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  1. I'll look the other way to any friendly fire next time, that is also my favorite impression to do
  2. I would kill to see that clip
  3. Even in the deleted clips I'm still a minge WHAT shame we didn't see the trump triangle
  4. Ah yes, the Semi Circle of Trust.
  5. Good to see this getting out in the open now, very exciting to think about already as I Know I’ll be doing some events for the new server
  6. Just a few that come to mind. I'd definitely recommend
  7. Isn't half the point of Last of Us is to create a game that feels like a movie/show? and by making a show defeats that purpose?
  8. it's based off Hugh Mungus
  9. Haha Wouldn't be funny if you sent me the files and made the ass bigger haha that would be really hilarious LOL but seriously though good work Cuffs you've got a real talent for it.
  10. This has more effort and thought put in then most Star Wars Novels, good job Coric you've made the most detailed bio I've ever seen.
  11. haha I remember this events, I swear everyone used Nar Shadaa back in the day. Barron Looks like an exaggerated version of Jack Nicholson with red hair lol
  12. My Personal issue with the Traineeship stems from this idea that once they become ARC Trainees they are in a way less then people from the way they are treated and viewed by the general public, I get it supposed to build humility and discipline, but as Khai says it immediately disconnects them from general player-base and it's encouraged that they are treated poorly, this is one of those things I think should've died with some of the other ARC traditions of the past, as it builds a wall between the trainees and the players, a wall that keeps trying to be broken down but with failed attempts. Keep in mind the original conception of the "ARC Trainee No talky" came from a time when the words ARC and Toxic went hand in hand and when lower ranks in ARC physically lacked the ability to kind and compassionate, The Discipline should be build through valuable and meaningful interactions and instructions, not just belittling them because it's funny to be toxic to someone who can't talk back. In regards to Alpha ARC itself, I gotta say the generations blend just with the same issues, don't get me wrong I respect the people in ARC a great deal and the fundamentals are there for what makes ARC... y'know ARC. The Problems I see is that ARC have this need to use their grapple hooks in every situation you wouldn't use one, from grabbing players to ECs and even shit like vehicles because it is "Funny" Obviously not every scenario A grapple is used in that way is a bad way, but I'm convinced if ARC didn't have the grapple they wouldn't know what to do with themselves sometimes. Final issue for me doesn't apply to all ARC but this is just a common thing thats gone on since it's conception and that when there's an issue with the regiment in any shape or form, ARC finds a way to wash their hands of the issue pretty quickly, This has been a thing since Day 1 of ARC and I notice the patterns to this day and it doesn't just apply to ARC. What happens is that ARC will have an issue with someone or cause trouble, it gets brought up and is defended as "training" or in the trainees case it's "was ordered to by the ARC Superiors." The point I'm getting is that ARC can't just accept a consequences for what it is and has the Justify what can be considered as minging with a million excuses and players get fed up with it, which causes threads like these to be made to try and fix the issue, No offense but I dont have 100% faith that this will be the time where "Alpha ARC Issue" gets resolved but I wish you honest Best of luck. TL;DR version since I ramble a lot: Trainees need to be treated better to prevent some form of elitism and resentment festering, and also be given the chance to interact with the community outside of training. ARC needs to stop justifying abnormal actions or minging with excuses like "Data Retrieval" or "Training". The Grapple gun is a privilege not a right, stop abusing it because it's funny. This is me making my honest statement on ARC as a regiment, I hold absolutely no malice or resentment to the members of ARC as I have a few good friends in ARC, I apologise if some of that seemed like a Roast, that is not my intention and I hope for the best for the future of ARC and it's members. Feel free to dismiss some of my points if the need strikes you, as I am not ARC and I don't have an idea about the inner workings or how punishments are tolled out within the regiment.
  13. I've been seeing you in game Nebula and it's good to see that you actually took what you said and really meant it, you've improved quite a bit and you're no longer one of those randos who just comes to act like a fool. App has some good formatting and is easy to read, I really dig it. +1
  14. Been seeing you in game recently and you seem pretty chill. Was looking through your app and I really like the detail that you have put in your examples, It's very nice this level of attention being put out there. The use of ULX and properly listing out what you'd do is a very good touch. Overall in game you have a nice demeanor. +1
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