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  1. Nice having you around pal. have a good life
  2. Why is the footage looped lol
  3. Stooge

    Talent Show

    Lmao so imagine 3 rubles
  4. Stooge

    Uh hello

    Yo dude, I remember you. #henoticedme
  5. Stooge

    Talent Show

    Your reward can be 3 roubles
  6. This post is going to be locked. I agree but I'll offer a another solution. If you have a VALID point and seriously feel like your voice must be heard then message me on the forums. I will listen if it is credible and makes sense. I've tried to help settle the difference between lupus's friend group and satans friends group. I stay away from this because its not a large issue like you are stating it to be. However, you have my word that I will peer a close eye over the server for the next coming weeks and or months and if I deem this to be an issue it will be resolved in a suitable manner. That being said Lupus I do appreciate the credible work that you did, I enjoyed talking to you when we got the chance to talk. Have a good future, but I Don't believe your future lies here so do us a favor and leave peacefully.
  7. As for the rest of you, If you continue to turn this into a hate thread I will simply remove all peoples posts and leave Lupus's post.
  8. Also taught how to code jobs? Really? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+code+jobs+for+gmod+servers I was looking for initiative and you to actually stand on your own two feet without me babysitting you all the way.
  9. Alright so context for those messages, Whether you want to see me negatively for them. Simba messages me frequently about problems he is having with the server, almost every single time. And he messaged me initially with that copy paste message you both sent me and I have a personal relationship with Simba that is not business and I don't need to stroke his ego whenever he donates money. When I received this message from simba I gave him a response that is normal for both of us. You also both sent me the same message, so I gave you a copy paste of exactly what I sent simba and I was currently busy myself dealing with stuff. Regardless I then got on teamspeak and spoke to you both in a 1 on 2 scenario and then 1 on 1's. I offered to assist with any issues both of you have @Simba can back me up here. I offered to help you and you denied it. So honestly, Fuck off with your no appreciation bullshit. I appreciate the work everyone does for this server and all the funding we receive to keep the server alive. Stop trying to use this as an excuse to make me look like a demon and that I don't appreciate people. Regarding your comments about being a useless server manager, I remember having hour long conversations with you about stuff I wanted you to do, you had an opportunity to show us that you could help but you did the bare minimum.
  10. Probably Captain keeli and his crew, Considering they died a very honorable death. Probably the only clones I've ever felt sad about them getting fragged
  11. Yes we can host it. I'll organise it with satan
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