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  1. Rookie numbers, better start to pump em up.
  2. Wether you'd remember or not I was actually online playing with Palskies at the time of this ban and honestly I don't think the indefinite ban was deserving but due to the mass minging and trolls we had joining the server Omo (Palskies) just flick banned you and your mates. I wouldn't see why a 2nd chance isn't to be given especially due to the time that has passed since the ban, that being said I hope to see you around, gateway gamer, +1 Goodluck
  3. Heckin becky didn't even qualify for best meme
  4. I feel like there was genuine rp going down but the other side of the scenario were either, A; Younger players (Maturity issue) B; Did not want to play the losing side of the RP or C; Didn't quite catch on that yous were roleplaying and not minging... Ban isn't that long, I think you'd be able to last it out. In the meantime maybe hit up some pals and jam another game, makes time fly by!
  5. +1 Ajax is a trusted member and has shown his maturity in this community, I believe we should be able to trust he will use this to only enhance his performance amongst the gateway gamers.
  6. Uhh that one map that has the tree thingys and the land, yeah that’d be useful for events
  7. go cry or something
  8. hah! Trainee > Commander confirmed!
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