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  1. +1 I believe the additional RP your format provides will be great for the server. Not only for immersion, but giving COs another opportunity to mange their regiments.
  2. Bloody good work mate, I can tell you've been putting a lot of effort into Inquisitors.
  3. Jay.Tee.Els

    Destiny 2

    Last time I played destiny I get super bored because I felt like there was nothing to do but strikes. Then they removed IO and my favourite strikes were then gone. I guess there is PVP but I mainly wanted to play Destiny 2 for the PVE and an alternative to Warframe. If I purchase the legendary edition for 70 bucks, is there enough content to fix this issue?
  4. Current in-game alias/rank: (Inquisitor) Jay Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions Coma - Event Master (CWRP) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92040282 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144346293 List your current playtime (in hours) on our RP servers: 269 What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 19 How well known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? I do not have any warnings on Imperial RP. How will you becoming a moderator impact our community? I have had countless experiences as Admin, Moderator, and so on within a few DarkRP servers over the last 4-5 years. About 5 years ago on a particular DarkRP server is when I especially learned about the consequences that will come with abusing ULX. I can remain calm under pressure and keep a consistent un-bias outlook on each and every scenario. Due to my previous experiences as staff, I have learned how to, and most importantly how not to approach scenarios and members of the community as a staff member. As I am now 19, I have even more experience than I did 5 years ago, and I have been Event Master for a decent period of time on the Clone Wars server before I resigned as I was playing consistently for about a year at that time and I decided I wanted to dedicate more time to my personal life. Whilst I was EM, I experienced first-hand being part of a staff team on Gateway Gaming. Unfortunately, on the Clone Wars server, I was eventually banned indefinitely due to having 8 total warnings. These 8 warnings were received after I resigned as event master to pursue school work. I do not recall why I lost my way, however, I do take full responsibility for my previous actions. I am grateful for Gateway Gaming giving me a second chance about 6-7 months ago, so following my unban I have donated about 200 dollars to help the server, I have not broken a single rule and have not received a single verbal or written warning on the server in my 11 days of recorded playtime on the server (at the time of this application). I do completely understand if my previous ban on CWRP ultimately results in my application getting denied. However, I am applying as I believe these actions are behind me as I'm carving out a new name for myself. I am re-applying simply because I wish to be involved in this type of community once again. My goal as a staff member on Imperial RP is to help create a roleplaying environment in which everyone is comfortable and able to express themselves. This can be improved by helping reduce toxicity in the community and only use the powers granted by ULX in the service of the community and its members. By writing this application, I accept that any ULX powers granted to me will not be used in dis-service or for personal gain. I believe my previous experience as a staff member and what I have learned since will result in a trustworthy member of the staff team. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Do you also understand that a staff role is one that comes with the expectation of commiting time to helping the users of the server (Up to 20 hours a week)? Yes A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? Due to the nature of the scenario, I would immediately make sure I am cloaked and godded before pursuing the issue in both assumptions presented (This command can be a string of !god & !noclip or !administrate ^- these commands will be bound to separate keys for ease of use. For example, bind "m" "ulx administrate ^". All "ulx ..." commands presented are presumed to be inputted into the Command Console or bound to a key). Assuming this scenario was reported through a ticket, I would then teleport to the victim/s through the ticket system or use the !goto command. Assuming I have witnessed this scenario unfold in front of me, I would immediately either strip (!strip @ or !strip user) or freeze (!freeze @ or !freeze user) the RDMer. Before continuing, I would bring (!bring user) the RDMer / abuser to a secluded area to not disturb any ongoing or possible roleplay scenarios, and remove all potential targets for the RDMer. These areas are independent of each map (For example, a high rooftop or warehouse roof on Vardos, or a far mountain on Titan). If possible, I try to not make the user feel claustrophobic to avoid irritating them further, hence resorting to open areas. For the same reason, freezing the user is not the first priority as avoiding irritation helps the sit run smoothly. Upon bringing the RDMer and victim to the secluded area, I would make sure they are stripped or frozen, and then ask for their point of view on why they were RDMing and insulting other users. In both assumptions, I will still check the logs (/logs) to ensure I understand the true extent of the scenario (For example, the user may have been RDMing 10 minutes ago and wasn't reported). 