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  1. I just love the way Commander Doom looks, and his regiment style.
  2. if you know it, you're a legend.
  3. why is this thread still going this is fucked
  4. had to cut it there since the server crashed at the end
  5. Just a late night fun @Sloth thanks for the event B)
  6. @Rambo leading the Republic Riot
  7. #... 4 Clearance requires...# #... Please swipe Clearance card slowly ...# #... Clearance confirmed ...# #... Opening Republic Advisor Database ...# #... You're attempting to accessing High General Legacy's Information ... Do you wish to continue [Y/N]...# #... Opening High General Legacy's Information ...# Grand General Legacy GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Legacy Occupation: Galactic Republic Known Languages: Basic Hobbies: Leading Alignment: Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: NA PHYSICAL INFORMATIONDISABILITIES ### [DATA EXPUNGED] ### #... Loading Personal Backstory ...# #... Opening Database ...# Legacy's Story Legacy was born at the planet of [Data Expunged] and was given the name [Data Expunged], As he grew up, Legacy was brought to the Galactic Republic and was handpicked on becoming a Republic Advisor. Legacy was taught by Advisor Zero. As Legacy moves up the ranks. He reaches the rank of Major. He was sent out on his first mission, the mission was to secured an outpost and hold back the CIS until Reinforcement can arrive. Mission was a success, so much so the Troopers were able to destroy CIS Outpost nearby. With this victory for the Republic, Legacy was promoted to Commander. Legacy continues on his missions until he received a cry of help from Captain Star. At this time, Legacy had his Engineers working on the ION Cannons. Upon reaching the Planet [Data Expunged]. Captain Star was under attack by creatures so call 'Beasts'. [LOADING VIDEO FILE- "Dark Squad Leader - 48"] As Legacy was too late to rescue Captain Star as his Venator was destroyed by the Beast. Legacy ordered the Navy Crewmen to open the Lower Hangar, and the Engineers to move the ION Cannon to the Lower Hangar. As the ION Cannon was prepared and ready. Legacy fired the ION Cannon at the Beast, which kills them and the Task Force Gateway was saved due to Legacy effort. After that Mission, Legacy was promoted to General. He was also assigned to Task Force Gateway to replace Captain Star place. He was given the first mission to [Data Expunged] by High Command. As continue on his missions and operations with Task Force Gateway. One mission, Republic sent out to destroy CIS Supply station, destroying their fuel factory. Republic was about to destroy the base when unknown ships appear from hyperspace. They opened fire on the Munis, at first we assumed they're helping us. But we were mistaken, they begin to open fire on our ships and the ground units. Legacy never see such power from their cannons, able to wipe out ground units in a matter of seconds! Legacy ordered Task Force Gateway to retreat. Legacy report this to High Command and Jedi Council. The matter was discussed quite long. Grand Master Yoda told Legacy to attempt to make contact with the Unknown Ships, seeing if they want peace. Legacy attempted to contact them, they responded with this [Data Expunged]. With the rain of purple, turbo lasers came down toward the Venator, attacking the Republic. It was clear, they're not peaceful. They called themself Tyrians. Legacy gathered the Task Force Gateway as an attempt to destroy this threat. We were able to destroy their outpost, and gaining more intel on this race. With the Intels, Legacy was able to learn about Tyrannian Planet and how it was hidden for so long. He also learned about the Mother Ship. Without the Task Force Gateway, Legacy planned out an attack against the Mother Ship. As the ship attacks the Mother Ships, Legacy gather Specials Forces to breach into the Mother Ship and get any intel and destroy from the inside. [LOADING VIDEO FILE- "458-Tyrian"] Legacy lost contact with the Special Forces. However, he was able to receive some of the intel they had and the recording. Legacy gathers Task Force Gateway, to Tyriannian System, on one of their moons. Snowy dwarf planet. It was perfect for the Republic to have Outpost and ready the attack against the Planet of Tyriannian. With the success of the capture of the moon. Legacy prepares the troopers for the attack on the planet. Destroying the Fleet and Station, destroying the defensive line, disabling city ray shield. But, the leader was displeased and attempted to gather his energy from the Heart of Tyrians. Republic had the city surrounded. Task Force Gateway move into the Heart of the City. Narain, the Leader of the Tyrians. Republic destroys the towers around the tower. Narain's Tower was destroyed and the heart was falling apart. Tower falls, the troopers were ordered to retreat, and report back to the Venator. Legacy had a view on the Planet, as it blew up into pieces. The Planet was destroyed and Tyrian was defeated. Legacy was given Medal of Valor from Palpatine himself. Legacy continues his missions against the CIS. Months go by after the War on Tyrians. A new threat emerges, Juggernauts. It was first discovered with Drones start attacking Jania Base. With the help of 187th, Legacy was able to get intel on this threat. King Zaros shows himself. Threatening the Republic. Legacy reported to the High Command and Jedi Council. It was clear that this was enemy against the Republic. Not only that, but we also have intel one of their bases. It holds database for the Juggernaut. Sending in the Task Force Gateway, we had the base under our control. But, 327th discover bombs were hiding behind crates. We had to retreat, with only 44% of intel were gathered from the base. We, however, discovered their home planet. Jalor System, Planet Ramitrix. [LOADING PICTURE FILE - "Pheonix - 03"] We begin to plan an attack on the Juggernaut. Legacy gathered Task Force Gateway to begin the first strike on Jalor System. We were able to get base within between the mountains. Providing cover. We destroy the Cannons at their defensive line, destroy their fuel factory shutting it down, destroy their last defensive line. We reached the main outpost of the Juggernaut. Ships having war above the ground units. We send out UT-ATs to deploy the troopers, going pass the walls, reaching the beach line. We had to destroy the Reactor to gain access to the building, to disable the ray shield. We reach the lower level, at the face of the portal. King Zaros sitting there on his throne. King Zaros mock the Republic and step into his portal. Black Knight hold the line. Republic enters the room, killing the Black Knight. We were not able to get to the portal. Legacy brought in the ION Cannon to destroy the portal. King Zaros was trapped and the base collapsing into dust. Republic victory. Legacy was promoted to the rank of Grand General. Legacy continues his missions on Clone War against the CIS. But Legacy notices something with the helmet cams. Strange Figure, cloaked person. It was at the Forests with the Beast. It was also there on Tyriannians, at the heart of the city. Not only that, but it's also was there at the Main Outpost of the Juggernaut. Legacy couldn't explain it, or what he is. But something strange happens. During the battle to hold the Republic line, against the CIS. Tyrians ship appears, destroying the base. Legacy didn't take it so well, couldn't understand how they've survived. Not only that, but Beasts also return marching around the forests. Claiming the wildness. Juggernaut march with their army of robots. But Legacy notices how they're returning from portals. Legacy had to put an end to this. This ramage, find out who is causing it. Maybe, that Strange Figure could be the answer... #...Backstory ends...# #...Exiting...# #...Logging out... Shutting down...# ------OOC------ Credits for @Buck :) for creating the video and picture. Hope you enjoyed reading Legacy's Bio
  8. best not to remind me of those sad times
  9. User will undergo a 3 trial event period. Contact @Pluto to begin your trial.
  10. @Humbug @Buck :) if i don't see this in the Campaign, i'm going to be mad Anyway, good luck Buck, if you need help. Let me know.
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