone Wars server. Why do you want access to PAC3? I would like access to PAC3 to further my roleplay and character uniqueness on the server. PAC allows me to make my character stand out while maintaining a serious appearance, such as having a weapon holstered on my back but not a lightsaber on my hip as a storm trooper. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? Having access to PAC3 would allow me to go into extensive roleplay with being able to apply all of the different models or effects to my player. This would greatly enhance my time on the server as the added roleplay allows me to enjoy myself more. PAC3 Examples: A holographic ID displaying rank and number DLT-19X and SE-14C models that disappear when each specific weapon is drawn. A typing animation that works only with the hands or climbswep weapons out. A helmet mounted laser activated by flashlight or bind.
  4. really looking forward to seeing if mando will keep travelling solo or link back up with the other mandalorians in the near future surely mando is the next mandalore
  5. not sure if they even do hold coruscant in the show as black guy said that mando should 'go to the core' and report the imperial boys experimenting on baby yoda to the new republic. can only assume the core is coruscant yeah the beskar clearly isn't bad quality wise as it still takes blaster shots in the end fight, i meant the distaste for the empire that the mandalorians must have now.
  6. yer true but the black guy still says they have value in that scene still reckon its also got things to 'the purge' where other mandos were killed
  7. i reckon they got attacked by the empire at some point and driven away from mandalore, which is why the main character doesn't accept imperial credits and that new guy picks up the beskar and says its shit cause it was forged by the empire
  8. the new armor is pretty sick the end fight was pretty sick yoda baby is pretty sick think the next episode will involve those ex imperial warlords that the black guy talked about
  9. remember when u slipped at work that one time and hurt your knees owie haha good times
  10. how many $$ do u want from my dads card for me to be dark vader
  11. buy me shadowkeep and i’ll leave zombie’s clan and join yours xoxo
  12. guerilla magnus, led by the infamous AnnoyingTaco, equipped with a cis supplied ak-47
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