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  1. RedPanda


    Thank you Beatroot
  2. Welcome back mate enjoy your stay
  3. Jamway has been around for almost 3 years now when he first started he use to be a bit of a minge. However from my time in Navy and seeing him on the server now, hes changed completely. I reckon Jamway would make a good moderator and from experiences with him hes always friendly. +1
  4. Who is your favorite movie director? Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best imo just because the amount of movies that he's made that still hold up today. Quentin Tarantino would be a close second.
  5. I wonder what type of story Arc maul is going to have after being captured by palpatine.
  6. "spawn tv" This man has his priorities straight On an actual note the app seems to be lacking quite a bit, the actual example event doesn't really explain anything or tell us much about the event I believe they're looking for you to go into more detail. Also some of the answers to the questions leave a bit to be desired. Some of the spelling errors liking spelling Kamino wrong is also a turn off. -1 If you reapply at a later date and answer questions with more detail and explain the event better then it would be a +1.
  7. RedPanda

    Anyone play?

    Played for a little bit. gotta bored of it pretty quick.
  8. Quite a fun game. My brother has it on PS4 and I play and when he's not around the combat is fluent and doesn't seem unfair. Majority of the time you die its out of your own stupidity. Having to learn the different bosses and there patterns is the most enjoyable part for me. Would recommend if you enjoy harder games like Dark Souls. (Play the subtitle version)
  9. Hello, I'm RedPanda I've been off and on the server for a good 2 years now. But I've been thoroughly enjoying myself and I'm planning on staying. It's good to be back.
  10. For those who don't know me my name is RedPanda Glad to be back
  11. [quote name='Spooks']I recall giving you a "Last chance" after your month long ban (When Ren was banned for a week and Clarence permed, all at my request), which you then managed to screw up. What's changed between then and now that means you won't squander this chance either? I'm willing to be lenient here, I just want to know why we should trust you won't come on just to, "fuck around" as you so eloquently put it. @RedPanda[/QUOTE] Well Spooks multiple things have changed since i was last banned I would rather play the server than as i put it "fuck around" and it would be great to rejoin the GG community and play it seriously rather than minge and if given the chance to come back I won't let you down. and i don't know how else to put it :/
  12. That's understandable and like you said if i minge in the slightest you can just re-ban me.
  13. After reading some of your criticism some of them being that i haven't put enough detail into why i would like to come back to the server and what it was i actually did to get myself permabanned. The first thing I'll start with is why i was banned in the first place, the main reason i was banned is because i had a total of 12 warnings on the server which is quite a large amount and would understand if you wouldn't like someone like myself back on the server. Most of these for pretty dumb shit like climb swep abuse and just screwing around in general now that some of the new players or people who don't know why i was banned i would like to state why want to come back. I've was planning on making a ban appeal at the start of the holidays just after i got of school but I than realised that was stupid because i used a school computer to play, the thought of making an appeal came back when simba reached out to me and said i should make an appeal and the reason in the first place i wanted to make an appeal is because if given the chance i would to play the server seriously again and looking back on it playing the server seriously was a lot more enjoyable than fucking around. Some of my fondest memories are the servers are the great events one event that has stuck with me was a Stooge event where where crashed on a planet and had to get to a laat that was still functional and the engineers had to carry a light to prevent bugs from jumping on us (he ripped off star ship troopers). And there are many more moments like that where i wasn't fucking around and i had more fun than when minging. Hopefully that clears up a lot of stuff that my first post might not have.
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