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  1. Hey Gale mate, your app is formatted pretty well and easy to read with a good amount of commands and ulx etc. I personally haven't met you before or even spoken to you so I went for a dig for your time on the server under the names you provided. I found your account the [GG] McCheeksy with 58.45 hours in total and the older account name you said doesn't come up at all so just wondering if I can get some further evidence of that. The only thinking holding me back from giving you a +1 at the moment is your time on the server, last two weeks your activity has been very inconsistent and if your total time on the server does end up only coming to 58 hours I would say you don't have enough experience. But until I can be proven wrong my opinion will sit at a neutral.
  2. If I'm being honest Zero I don't see a reason for you to be unbanned at all. The extent you went to make a player in our community feel the way they did was unacceptable, asking people to dm him, sending him horrible messages etc. Regardless you used a ALT-Account to bypass the ban and lied about the whole discord situation which I can vouch for personally as being in 501st. The community is meant to be a place to feel safe and have friends and great times, not abuse your power within a regiment and on discord. I'm not going to go into further detail just out of respect for the situation but its a big fat no from me. You have also been on the server for a long time so you should know what not to do.
  3. As an event master or even backup event master the true feeling that is with you constantly through your job is, "Are people enjoying the event?" Out of pure curiosity I just wanted to know what everyone enjoys about events or what they want to see more of. More passive RP? More explosions, maybe your favourite part of the event is doing your regimental job. It can be anything as I'm sure it will be useful for me and other Event Masters so go crazy. Personally I enjoy RP heavy events that involve a lot of war elements, I think thats what the highlight of the Clone Wars Series is just seeing clones and droids absolutely shred each other. But of course thats only my opinion :^)
  4. I mean the man choked his wife without it being kinky
  5. Patiently waiting for @Aussi to smoke me with Luke winning
  6. Anakin Skywalker Vs Luke Skywalker who would win in your opinion? Im going to set an idea for you, Pre-Order 66 Knight Anakin at his peak and Luke after his training on Dagobah, the area can be anywhere you want from Mustafar to Tatooine I just want to know who you think would win and why. In my opinion I think It would be a pretty even fight but in the end Anakin would overpower Luke, Anakin was said to be one of the greatest duelists in his era by George Lucas and was always known to be the chosen one which was proven by the fact that he also had the highest recorded midichlorian count ever. But his force powers weren't perfected although to be very strong and have a very solid force wall as well. Strategic and duelling wise I believe Anakin would have Luke outmatched due to larger experience within the Jedi Order and Battle, but when it came to force powers I think it would come to a stand still as Luke was told to be extremely powerful and proficient with the force as a result from Luke's personnel training by Yoda.
  7. Mmm this one really depends on your personal preference on what you enjoying doing as there are multiply regiments that specialise in key areas such as 38th with armoured vehicles or 91st with recon so I suggest actually contacting and talking to some of the COs of regiments. But because you asked for some recommendations for active regiments that are fun I will give you some. 501st and 7th Sky- Both of these are among the most active and fun regiments on server as well as being starter regiments, they both have various sub-regiments such as ARF and Ghost Company Doom- Another good shot at activity, always see these guys on in event and they never fail to land a placement 187th- Very fun and active I would say, the reg members are very approachable and love RP so if your looking for something a little more serious consider seeking them. Hope this helps buddy.
  8. Spittin fax once again, Fox is a bit of downie for letting those fake cleaner droids past tho
  9. ok stop the cap you only like him because its me :^)
  10. They died to quick wish they had more screentime, BLitz that big ol survivor tho
  11. Pre sure thats CT-2241 Usain Bolt because that mf hit legsss
  12. Who is your favourite clone trooper and why? Personally my favourite is always split between a fair few but at the moment it would be Rex - For just generally being the most original, relatable and coolest clone as well as having the most unique personality. Also that sexy armour Or Wrecker - For just being that massive overpowered meathead and probs the most funny 'clone' we have seen
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