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  1. Stooge


    Damn I remember the name
  2. Played this yesterday for a little bit and it was alright.
  4. Where the actual fuck is my mention
  5. Couldn't we just make it so the event server doesn't turn on unless its needed? To make it so all trafic mainly goes to the main server. When the event server was created was it not created for the reason of taking stress off of the main server at event time? So technically with 3 events a night and they go for 30 - 45 each then it shouldn't be on for long? Regiments should have to ask permission to use it. Jedi of course can use it when they need it.
  6. Its funny, but I remember your name wasn't coric. Another one of them people who add me with the name like "SnipereliteBumBlaster" And expect me to know that person,
  7. This was very epic to look through! I got some screenshots too Sorry I don't have many more. Enjoy the memories Shiny penny to who remembers this ARC photo Was so proud of this jedi briefing Epic asmr meditation we used to do. Shinies am i right Kill them filthy jedi River runs blue
  8. Mhm, all good alcohols... makes me very thirsty haha I tell you what though, I think jaeger bombs get me fked up the most
  9. waaaaaay to much effort went into this
  10. I personally prefer to drink scotch on the rocks. Only really mixing cheap bourbons like hogs 3 or jd. https://images.app.goo.gl/wG3wJfA1EvXxtMjP9 And I’m aware most of our server has probably never had alcohol before. But to the people who have what’s your fav?
  11. It was nice knowing you whilst I knew you. Sure we argued a lot but I always enjoyed speaking to you. The arguments always ended in laughter (most of the time anyway) sad to see you go mr senior citizen enjoy your travels big fella
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