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  1. About a month ago I was given ARC Commander due to a sudden reform inside of ARC from management. I was tasked to restore order inside of ARC and build them to a standard that both the server and management would be pleased with. During my time I enjoyed working with the boys and had my share of fun and drama. Earning their trust was funny since I was powerplayed into the role, it took a bit to gain their trust but in the end we got the outcome we all wanted. ARC is a great regiment, and I leave it in good hands. From today, @Bullet will be the new Commander of Gen 12. Let's hope he doesn't screw up My job is done, I was pulled out of retirement for this now I'm going straight back after this
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    Bro I thought everyone knew this?
  3. For those who don't know me I'm Sevens, I am currently ARC Commander A-57 Spade. Just a brief summary of who I am and what I've done I was there with @Stooge when Gateway was made, and have been ARC throughout the majority of my playtime in the community. I have staffed the server for a couple years as an Admin, and have done everything I could to help benefit the community. I joined ARC in its 2nd Generation. I created the Gen system which records history for ARC, I also advised many of ARC leaders in the past. Throughout my time in the server I have had the pleasure of receiving punishments from @Stooge, being demoted 3 times. One of them was on July 5th thus leading to the meme. Helped stage a coup that one time, and got demoted for shooting my grapple hook. Good times. However each demotion helped my growth. I have always tried to associate with most player groups in the past. Making friends and forming connections. I founded NULL on my own and tried to expand it. It was removed by Stooge after I shot my grapple. After making a 'Deal with the Devil" aka s8ncaat, we brought NULL back a little while later. I had the pleasure of leading NULL with @s8n, @Zia, @Linguine, [email protected] etc. I battled the Furries alongside @Beatroot. Cloneforce 11 that one time lol I've enjoyed my fair share of powerplays, I hope to experience more jk or am I I've been told I got a massive ego, I've accidentally flexed too hard a lot. My bad lol. I left the server with a clean slate for personal reasons. Passed Ordo onto @s8n. I returned due to current circumstances, and was given Kal as a support role for ARC. Recently ARC has undergone major changes, management have appointed me ARC Commander in an attempt to fix it. For those who I haven't met yet in Gateway; I hope we can get along.
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    bro I'm crying
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    Me and the boys getting ready to get Reg of the week 3 times in a row.
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    Very sweet of you beatroot
  7. Thanks for your opinions, btw I'm Kal Skirata and I guess I partly represent ARC, idk if my responses will please you or not but yolo. 1. As long as I've been on the server, the ARC have by default have had the best equipment. Every time a regiment is changed or added, ARCs kits have been edited to be functionally superior. (For example, the RC gun was recently nerfed, just so the Westar could be better) Why? That's a fair enough assumption, ARC in lore are given good equipment, the Westar in particular. Actually the old Westar we had did more damage than the current one we have now, so we actually got nerfed. The only upsides is a better scope I guess. 2. Why is the grappling hook exclusive to ARC? Come to think of it I don't think I've really ever seen an ARC using one in any form of lore. It takes away a really great tool from all of the other squads and branches, just to reserve it for ARC. ARC in lore have grappling hooks, in the 2003 Clone Wars series they used them. Fives used a grapple hook also. The reason why ARC allowed to use them is because they go through a traineeship that goes for few weeks. They have earnt it, and won't abuse it, other regiments in the past that have been given grapples have abused them extensively. 3. There were 100 AARC in total. Proportionally to the server there is a possible 15/85 players. 691,200,000 was the supposed size of the GAR. Who thought 15 slots was a good idea? Slot sizes have increased and decreased over time. Executive staff are the ones that deal with Regiment slot sizes, wasn't my decision. 4. In some forms of Lore, weren't Republic Commandos of an equal or higher standard than ARC? It would be an unrealistic change to switch them around or something, but getting this community to admit there's no reason to have ARC the way it is is my goal here. RC are good as a squad whereas ARC are good as individuals. Both have very interesting lore and both are very elite in lore. ARC have made a strong foundation in the community whereas RC haven't. 5. Why do they Pac3 themselves to be so much taller? WE ARE CLONES i.e we are identical in every aspect in a CLONE army. Sure you can be as genetically enhanced as possible, but extra training from jango and a lack of inhibition does not make you 3 feet taller. It looks ridiculous. Yeah I agree that the pac looks sorta wack. However in the comics ARC troopers were a lot bigger than other clones. Since Alpha and Null were created before the other masses of clones and since they are genetically enhanced they aren't entirely identical. Thank you for your opinions, idk if this will help or if it will correct your view.
  8. Nah, you're all a bunch of abusive toxic egotistical minges, hope you disband.
  9. Don't let this discourage you Yoho, you're a good leader and good at playing as a clone, I'm sure you will find something else that can utilise your talents.
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