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  1. Sounds interesting, also if the quality of events is improved 7-8 should be more than enough events.
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    yo galaxies wb. Jawa Chieftain Gible back baby
  3. Fuck would've love to seen the old venator remade
  4. We did some epic training on the new map in the lecture rooms
  5. Step 1: Click click click turn Step 2: repeat step 1
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Lorry Doherty Known Alias’/Nicknames: Doherty Previous Occupation: Ship Yard Electrician Current Occupation: Republic Navy Officer Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Collecting Weapons, Learning New Doctrines/Tactics, Swimming. Alignment: Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): Fruits, Rum, His ELG-3A. Dislikes (optional): Bounty Hunters, Slackers. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fine Age: 28 Weight: 97kg Build: 6'3. Built Disabilities: Missing left pinkie BACKSTORY Lorry Doherty was born into a working class family on the planet of Corellia his dad worked in ship yards above like many others. Doherty got a basic education from his mother who stayed at home and educated him and his sister. Lorry quickly found interest in anything to do with electricity and educated himself so he could work in that profession in the ship yards one day. Him and his sister did tasks aroud the house and got work at a local business, they also both enjoyed going for a swim whenever possible. After getting his first real job as an Electrician at the Age of 25 he saw the sheer size of the Vessels and started to understand the importance of them. He quickly developed an interest in learning the Schematics of the ships and their roles in the Republic Navy. He was 27 when the first battle of Geonosis took place, the Republic Navy had been advertising for a long time they were recruiting capable officers. Doherty went to Coruscant to apply for an Officer position, however initially he didn't get in and was placed aboard a Consular Class Cruiser serving a senator as a Crewman. It was very Dull, he was the on board electrician and communications officer. However one day his ship was attacked by Bounty Hunters. His Sub-Lieutenant at the time panicked, and attempted to engage in combat. Which Doherty advised highly against but went through with regardless. The Bounty Hunters did substantial damage and then were able to board the Vessel. Doherty quickly picked up his ELG-3A which he got as a gift from a Nabbo Security Officer when the Senator made there stop there. Him and his crew engaged in a firefight with them, the Sub-Lieutenant had no prior combat knowledge and was shot and killed Early on. The crew took 2 more casualties as they were out gunned by the Bounty Hunters. Doherty took the situation into his own hands and got the rest of the crew and the Senator to load up into the Salon Pod to set a trap. They didn't launch the pod Doherty hid in the nearby Officer bunks as they walked past, the other crew members engaged, once the Bounty hunters started firing back Lorry came out of the quarters and fired upon them landing to good shots killing both. This is where he got both his Westar-34 & DE-10 Blaster pistols from. After this battle Doherty was called backed to Coruscant where he was placed into the Republic Navy Academy for his excellence in quick decision making. He completed his Course and was placed at the rank of Deck officer and placed within the Tanker Section aboard the P-003 "S8nator" RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Republic Navy Doherty sees the Clones within the Republic Navy as his own. He always pushes them to do their best aboard the ship even though he's a their superior he can still have the occasional banter with the troopers. Advanced Recon Commandos Doherty has nothing but Respect for the ARC, he followed the battles of the war while as a Crewman, and ARC were always stated as performing great, and they were always held at a high regard. The first trooper to greet him aboard his new ship was ARC Lieutenant Captain A-15 "Havoc". Doherty enjoys working with the ARC and even allows them Bridge Access. Naval Operatives After staring to work with Naval operatives Doherty has seen they are a useful asset in battle. Doherty has also become quite fond of Blackout and enjoys working along side him and his Naval operative troopers. Sub-Director "Carbon" He doesn't particularly trust the Director, he showed up to the Section one day and setup an office on the right bridge. Doherty has no idea what they're doing in there and that makes him uneasy whenever he see him and his Bureau Officer come aboard the ship. Sub-Lieutenant Abba Even though his decision at the time of the Bounty Hunter Attack was off. Doherty had become good friends with Lieutenant with his time aboard the Consular Class Cruiser and was very saddened when he was shot and killed. They enjoyed getting on the piss when they were at cruising speed and at no risk. Chief Petty Officer Clarence One of the other crew he was close with during his time aboard the Consular Class Cruiser. He was one of the other troopers who died during the Assault and he was also quite close with him. They enjoyed playing cards in their spare times and talking about there personal life.
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