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  1. @Sas Told you I wasn't insane.
  2. We started our trials as EM together, we had our fun Yoho. Thank you for the work you put into Event Team over this year. On behalf of the EM Team, we thank you for everything and we're gonna miss ya pal.
  3. If the event server is free, you're more and welcome to do live breaches and sims. You can ask in /ticket once the event server is out.
  4. Possibly, but of course. The event schedule will go as it is. Say if 6:30 started, it will most likely finish at 7:30. Of course the 8:30 need to happen. Depends on the Event idea. We could be doing Campaign mission that can last for 2hrs, if the EM see fits. Late Night opertaions can be done, after the 8:30 event is over. That could be something EM could host or other Staff. There could be future ARCR Opertaion happening on the event server, something ARC could host. As normal events, I don't think it will be longer. But as Campaigns, Late Night, Operations. Most likely will.
  5. Event Server will have password, only Staff can enter in. Only way you can get in is being on the 1st server with the LAAT entity. It will be added LAAT for that. LAAT will probs only be spawn in during event time, operations, jedi raid, jedi/arc tryout. Stuff like that.
  6. gonna make a bigger video than this, don't have the enegry rn, this is all i got for now
  7. this would be hard crash if that much droid was spawn in. here some very old photo there more photo somewhere in there. All I got for now
  8. I'm quite hyped for this, I've been looking forward to this. Hope you guys are hype as I am.
  9. welcome enjoy your stay
  10. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + "Clone Wars: Season 7 - Epsiode 6" Episode 6 - Deal No Deal Feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts on the latest episode.
  11. This is song that I listen to times. Not very often but when I'm feeling stress or overwhelm, I would listen to this. This song only.
  12. Andy

    Jedi Giveway.

    Name: Tyrell - Kofar3 SteamID64: 76561198292576506 Should get it.
  13. Andy


    Welcome, Archer. Hoping you're enjoying Omgea Squad. Good luck with it.
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