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  1. Alpha ARC isn't that good though the frick
  2. Now come and join Short Gang @Buck :)
  3. 717th Rescue Corps General Infomation This is CC-77/1707 "Mortarion" the current 717th Rescue Corps Commander after CC-05/4545 "Barr'ur"s recent death on the Medical station within the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, The Imperial High Command has simply tasked me with updating the now old Republic Medical files and add in a new program for the new recruits of the Empire. So I've decided to write up some general knowledge on my holopad and make it into a file for the latest recruits to read up on after of course my Second In Command Hardt checked it contents to ensure it was perfect, regardless. for recruits or Higher ranking reading this file if you seek the info I speak click the link in the top right of your Datapad code name MED-INFO and the link slightly under that will be about the Medical Roles if you are curious on that front code name MED-ROLE. Now for the question many of the people reading this file would be asking themselves in their heads. Question One: When do we gain access to the regiment's private comms? Answer: Private comms codes will be given out within tryouts if you pass the training. Question Two: Do we work with regiment or alone? Answer: Other Commanding Roles will have the choice to request a "Regimental Medic" that will roll with said regiments for a deployment to ensure the regiment run smoothly and in return protecting you, the Medic. I will be a global medic myself and my officers will have the choice to do the same if they desire such. Question Three: Is 717th Rescue Corps elite? Answer: Yes and No. It honestly depends on what regiment you will be trained for to serve as a medic for such as the SCAR Troopers will require highly skilled medics to assist them and troopers of Vader's Fist and Stormtrooper Corps will require any medics given to them, but this doesn't mean you should not become a better trooper, just discuss with Myself and officers and we will assist you in anything you need. It would seem that this is all that needs to be documented if the Imperial High Command's comms with me was anything to go by, make sure to study up and always ask questions as no question can be a stupid one, I hope to see you at the tryouts and on the field by my side. CC/77-1707 "Mortarion" signing out. (NOTE: This is place for info of the regiment and to those seeking a regiment on the Imperial RP server to get some ideas of what my regiment does, I hope this helps those reading and doesn't make you cringe because of the RP. Thank you for reading.)
  4. The next ARC batch getting ready to go inactive or leave in the next month or two after passing
  5. Rein/Shockwave


    I don't see the chad Gen 10, gonna be a downvote from me champion
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