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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E0eWlhary4orEa1iux7RqwiKssvj2y0cN2b5dKbXwEc/edit?usp=sharing
  2. What of Short Gang member Russ????
  3. You just fear what pineapple lovers can do to you
  4. Updated to account recent events and further character building.
  5. Yes it is me, imposter of among us
  6. I believe I should step in and talk about this seeing as I'm being talked of. From what I can gather about the Medbay situation I don't recall a singular time you asked for a heal when I showed up that is. At least I was met with you seeming to want to enter keycard doors you didn't have access to, Now I don't know how things went with you and Gelt but I believe we have had a few runs in with you in the past. The same attitude was me and Gelt explaining to you to show respect and discipline in front of a Officer and Commander, of course my reasoning for such was due to IHC speaking of enforcing these actions that many have been lacking. Instead of answering via chat or mic you seemed to just pace around until being further asked to leave and told of the Medbay rules. Now with the whole 501st Training you seemed to tell me and my 16th to leave a fully accessed around the Training Field where no one had a problem and we didn't attempt anything odd. This was a another sign of you stepping out with the go cry comment which of course I reacted accordingly in RP with Gelt, now I don't know what trash talk you prefer to but I would again explain the same respect and discipline thing to you again which could be trash talk? But I sure I did say something. Das doing the whole cage deal was very un required alongside Silence phys gunning you which was borderline staff abuse but that isn't why I'm commenting. Now with the whole RDM case I believe that your claim is true but shouldn't have even happened due to your experience with the server stating you have been around the community for at least two months now, so again a 50/50 on that case but multiple cases of RDM is gonna damper your claims and I must confess your behaviour is a bit below average when I do see you and the Medbay incident forced to set up a Medbay rules textscreen which sadly makes me cautious with 501st in Medbay as a few of them have caused major issues within the RP area. Sadly a old warn is still a warn as it shows you have screwed up before in the past. I have no clue what cause that day to be your worst but it still happened, hopefully this gives you a wake up call to act correctly and puts some common sense into respect and discipline to others can out rank you. Now I'm not saying that you messing around is a no go because I do enjoy myself a good mess around away from the public community's eyes with 16th or trusted mates of the community so I would advise doing such yourself. Now I'm in and out with your ban as the ban is highly deserved at the current time but I'm sure when you have been banned for a while you can be easily un banned with a fresh mind set. Regardless of my thoughts and if you return or not. No hard feelings, I do hope you don't think I hate you as I'm not one to hate people for slip ups but slight annoyance. Hell if you put yourself in perhaps you would make a fine 16th trooper. Either way I hope all goes well for you.
  7. I would strongly advise putting a bit more time and effort into these. Scaling is a simple task and I would advise testing the waters with custom animations as a kind start. The current four examples look very simple and the scaling ones are just reminding me of the funny wide *Character* memes, PAC3 is a way to unleash your creatively so I advise some good old brainstorming or asking of other members of the community what would be nice for your PAC3.
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