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    Heyo! Welcome to the froums
  2. I have finally be able to sit down and read your Application, and to my suprize it's a very well done application. Your Event Idea colour me impress. But I do have one small issue that I spotted. You say just respawn him, do you have RP behind this? Players will question how Kenobi survived. Try and explain how he did in Roleplay. That's the only small issue, the rest is perfect. Your event idea is amazing, I love it. With this, I truely believe you will be great fit to the Event Master team. You said you were a Backup EM once, but you will learn there is more about being a Event Master. You got my +1
  3. On behalf of the EM teams, we all hope you enjoyed that Halloween Campaign. I would personally want to thanks @Yoho for all the story planning he put into it, without him. This Halloween Campaign would not happen. I would also like to thanks @Cryo, @Maxonok, @Linguine, @Sharky, @HungrySloth, @Buck7778, @JamWay, @Blaze8901, @Eclipse for helping this year Halloween Campaign. We also wish to thank all the Players who played EC's during the Halloween Campaign. And of course the most important we wish to thank, is you for playing the Halloween Campaign. Thanks guys!
  4. I would like to see Eclipse-class dreadnought, I think that would be a awesome space battle.
  5. Nice to see you back, Harry
  6. Here my question, is there gonna be Map Rotations?
  7. Bounty Hunters are donatable, who ever donates for the Bounty Hunter will play as their character. It will be permanet, it all depends on the player who donate for it. If the player decide to leave the role in Bounty Hunter, that role will be open for donation. For example Billy decide to donate for Boba Fett, 3 months later Billy doesn't want Boba Fett anymore and left. Boba Fett will be open for future donation. I hope I can help answering your quesiton
  8. Is there gonna be a RHC in Imperial just like Clone Server?
  9. Can be a bit of a dick to me, but I believe you can be a great staff. You've well detailed appliaction and willing to go the distance. I believe you'll make a fine fit into the Imperial Staff team, and please stop bullying me, thanks +1 Good luck with the Application, Rippa
  10. Amazing Staff memeber to the Clone Wars, I was unfortunately unable to get to know you more. But, I did notice the talent you had in the server, and I believe you'll do well in the Staff team in Imperial. +1 Good luck with the Application, Jeff.
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