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  1. Andy

    Mess hall RP?

    Time has come. Chef Andy will rise
  2. Well Stooge said, you're now curse on coming back. See you in a day time.
  3. Good luck, Coric. Hope to see you around at some point.
  4. finally someone else doing a campaign
  5. I understand how you feel about that small area of the Medbay, but I don't believe this is good strategy to solve it. I used to be a Combat Medic at 612th around when Beatroot was running 612th. This is what it use to look like, We had a small medbay, but that didn't stop us from roleplaying in it. This might be the only medbay where players would grab a sponge and clean the medbay. When Beatroot was making players cleaning the medbay, good times. Of course it changed it look, with new sytle at one point. I don't have photo on it. But what others said are spot on. I would suggest you just use the room you got, instead of being upset. Otherwise the roleplay in Medbay won't be often.
  6. Time for Chef Andy to create a lovely dish called Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken & Crabmeat. That should lower the population of Sharks
  7. That was the end of Wraith of Tyrian! Thank you so much for playing and attending the Campaign! With this, I wish to thank these Special people for helping the Campaign! @Astro thank you for doing Operations on the Main Server and keeping the players entertained, thank you so much! @Khai, @Captain Flowers, @Kandy, @FLiP, @Pluto, @Noc, @Pab, @Pyro, @Siff, @Babatunde, @Shie, @Climber, for playing Event Characters and helping the Campaign, I'd appreciate the help so much. Thank you. @s8n, @Merc, @Budds, @Rhinous, @Spirit. Thank you for adding the music, content, map and the presets. The Campaign wouldn't be possible without you guys! Thank you so much! I'd hope you enjoyed the Campaign, until then. I see you in the next Campaign.
  8. I remember the time I first saw you. It was around when Cryo was running 501st Legion. At the time, I was doing Cryo Trials, with you creating a EM App. As soon I was done with Cryo Trial, I got to do yours at 08/10/19. Within that time, I've got to known you. At first, I was worry about your trial, about you in EM Positions. But I wasn't gonna give up on you so easily. So I did your trials, I gave you helpful tips. In the end, you passed it. Being accepted as EM. I was pleased to see you being apart of the EM team. You were so bright and optimistic. You had your ups and down. But in the end, we all do. Sharky, I am proud how you made into the Event Master Team, I am proud how long you have lasted. We couldn't ask anymore loyal and amazing person as you are, Sharky. And remember Sharky, I'll be at teamspeak with my doors open. Thank you, Sharky. i had to do this See you around, Sharky
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