1. If the RDMer states they were insulting others in response, I would bring the users he mentioned (if not already at the sit) and continue to get their side of the story. 2. If the RDMer has little reasoning for the insults and has no intent to roleplay, he will be warned for the counts of RDM and NITRP (!warn user <#xRDM, Player Harassment & NITRP.>). 3. If the RDMer's insults included threats of DDos on the server or the users, he will immediately be banned permanently (!ban user time reason) and the scenario will be reported to higher ranking staff members through Discord and/or TeamSpeak following the user's ban. If the sit follows scenario 1, if there is only evidence of "he said this, she said this" and no logs (For example, the abuse was stated over voice communications and no one was recording), this will not be taken as hard proof. Therefore, the RDMer will be punished for the RDMs if they are confirmed as RDM (warn, kick or ban depending on the severity) and verbally warned for the insults. All users will be thanked for their time and returned (!return @, !return user, or ulx return @). Following the conclusion of the sit, the RDMer will be monitored closely (Assuming they weren't kicked or banned & other tickets aren't active) to ensure no more RDMs or insults continue. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? If the user is contesting a warn, even if they proceed to verbally abuse me, I will never approach this situation with hostility. As a staff member, I will always be open to criticism and take responsibility if I mess up. I will bring (!bring user) the user to a secluded area to avoid disrupting other users and their roleplay. I will continue to politely let the user continue what they were saying (I will try not to interrupt them so they don't get more irritated). As they finish, I will proceed to ask calmy their side of the story and continue to describe my reasoning behind the warn and possibly outline the rule that they broke. If I am proven wrong, however, the warning will be immediately removed through the AWarn menu, and I will apologize for the inconvenience. If the warning is valid, however, and the user is still verbally abusing me, I will politely verbally warn them to stop or they will receive a written warning for Staff Abuse. Once all information is supplied to the user, I will ask if they are pleased with the outcome. If not, I will refer to another staff to re-iterate the reasoning behind the warning. Before concluding the sit, they will be thanked for their time and told to not hesitate to contact me for further assistance. The user will then be returned (!return @, !return user, or ulx return @) to their previous location. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? As stated in scenario 1, if a user threatens to DDos the server or other players within the community, he will be banned permanently (!ban user time reason) and the scenario will be reported to higher ranking staff members through Discord and/or TeamSpeak following the user's ban. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? As this is taking place in front of a debrief and I am unsure of the context, I will immediately ask the current Event Master if this has any involvement with the event. If so, they will be left alone. If the arguing is not a part of the event and is in fact interrupting the debrief and the roleplay for others, they will be politely asked to move out of the area. If the argument is strictly OOC, they will be requested to communicate via Discord and Teamspeak in the future to avoid any further problems. Assuming the argument is in need of a staff member's input, they will be teleported (!bring user or !tp user) to a secluded area to avoid any further interruptions to RP. I will politely ask the two to tell me their individual sides of the story at a time. If they do not comply and continue to talk over each other, they will both receive a verbal warning. The verbal warning will not be said with hostility to avoid any further arguments. If both the commander and lieutenant comply, I will listen to both sides of the story and find an agreement that satisfies both parties. If they are unable to agree, they will be told to stay away from each other in the meantime. Before concluding the sit, they will be thanked for their time and told to not hesitate to contact me for further assistance. All users involved will then be returned (!return @, !return user, or ulx return @) to their previous locations. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? If the cadet has been complaining and wandering around, I will enable administration mode (!administrate ^, ulx administrate ^) so other players know I am not in roleplay. I will continue to go into the cadet room and teleport the cadet (!tp user, !bring user), where they will be told to stay whilst they wait for a SGT+ (This scenario is assuming I am not eligible to train the cadet and/or cannot as there are other tickets active). I will then request in OOC for a SGT+ to train a cadet in the cadet training room. If the cadet has NITRP to an extent where he is breaking server rules before or during the training, he will be issued a verbal warning. If the cadet continues to waste the SGT's time, the cadet will be warned (!warn user No intent to RP). After the warning, if they continue they will be kicked (!kick user Continuous NITRP after warnings), and then banned if the user pursues further to show mingey behavior. The ban will last anywhere between 2-4 days so if the user comes back, ideally, they will have more intent to roleplay.
