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  1. rahhhhh kb g its a server you spend 75% of your life on kbbbb wagwan ahahahaha
  2. But hang on, every story has 2 sides and you never let met explain mine, bit bias true?
  3. In that one statement, I've never so much bullshit aha
  4. Yes of course, but I was given one last chance and proved to everyone I can be a good player, Just not going to put up with players getting away with stuff that I'd straight get perma banned for.
  5. Again as I say, I was good in Navy, the only reason I stopped rping because no staff were doing there jobs when it came to me reporting something, literally reported the situation 4 times and all he copped out of it was a "Don't do it again"
  6. Literally went straight to Thorn and told him about it. You were standing right next to him, don't know if you were AFK or not, but Astro literally said "By the way you're going you should kill yourself" lmao what
  7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Gypsyy Your Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/gypsyy/ Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65878832 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? The person who banned me was "Katar" Length of the ban? 10 Weeks. Reason of the ban? The reason of the banned was "Continuous Warnings". I had originally been given one last chance with 7 Warnings, and proved to be a good player, until about 3 - 4 Days ago, I was falsely jailed, for no legitimate reason, and once I was taken out of jail I was abused and told to "kill myself" by Astro, the person who originally put me into jail. I complained to Colonel Thorn, and all he did was tell him to not do this certain thing again. 2 Days later, it was an event, and there was a role play situation happening, and I told Astro I was being threatend by another clone, and Astro turned around and told me to "kill myself", yet again. And went on about how I'm nothing but a minge. Once this happened. I complained yet again to Thorn, going off at him telling him to do his job as a rightful staff member, instead of giving out nothing but verbal warnings. I did lose my shit, but you can obviously see why, and I was given a one day ban because of this, and Astro wasn't even given an actual warning. Put it in my perspective, if I was to do such a thing I would be banned permanently with no warnings or notices. Why should we unban you? I believe my ban should be reduced or pardoned, due to the fact I'm an active player on the server, an old veteran of Gateway Gaming from the old days. and well know as a person who can actually have fun, and bring out some laughs. Another reason is that when I'm told to roleplay or put in a situation where I have to roleplay, everybody knows I can, as my recent part of Navy, and Engineers. My final reason as of why I believe I should be unbanned, or my ban should be reduced, is because, as I was given my last warning, I showed everyone how well I can take part in the server and how well I can roleplay, and the only reason I stopped was due to the last incidents that had happened, and how no actual action was put in place except on me, for complaining. Ty for reading bossmans - Your Favourite, Gypsyy
  8. I, myself Commander Gearshift has been sent to Kamino to train some new recruits. Will be returning in 1 Cycle (Saturday Night) Signed, Gearshift.
  9. Good to see some flame troopers arriving from Kamino, They'll be helpful on the battlefield!
  10. Mission started in main hanger when a General arrived on the ship, ARC esscorted him to 3rd floor for a inspection when a secondary merchent ship aproached when the merhents hopped out of there ship they opened fire on troopers revealing they were assasins sent for the generals head, they fought there way to the controll room where tthe general we being held and slaughterd arc in dead succesion with exploseves and other deadly means, they then took the general hostage and declared if anyone came near them they would kill the general, the higher ups offered credits which they accepeted then moved to main hanger where they killed the General when they hoped on there ship and escaped, just after they escaped a CIS fleet emerged out of hyperspace and started invading the ship with droid transports, 212th and other battalions formed a strong firing line allowing bomb.... More to come from Waxer.
  11. When will you be doing another one of these on Arma 3? I'd love to join in...
  12. Re: Sev's Mod Application +1 Met this guy when we both got trained at the same time, friends ever since. Really nice & mature. Knows how to handle his stuff.
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