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  1. Their RP Name: Rabbit Their Steam Name: Grandma Margaret Their Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RabbitTheGamer/ What happened: I joined into play some GG and when I was loading in I went to get some food and when I cam back there was a lot of cr on and I did some research into it and found out the server was raided meanwhile I was still in a different tab and when I went back to the game I was permabanned Was there any witnesses: many but most of them were from the raid Do you have any evidence/proof (screenshots or videos): yes a screenshot of the ban
  2. 1th December 2016 -SSG 9894 Rabbit- -Mission Report- Fresh Batch Of Shinys. I had a team of 4 under my command. The Planet Briefing was done and we were off on our mission. Shinys were put on the front line. From the get go. I knew it was going to be a hard battle. Prepare for the worst i told my shinys. as we move we are confronted with a wave of CIS troops, There is a lot. Deaths start happening but so far so good we keep on pushing up. at this point I recognise that CT 5656 Viking and CT 5678 Lion Are doing well they are following commands very well. More waves come ou way as we push up. The general tells us to fallback i pass that message through but it was to late for some. Lots die. as we move up we found base that was heavily protected. 2 AATS, 4 MTTS, 2 CIS Ships. Surprisingly that was quick and we were outside the base. as we breach the base our mission is to search the base. On the second floor there was count Duko and Grievous They ended up escaping we made it out before the base blew up. back at base i hosted a simulation room for the shinys PVT Viking was in charge. he went very well. He has great potential. Staff Sargent 9894 Rabbit Signing Off, For the Republic, For our brothers END OF REPORT
  3. 6th December 2016 -SSG 9894 Rabbit- -Mission Report- It started as a normal day only me and PVT 1717 SkyrimHel. We jumped into hyperspace to a location of a crashed ventor. All of the sudden we are surrounded, Defcon 2 Me and my shiny go to MH Its been breached we both shot about 30 droids before being taken down. Their is now a breach in the 2BH and Grievous is escaping. We hold a breaching formation on the door with the men including Marshal Commander Cody. Grievous Breaks out. We could not stop him. Defcon 1 EVAC by the time we got to the MH the LATTS were gone. we are stuck as the ship goes down. "Its Going To Be A Rough Ride!" crash landing on a desert planet there are now 4 CIS ships in the sky. We have a base but it not a good one. we man the walls anyway $ CIS Ships 2 MTT'S 4 ATT's. Yay.Its a hard battle So many good men died that day. To Many. Even through all fo this though. PVT 1717 SkyrimHel Was Strong and pushed through it.eventerlly the CIS Fall Bakc. in this time a New Ventor come into our system. We Board the Latts this time no man left behind. I am happy how PVT 17171 Skyrimhel Preformed on this mission I would fight side by side him any day. Staff Sargent 9894 Rabbit Signing Off, For the Republic, For our brothers END OF REPORT
  4. Hey, what's up. Some of you might know me as 9894 Rabbit if you don't Hello! I love training with other Regiments but I always ask for permission first! Currently 2 IC of shinys and leader of 371st Shinys Squad Well That's Me Hope to see you on the server
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