  5. +1 I am in discord most of the time with you, therefore I know and understand your personality first hand. I believe your past experience (although different games entirely) can still come in handy when dealing with players in a un-bias, respectful manner. When I asked a couple of questions about you becoming a staff member, you insisted that you will take the role seriously and responsibly. You are on nearly every day, and always try to interact with the community. Your only warning was due to a miscommunication within the regiment, and ever since you have followed the rules without fail. Although you have a lack of experience with ULX, I have seen how fast you can learn things if dedicated. Due to this, I believe you will make a great staff member.
  6. Name: Jay TSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144346293/In-game Name: JayServer: (Clone Wars RP)Why do you want it: I've been Inquisitor on imperial RP and I am swapping to the Clone Wars server soon.
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Inquisitorius Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Jay Te-Kay Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jay Previous Occupation: Weapons Smith Current Occupation: Inquisitor Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: Not Listed Alignment: The Galactic Empire PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Temperamental, Psychopathy Likes: Not Listed Dislikes: Not Listed Personality: Significant Hostility, Irritability, Agitation, Aggression & Violence \ Arrogance, a sense of superiority \ Disregard for right and wrong \ Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Not Listed Age: 28 Weight: Not Listed Build: Athletic Disabilities: Not LIsted Appearance: Caucasian \ 6'2 \ Male \ Human INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Acolyte Main Combat Forms: Aggressive, Defensive, Agile & Dynamic Extra Details (Optional) BACKSTORY Jay Te-Kay, in reality, consisted of no real ability in his early years. Jay's mother neglected all of her children due to a lack of maternal instinct, and his father had schizophrenia, taking many spices to blur the world around him. Although he relied on his siblings whilst he was young, his older brother's friends sexually abused him for multiple years. Jay's parents and his brother, despite knowing what was happening, never bothered to stop the abuse. Constantly neglected by his biological family, Jay adopted superficial emotions, hiding behind the guise of a kind, mild-mannered young man. He started showing worse symptoms of psychopathy. Eventually, this lead to a disregard for right and wrong, recurring problems with the law, repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty, impulsiveness and a Lack of empathy and remorse for others. Living on corosaunt after the events of Order 66, Jay and his family lived under the rule of the empire. The constant surveillance by the Empire drew Jays mother to rely on self mutilation, eventually resulting in her suicide. Later that week, Jays father was found dead from a overdose on Ryll spice. At the age of 11, Jay was forced to a life of independency, acquiring a job at a small local weapons smith. With Jay's new found income, he was able to just afford a small unit for him to live in and just enough food to survive on. The trauma from his early childhood and his loneliness finally withered away his humanity. After each shift, Jay would arrive at his small unit and ponder on his family. Wondering that despite their death, the constant abuse he endured from both his brother's friend and his parents no longer frighten him, but proved a weakness Jay once possessed. He believes that trust is what lead him down this path. Jay's first surge of the dark side finally hit his grasp, finally understanding why he felt so much hate throughout his life. Jay recalls the moment of his parents death, the steady emptiness of his thoughts, yet knowing it brought him the slightest happiness they were finally dead, but consuming him in hate as he had not taken their life with his own hands. Jay believes his parents as weak, dying with no honour or dignity. His parents brought him true embarrassment.
