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  1. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: My choice when I log into the server. I'll pick someone random (If win this draw ill pick anyone ) Your in-game Name: Old Fart Your Regiment:
  2. Yeah my bad. When im not working ill push to fix this. honestly been busy with a new job.
  3. When I told you to put a ban appeal up on the forums after personaly denying your "Begging" and near almost bribery to be unbanned on my server. I directed you to my website as my community are sick lads and normally give people chances, But turns out there was more to the story then as told to me! Wow what a shocker. Also did you seriosly put 0 effort into your unban appeal? You mispelled your fucking ban length Lol? ??? I'm not sorry. Stay banned and go somewere else. Your not wanted here by the players or the staff.
  4. Jesus fucking christ. What in the fuck sake have you created.
  5. Just name one of your characters Daddy Stooge.
  6. This is nice of you mate, I Don't want to enter obviously
  7. No clonewars will remain very much in the spotlight still for development, clonewars has had many people take care of it and its been inspired by a small group of executive staff over the years. Its been good to watch what clonewars has matured into and it will continue on in that direction. Clonewars is what we started with.
  8. I play heaps of destiny, feel free to ask add me on steam to play destiny with me.
  9. Denied. Above responses say enough. I don't want you back on anything gateway.
  10. Stooge

    pls unban me

    I had him banned, extend the ban please.
  11. Cool idea, will look into this.
  12. Post has been updated with pac3 benefits
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