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  1. Alright Gateway Gamers! Due to the recent votes, I'll be setting up the Revenge of the Beast Campaign! Please keep a close eye on the Gateway Forums for any future updates. Thank you for voting! @Aussi @Spirit or anyone that can please lock this post. Thank you!
  2. Bump, the Poll will be closing tonight. Vote now, or never have the chance to.
  3. Wow, this incredible. Good work, Frosty.
  4. Didn't you learn from you Event Master Application? SMH. Silly cave man Well since I am here, I might as well give a feedback.. Crix, I didn't really get to know you. Once I fade into the Imperial Darkside, I pretty much forgot everyone at Clone Wars, well not everyone. However due to my short time being here, I believe I've good understanding about you. -1. You're not suitable to staff. I've see your attitude and your behaviour first hand, it's not staff material. You're too easy piss off, imagine you handling Redpanda, it won't go so well. I'm little shocked you have expreince on other servers, but your attitude seems so unlikely to be a staff. I would recommend you learn how to control your behaviour to ever becoming a Staff. However, I wish you Good Luck with the Application!
  5. Hello Gateway! I wanted to ask everyone an very simple question, so at the very start of Captain Andy. I did a Campagin regarding about the Beast "Monster" After 3 or 4 months after that Campagin. I did another one, "Return of the Beast" with Captain Andy getting killed. Here the question, I've been thinking about doing another Beast Campagin. "Revenge of the Beast" The question is, would you like to have another Beast Campagin or Andy can scrap this Beast Campagin and do something different.
  6. Andy

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Andy Your in-game Name: 5456 Andy Your Regiment: 104th Wolfpack Battalion ARF
  7. Happy New Year! Drunk Andy incoming!
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