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  1. Doin boys, so this is Gforce's and mine official resignation from Staff and the Gateway community for the time being. I personally don't have any future hopes of coming back to the server because I don't want to end up looking like Boogie2988 when I turn 18. Gforce and I have been playing the server on and off since about midway 2016 during that time we have gone through a lot of highs and lows and joined various regiments such as ARC, lead the mighty 13th and etc. I would say my enjoyment of the server over the past 4 years has been pretty outstanding but during recent times and the server state at the moment I feel like it is time to part ways. Thanks everyone for the good times the past few years and I hope all of you continue to have fun gateway gaming @Buck :) Thanks for everything you did for us when we were in and out of ARC, miss the days when we would get funny shit for the vids and just fuck around. Link up soon and play with the boys. @Aussi Aussi, from the 4 years I have played the server you have undoubtedly been a massive part of the community with doing events and making the server the funniest and most epic is could be, hope you continue to make vids on rat games on youtoob. @Jarvis Hope you find your foreskin @Coric You have always been there as a none bias person that me and peeforce could talk to, wish you the best and you should be respected more in management. @Gforce bogan cunt @Marvin keep beatboxing @Jarr Hope you grow a great nation of jews my friend, shallom. @Rhinous Cheers for letting me and gforce scam for credits on Imperial @Alluh Keep making watie beans samichs at night @s8n You owe me 15$ for the redbull and vodka, thank you for also trusting me queefbix to be responsible enough to become admin. Meant alot. @Beatroot @Ace Stop training MMA on console @Andy My word is final @Stooge You left your fedora at my house come get it @Ajax Cheers for ISB @Astro Thank you for the creation of the power burger @Zia Known you for almost 8 years which is bit fucked but regardless cheers for just being a general lad, hope everything goes all good for you and keep milly rockin @Raider Fucken Toad hair, keep spittin the aussi bars ya eshay @nebula. Stop punching cones and sniffing glue your mullet smells like pine-o clean @Spirit Catch ya at woolies sometime you boomer The 13th boys - Thanks for making us the proudest commanders you boys were actual legends, hope you find a new regiment ;c @Sloth @AkaliGoodAkaliBad You have burned a imagine in my mind that will never be removed, Imperial RP has been forever ruined. The rest of the boys - Hope to continue to play games and get along with the rest of you in the bright future, one day we might return but for now we are migrating to Wuhan Sorry if we missed anyone but we are currently too busy handing out hand sanitisers
  2. The fact that you went out and created a 'Sith RP' with even getting the help of a EM with putting you a EC slot and then just admitting 'Im just having fun lol' doesn't really help your case. Along with the lack of evidence because this situation went over 10 mins which is more than enough time to record or even screenshot so this is a bit wack tbh.
  3. @Yoho So sad to see you go, hope we get to stay in contact and meet up and all that shit but unfortunately as a daily part of my quarantine routine I am still going to send you videos of me singing in the shower oh wait here is one now
  4. I just want to start this off with ARC has remained the same almost for 4 years and has only had major changes to make it less overpowered and when it was suffering from commanding issues, other than that there has been near to no changes within ARC because before actually implementing it fully into the server Staff Management and Owners made it and edited to make sure it was lore friendly and enjoyable for players. RHC are not the reason why ARC are 'OP'. All that ARC get that makes them overpowered is their weaponry, they don't get more HP or better armor or anything like that they are solely just given better equipment which makes complete sense to me as they are the best of the best and are specialised in pretty much everything in lore. The DC-15 in no way is a piece of shit, it has been edited multiply times to make it balanced. The Westar only uses the same ammunition as normal clone weaponry, this does not mean that the gun is the exact same as the DC-15 or would have the same impact when firing. It is a complete different model of blaster which could have massive changes in fire rate, accuracy and actual punch. In lore every clone has a grapple hook attachment available for their weaponry, the main reason why it is exclusive to Alpha ARC is that it is no easy task to get into ARC and it would generally be abused by a majority of players on the server so why not place it in the hands of capable and veteran players. Although it has been abused in the pass in certain points CMDRs and management have always been swift to hand out punishments as ARC even from staff get no 2nd chances. A example of this is July 5th which in 2016 was when ARC was completely purged, no CMDRS or troopers survived only General Derelict. This was done due to the actions and behaviour made within ARC, there was no warnings to the troopers or anything and this is because the behaviour within ARC was expected to be set by default to be serious and not to abuse kits or boundaries which from then has rarely happened. The reasoning for ARCs high amount of slots which is legit average to other regiments on the server of 15. Is due to the low percentage of ARC success rates, now ARC host one in a blue moon open screenings which can range from a group of 10-50 people trying out to just get the chance to be a trainee. Once in this traineeship they are tested over a month regularly to see if they are fit to reach the rank of ARC SGT which if you know or have been in ARC before is not actually 'being in ARC' being in ARC is when you reach blue ranks, Warrant Officer and above. During the ARC SGTs time as SGTs a majority of them are rooted out for not completing tasks or performing to standard, the SGT ranks are purely made to root out shitkickers and make sure ARC is nothing but the best. If you are going to talk about RC and ARC being of the same stature or standard than how about we talk about how RC has 24 slots and ARC has 15, lets lower that down to make everyone happy and kick some people out of their donations also to note that pretty much every regiment has 2 beta ARC slots lets drop that to 1 or maybe even just remove beta ARC in general within regiments besides lore characters like Fives (being sarcastic of course). There was a time within ARC where we were arguing about the random change in height, I honestly don't know why its a thing but management has done anything about it yet which I believe is because it doesn't effect anything server wise purely besides lore and if anything puts them at disadvantage by being easier to spot.In my opinion I really don't see a reason to make changes besides Pac3 height but everyone can have their own opinions.
  5. So back in the day 2016 or so ARC would host a open training for the server on Saturday or Sunday from around 10 or 11 am to 12 and the whole server would get involved, even commanders it was overall just a great way to get everyone involved. There also use to be things like ARC troopers assigned to regiments and Mashal Commander would walk around and view regimental training and give input which could most likely be done by RHC now. General like RP working together between regiments or during events is completely dead now, I don't think for over a year I've seen major interactions between regiments that have RP together like 7th SC and 501st. Like the crap is legit a goldmine for brownie points during events and keeping people entertained during onbase.
  6. Sorry for the spam x
  7. Someone obviously has a above average IQ
  8. Ok imma start this off because its hard for me to choose butttt Top 3 in order
  9. Quebix

    Favourite Pokemon?

    Lucario (The one that could speak) easy, this man the actual most beast Pokemon. Name me another Pokemon that can look this badass, woop your ass and then speak to you. If that isn't enough to make you wanna love him look at this man in his mega form. Straight up look like some XXXTENTACION type beat. Straight fire.
  10. Everyone knows this is obviously the best rock song with no debate, Denzel Curry is an innovator of the rock generation and actually went to Yoho Jones high school and signed his nipple!
  11. Pilot Commander Jarvis will never be forgotten.. forever ARCs personal taxi /me salutes
  12. Ah yes upon further inspection, the gluteus area of the sculpture is very accurate and pleasing.
  13. I miss the old O'Niner campaigns that would go on for hours :c
  14. 5:15- 'Gforce is still learning'
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