  8. Basic Information In-game Name: Previous Characters: Galactic Marines - Captain Bacara Galactic Marines - 2nd Lieutenant Keller Naval Security Division - Junior Operator 'Crosby' Omega Squad - Lance Corporal Fi Clone Force 99 - Lance Corporal Tech 104th Wolfpack Beta ARC - Sergeant Major 1632 Coma 104th Wolfpack Beta ARC Trainee - Sergeant T-2387 Shadow Company Trainee - Private 2487 'Truth' Numerous other characters cannot be recalled at the moment. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144346293/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92040282 Who banned you? Cappa - Fordo at the time of ban. (@Cappa) Length of the ban? Indefinite (Permanently Banned) Questions Reason of the ban? Written Reason: Assisting a community banned player (Sean Bean) Event Leading to Ban: I'm not sure how long after this was in regards to the event of Sean's community ban, however I do remember this ban quite clearly. I hopped on the server as usual and noticed Cappa standing motionless in the middle of the walkway. At the time, I was in a discord call with Sean just chatting - when I mentioned Cappa's behaviour. Following this, Sean informed me that they were 'friends' and I should kill him and repeat the phrase, "this is from Sean...", and continuing to tell me, "he would find it funny". Of course, I followed through and found myself not a moment later frozen in mid air and receiving a perma ban without any contact from staff. Realising what just happened, I understood the ban but found myself not having the energy to write an unban appeal as the whole situation is rather tricky to both explain and resolve. Why should we unban you? Why I Should be Unbanned: Other than this, I have not taken part of anything relating to Sean's relationship with Gateway Gaming. Previous to my ban, I was a dedicated player to the community and expressed this via my enrolment as an Event Master - which ended too shortly due to social problems arising from the stress of Grade 12. I have no intention of encouraging the behaviour lead forth by Sean's actions, and only wish to enrol myself once more into the community. Although I am still in contact with Sean on a regular basis, we both understand that we have opposing views of Gateway, in which we've agreed to keep this server separate from our friendship. Future Plans (Community, Regiments, etc.): If this appeal follows with an unban, I plan on joining a regiment and being a respectful member of the community. Although it may be possibly too soon to say, I do wish on re-joining the Event team in the far future once I feel I am trusted again. My Friendship with Sean: I understand players are getting banned for being in contact with Sean, however that does not carry through the experience I only intend to have on the server. If you cannot unban me due to our friendship I somewhat understand as through your eyes, it is another possible minge and opportunity for Sean. Through my eyes however, my relationship with Sean will not impact how I view and play this server.
  9. -1 These examples show potential, however they still need alot of work. I would say they just need a lot more 'content' and refinement. I would recommend watching videos online (that will take about 10 minutes) to teach you step by step examples on how to make your own PACs (especially with animations, pet examples, etc.)
  10. +1 This may change due to the fact I don't really know you. However I have seen you around the server and you seem pretty well known. Your application is excellently formatted and greatly demonstrates your knowledge of both the commands and how to staff.
  11. I understand you are going for a low tier PAC, however like I said much better examples can be made with your creativity. If you are stuck, there is always a whole community to help you along side with thousands of you tube videos at your disposal. The -1 was just my personal opinion, and of which is that I dont care if it is tier 1 or 999999, I still will like to see some creativity. If you wish to know my opinion on your examples I can in a later comment. I would like to see PACs that relate properly to both StarWarsRP and ImperialRP. The only PAC you have submitted that does partially mirror this is the hologram, however literally everyone on planet Tatooine has done that PAC, and is very easy to do within 5 minutes. I would like to see more unique and relevant PAC ideas like for example fixing a vehicle or moving parts on a robotic arm. Yes the robotic arms get used a lot, however if you bring other factors into play like for example moving parts, it becomes unique.
  12. +1 I don't really know you and I don't think I've noticed you on the server, however it seems you have put effort into your application especially with the formatting. It is easy to read and looks good, as well your answers are in depth and demonstrate your knowledge of commands and staffing well.
  13. -1 Unfortunately your examples are very lacking in the creative department, as well are not very challenging to make. Im sure you may be great at PAC3, however your examples currently defiantly do not prove so. If you upload other examples that are both your own and prove advanced knowledge of the editor, I will consider a +1. Even if you do not have an amazing in depth knowledge of PAC3, you can still prove the creativity with common knowledge and easy tactics. (10 minutes of youtube videos can teach you so much)
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