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  1. You're forgetting this video See you around, Stingel.
  2. Hey guys, although I'm not playing Garry's Mod much, I thought about having our game nights once more. I've been watching some Youtube videos on this game called Dread Hunger, and I thought it was a great game to have and to play with friends. 8 members or 8 players are set on an expedition to the icy lands of the Arctic. Each crew member has a role in the ship from Captain, Hunter, Cook, etc. However, although this trip seems great you have two traitors on board the ship. Upon arriving in the Arctic the winds have died down and your only hope to get the other side is using the boiler with coals. With limited resources, you're forced to explore the Arctic for resources. Seeking new materials to craft items, seeking food, coals or a warm place. You only have two days to get the ship moving across the Arctic before the Blizzard arrives. The two traitors must find a way to stop you from getting to the end with the ship, they have tools to summon cannibalism creatures to attack the crew members or summon fog to block their vision. But the Ship is blocked with a large iceberg in the way, however, there's a crate of nitro that's enough to destroy the iceberg. Someone will have to gather the crate of nitro and set it near the massive iceberg. You only have two lives, if you die out in the Arctic. You will have a second chance in the prison cells inside the ship. Players can let you out with a key, or they might refuse to let you out. Can you trust your crewmate? If you're interested in playing the game or wishing to join in the game night, here the steam and my discord for the game night in the future. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1418630/Dread_Hunger/ Join the Discord for future game night for it and of course other games as well! https://discord.gg/VHzKcuK546
  3. So, a lot of crap and stuff has been happening in my life, it got to the point where my view has gone upside down and end up affecting my mental health. It has been like this for 4-5 Months, I've made a large decision in my life and it hasn't been easy for me. It's not easy to be born in a world with hearing loss, It's difficult for me. Finding a job with that hearing loss is difficult. I understand that you may not see it that way, but it's something I deal with in my life every day. It just feels like a massive brick wall falls in place went you see an interest in a job, and the only reason for that brick wall to existing is my hearing loss. My mental health is slowly deteriorating, so I need to take some time off, urgently. I'm starting to feel like I have hit a dead end, not seeing the future. It never really helped to get on Teamspeak hearing someone talking behind your back, telling you're wrong or saying why you're not good enough. But they're right to some extent, I'd tend to make awful decisions or even give them a reason to hate me. I felt like shit realising that nothing positive ever happens on it, or I felt left out to times. I always find myself saying "Wait, what going on?" just to feel not left out. When it came to the server, it almost looks like with every decision I made on leaving a role that I wasn't enjoying or felt pressure it felt like having everyone being disappointed at me. But yes, I did decide on becoming that role, but I made a grave mistake on it. Which I need to think twice before acting. I can understand if you see me being an idiot or stupid for these decisions or even thinking like this. But that just how I feel, how I see the picture. It feels awful to play Garry's Mod but I can't force myself to play any longer. I had my fun for a bit as EM, but the pressure got to me with everything happening behind me. I'm sorry if my Lothal Campaign was awful and just bad. It was one of the worst events/campaigns I ever run. I'm not leaving, it more of a break for myself. To recover my mental health, to get my life back on track. Might even try getting a job that I like, or even doing something I have never done. I never hated Gateway Gaming, to be frank, I believe to be thankful for it. Before this, I had someone who I can talk to and listen to me. I didn't have that, especially with my hearing loss. I could for the first time have a conversation without saying 'Sorry' or 'What' every moment. I'm sorry if I let you down, fail you, or just hate my guts. Again, I'm sorry if hurt anyone, upset anyone or cause issues. I just wanted to have a friend to play with. I will be still around on Teamspeak, probs sitting alone in my channel or on discord. I'll be on for tonight, to have a last moment on the server for the Campaign. Sorry, Andy.
  4. Welcome to Gateway Gaming, Glad to have you here, mate.
  5. Massive +1 When it comes to desgin and creating trailers. I've trouble with it, in a generel sense. I've no idea what I am doing half the time. So of course Akali would be somone I would go to get these desgin done or editing some video for a trailer. I've seen how he has created and desgin images first hand. He's quite talent and knows what he's doing. He would be a great addition to the Desginer team.
  6. Andy

    Im back gamers

    i know those garry's mod hours from anywhere
  7. I stumbled upon some of my old/recent photos of CW Builds that I used in events. I want to share it with you all.
  8. Hoping to play more with you, let travel the sea again in Sea of Thieves or hunt down some ghost. I'm looking forward playing those with you as long I get simba on the boat, i will be playing this See you on Teamspeak
  9. 13th were able to hold against the Tyrians. I miss those CW events..
  10. how about you let him has his name
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