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  1. This is nice of you mate, I Don't want to enter obviously
  2. No clonewars will remain very much in the spotlight still for development, clonewars has had many people take care of it and its been inspired by a small group of executive staff over the years. Its been good to watch what clonewars has matured into and it will continue on in that direction. Clonewars is what we started with.
  3. I play heaps of destiny, feel free to ask add me on steam to play destiny with me.
  4. Denied. Above responses say enough. I don't want you back on anything gateway.
  5. Stooge

    pls unban me

    I had him banned, extend the ban please.
  6. Cool idea, will look into this.
  7. Post has been updated with pac3 benefits
  8. I'm someone who enjoys giving people second chances and watching what they do with their second chance on my server and community, I once long ago had a very in depth conversation with you. You took that conversation for granted and made me feel like the peace I had arranged with you was fake. I wanted to write a large response, but I don't honestly think you are worth my time. You can come back and play the server, but If I hear a single shred of you being an idiot at all on my server i'll have you banned from anything we ever do again with 0 chance of an appeal and yes that also means I wont be sympathetic.
  9. Hello Ga(y)teway gamers, I am coming forth today to show you guys a project one of my friends is doing, I want to show you guys this game in the hope you guys can help out by either playing the game and submitting your feedback. Or tell your friends about this game if they would enjoy said game type. He has made this game completely by himself. A passion project if you would. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1057740/World_Of_Conquerors/
  10. You were always respectful and never caused an issue for the staff team. You've done numerous favours for myself and others often. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing you as staff on the server again, I just warn you that the server is completely different to how it was a year ago or so. That may not be relevant to however. (this does not mean your accepted, I just wanted to post my opinion here however much its worth)
  11. First new react is "Cringe"
  12. Because of this video I have decided to extend your ban Indefinitely, as of writing this message you are currently being community banned from any current or future projects from us. Enjoy your life Zbrillz, but you are never welcome here again.
  13. We are looking to add some new reacts to the forums. Post your suggestions on this thread, We are looking for just about anything. Extra credit if you make it yourself. I'm looking to add up to no more then 5 Template is below Kind of React: Like/Neutral/Negative Text displayed when hovering over it: Image:
  14. I actually genuinely laughed at a majority of this, its nice to see people having fun on the server
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