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  1. Good episode to watch if you want to catch some Zzzzzzs.
  2. Are these up for donation? Would love to give them a go If possible.
  3. Very impressed. Good work.
  4. Update #2 has been shown off with two new PAC3s, Hope you enjoy!
  5. Brother Rein


    Glad to see you coming back to GG.
  6. Decided to show off my minor advancements with a new stance and minor touch ups, plan to show and make more if required.
  7. Currently working on refining roll animations and some hopefully unique ones to go with them.
  8. Thank you for the advise. Decided to fix up my typos and do tend to mess around with other features of PAC3. If there is more typos feel free to point them out.
  9. Hope to see Delta apart of the next batch, I have a feeling these are gonna be nice.
  10. NOTE: The random "Mis" in the app can't be removed. Sorry for that.
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