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  1. Mhm, all good alcohols... makes me very thirsty haha I tell you what though, I think jaeger bombs get me fked up the most
  2. waaaaaay to much effort went into this
  3. I personally prefer to drink scotch on the rocks. Only really mixing cheap bourbons like hogs 3 or jd. https://images.app.goo.gl/wG3wJfA1EvXxtMjP9 And I’m aware most of our server has probably never had alcohol before. But to the people who have what’s your fav?
  4. It was nice knowing you whilst I knew you. Sure we argued a lot but I always enjoyed speaking to you. The arguments always ended in laughter (most of the time anyway) sad to see you go mr senior citizen enjoy your travels big fella
  5. Add me on uplay thot.ravager
  6. I’ll be playing rainbow in a bit since there’s been new operators. Also a defender can disable montys shield now? That seems strong haha
  7. Your literally confusing cuffs btw give me my platinum
  8. It’s great that your streaming bud! I’ll have to give you a shoutout one day. Do you only stream gmod?
  9. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: My choice when I log into the server. I'll pick someone random (If win this draw ill pick anyone ) Your in-game Name: Old Fart Your Regiment:
  10. Yeah my bad. When im not working ill push to fix this. honestly been busy with a new job.
  11. When I told you to put a ban appeal up on the forums after personaly denying your "Begging" and near almost bribery to be unbanned on my server. I directed you to my website as my community are sick lads and normally give people chances, But turns out there was more to the story then as told to me! Wow what a shocker. Also did you seriosly put 0 effort into your unban appeal? You mispelled your fucking ban length Lol? ??? I'm not sorry. Stay banned and go somewere else. Your not wanted here by the players or the staff.
  12. This is nice of you mate, I Don't want to enter obviously
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