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  1. I remember a couple years ago when stooge offered you a chance to come back, back then it seemed like he had forgiven you and I have no doubt that hasn't changed but just because you have been forgiven that doesn't mean you deserve to be unbanned or welcomed back with open arms. Tander you were always a bit of a terrible meme, people have been left banned for less and whilst I am not against you being unbanned that doesnt mean I am rooting for you in any way shape or form. Good luck bud, if you have matured I look foward to re-introducing myself, if not I still wish you the best.
  2. No, Im not crying, im sweating from my eyes.
  3. Nah they named me that after I survived the numerous abortion attempts.
  4. Aye lmao did people really not know this? Yes it is my real last name and yes my middle name does start with an M, did ya'll just think I was a weirdo with a name he thought was cool or something.
  5. I think he means instead of any officer rank in that reg being able to use the command the highest rank on would be able to do it instead. But that would require more work I think so I don't know why you guys would do that.
  6. You haven't made me think you smell yet so congrats and welcome to the kewl kids klub.
  7. I haven't been back for very long so I'm not going to give my opinion but if I could -1 you because of the colour template you used I would. Make it less eye cancer and maybe you wouldn't get so many "cringe" reacts.
  8. Hey, I've been lurking on the forums for like 2 weeks so thought I should re-introduce myself to you kids, my name is Vincent but when I was a part of this community people knew me by my last name 'Graves'. I was a part of this community when it began, but my relationships with people from this community go as far back as 2012 to one of the major communities that was around back then (I'm pretty sure stooge must have had something nefarious planned for my 14 year old ass, why else would he chose to talk to me.) Back in the year 2017 I decided to part with the community, I was both the Team-Speak Manager (TS Guy) and the Forum Manager / Dev. I have since visited a couple times but this has been my longest foray back into the world of gateway so I thought I would tell you about my modern day self, not just who I was in past. As you might have figured out with math I am currently 21 years old and working full time as the manager of one location of the largest chain supermarket unique to SA, In my spare time I do a fair bit of high risk stock trading but most of my entertainment still comes from either playing video games or boxing. Currently I am nursing a post-dislocated finger as well as a bunch of bruises and cuts I received when one of my pieces of training equipment broke just over 2 weeks ago which has stopped me from training and that is partially why I decided to check up on my baby (the forums.) There is a lot more to my story that just that but I think anyone that would read any needlessly long prose written by me would already know most of my life story, so if you are curious about what my role used to be in the community, my background or anything else just DM me and I will try and get back to you.
  9. I could have sworn we had this at some point early on but even if we haven't I have had experience with it on darkrp, we used to use it as the mayor / chief of police to organise the random officers. I think the main difference between using this for darkrp and this server is that on darkrp most servers lack a form of communication / teamwork with their police force whilst regiments on the server have been hand picked and during events should have access to some form of comms. Basically, I don't see how it could be all that useful, It will just lead to commanders stopping to type even more than they already do when they have to do their republic comms shit. Use your squad comms or TS chat properly and this wont be a thing you need.
  10. Graves

    Im sorry

    Had read that babe, it says all the stuff about harassing people which is why it was denied but it doesn't say what caused the ban.
  11. Graves

    Im sorry

    Sorry, I wasn't around when you originally got banned so could you explain more about why you were banned? what led to the situation, how did you fuck it up so badly? If you want advice about getting unbanned from someone who used to help ex-minges get unbanned put some work into your ban appeal, those few lines aren't going to convince anyone that you have changed or that you really want to get back. Ps. You might think posting a new ban appeal right after you get rejected makes people aware of how much you want to be on the server again but time is a major factor in healing wounds, I'd give it a try again in a month or two with more effort put in.
  12. Head set or headphones? Hyper x Cloud headsets are pretty good and can range from 70-140
  13. Graves


    I have experience in the slave trade and I have some bad news, unless you want to go out and capture your own slaves you will be forced to pay out the nose for it bud.
  14. Are you actually eating my ass? You got rid of my old one with like a fifth of my total posts in it and started a new one. Ya'll are traitors and I'm gonna bury you in songs.
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