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  1. So me being dumb and not doing my Math correctly I realized I have made critical error in the timing. 27/09/2019 is the time of Friday and it will be starting at 1:30 because of it, most of you guys are still at school. So because of that very reason I'll be changing the date to 28/09/2019 Sorry guys! I don't want you guys to miss the 1:30 part, cause that won't fun without you. and smelly ARC can do their screening
  2. Andy


    Shotgun on Darth Vader
  3. Andy


    please be real..
  4. I didn't realize it was on the same date of the ARC Screening, don't worry. It's 10 hours campagin but it also will end at after the 8:30 event. You'll have time to do the ARC Screening.
  5. Man.. Have the time flew right by me again. I know I know I said I was going to do it soon, but my life got so busy, doing cooking exam. However I've been lucky enough to get date on the Campagin. The Return of the Beast will be happening at 28/09/2019. I am very sorry to the players who were looking forward to this campagin and never got it. I'll make it up at 27/09. I promise. Can't wait to see you all there!
  6. Caught me in my act of mingness
  7. Teddy Bear will see you later, Bruce
  8. Think it's time I get have a say. Cryo, ever since you've became the 501st Legion Commander. You've proven the community that you're capble of leadership, responsibility, friendship, trust, loyalty. Because of this, I believe you're a prefect fit into the Event team. Your application is top notch, and it seems you've been a Event Master in the past and I would be happy to have you into the team of the Event Masters. You got my +1
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