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  1. I did enjoy being loud and annoying as Speaker Bravo
  2. Welcome back my man, no clue what server you play but if it's Imperial I hope to see you around!
  3. Judging by this mere thread you have jumped the gun or made things sound crazier than they really are which I must confess I've seen from you before with the few incidents you and me/16th have. Though I do see you points and agree to some extend I strongly believe this one week ban would be the wisest choice which will allow you to see the flaws and hopefully improve on whatever you deemed required. Sadly your track record is quite awful when it comes to staff sits or issues in general, of course I speak from experience as I've personally run into issues with you with ARDM/RDM, Light Res Bashing, toxic sayings to me and my fellow 16th and being told that we bully you. I'm cool with banter and I do enjoy a little fucking around but all your cases just came off as rude and semi targeted at it as if you wanted a reaction from me or my mates. Due to the sits I've been in which had anything to do with you I tend to keep away from you and your groups as I fear another incident and I'm quite sick of being pulled out of my RP sessions because of you. I would strongly advise improving your way of doing things as it seems you take offence to a good amount of things so perhaps attempting to steer clear of those you know will attempt to hurt your feelings, get your feelings in check and remember you are playing a gmod server so anything that insult you can't really do much other than that, insult you. Soon enough the insults will mean nothing and you will move on. I also see that your reaction is rather crazy and the more minging or ruder people will insult you to get that reaction out of you, just alt tab, ignore them or simply call for a ticket as soon as you feel attacked. RDMing and telling the other dude to kill himself isn't gonna fix anything and will simply worsen the case which I believe got you the one week ban. I know you mean well and tend to be an fine addition to 501st's roster but you need to cool off as you have caused more harm than good. Take my advice and please don't take it as a attack as I would much prefer that you go well on Gateway's servers instead of being thrown into the ban list for good. Of course I'm no staff but I've been around long enough to see some great players fall from grace due to their mere attitude on the servers, don't do the same and be open to change and you will be a nice player.
  4. Just join 16th already and give me my armband back!!!!!!!!!!!
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