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  1. I truly believe that Vyve is a perfect fit for the Staff Team. Vyve is responsible and mature, he's not afraid to speak up. Give this man Trial Moderator! +1 Good luck, Vyve.
  2. Andy


    Welcome to the forums pal
  3. Nothing really special but I've resigned of being an Event Master, the reason behind this there was a pile of stress building up and becoming a full-time chef in the next 2 years while studying for it can be quite stressful. I did enjoy myself as Event Master, creating the story plot for players. I was able to create amazing events, that I truly hope you've enjoyed. It does suck not being able to create events but that just life. Don't worry, I'll still be playing on the server just not an Event Master anymore. See you around, Andy.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE Had to beat the Gateway Gamers on it, but Adios Ren, I'll see you in the next couple of months.
  5. Peter Jackson is a cool dude
  6. It will start at 4 pm btw, people keep complaining at me early start
  7. [Offline...] [standby...] [Loading...] [Password: *****] [Access Deined] [Password: ******] [Access Granted] [Loading Info...] ONLY LEVEL 3+ ACCESS ONLY, DO NOT ACCESS THE INFO IF LOWER [Please insert Access Card] [Loading...] [Granted] Monster Terror Believe or not, there was a report of CIS Monster being created. CIS must be using this Monster for their own use. Lucky for us, 91st was able to give us intel on the location on the main base for the making of the creature. This intel was proven useful for us, we have the chance of surprise attack and take down this beast. The only issue is, we're not sure how capable is this monster. Not even sure it is a Rancor or not. However, whatever it is we're gonna have to take this monster down. We can't let the Separatists use this weapon on us. Captain Andy will be leading this mission, he has dealt with Gas Scientist before and large battle. Hopefully, he can deal with this beast. *OOC* There will be Campaign on the 27/04/2019 this Saturday! It'll be my first campaign! Be sure to be there!
  8. Andy


    Wish I could be there but sadly I'm enjoying my holiday. I'll be back to play it @Beatroot See you soon.
  9. Andy

    Happy Easter.

    Happy Easter you star wars lover losers
  10. going on a trip, see ya laters losers
  11. Let me get into detail. First I would like to say is, you've somewhat attitude when you don't get what you want. I've seen it. You're not very experienced with the tools, such as Precision tool and Stacker tool, I taught you how to use it because of it. Yeah, that something we're gonna has to teach you. But I'm glad you're honest. Doesn't matter if you're Commander and have leadership. Event Master role is different. Event Master doesn't just lead a regiment, they lead the whole server and creating the story as they go. There a lot of multitasking. I wouldn't recommend pulling him out, however, you should listen to the player and gather the feedback to improve your next event. However your event "Trouble on Devaron" sounds to be very well planned out event. You have got a good idea on how to set up events and to explain it. This event sounds interesting and I'm eager to play on it. Rover, I believe you got a couple of things to work on but however, you're capable of being an EM and you've proved that here. I hope to see you in the EM Team +1
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