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  1. Every RC ever: Man I hate these lizards.
  2. The self-awareness in this thread is palpable lol
  3. where's the pilot asking for his LAAT in OOC?
  4. woAh HavEn't wE aLrEadY Done iMperiAl? yIkes gaTeWay grAsPinG aT stRaWs arEN't wE?
  5. also my gf left the room when the child ate a spider baby
  6. I believe the marshal's backstory is actually from the books, which is very surprising ngl
  7. Really outdone yourself Rhino, excellent work! P.S: You finally got the make the post for this one too so good job!
  8. I like the pilot one, looks like he's having a good time!
  9. SOO CLOSE, Good on ya champs! special thanks to @Budds for this wholesome giveaway
  10. General Category Best Artist/Content Creator @Budds Best Meme @Andy Best Newcomer @Gecko Most Memorable Player @Sean @Budds @Beatroot Best Username @Choog - bloody choog mate Most Skilled Player @Tops Most Improved/Redeemed Player @Coca Crow Best Builder @Budds Roleplay Category Commander of the Year @Stingel Regiment of the Year 187th Best Roleplayer @Coca Crow Best Duelist @Unwanted Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff @Stingel Most Helpful Staff @Stingel Best Staff Newcomer @Pluto Best Developer @Rhinous @Merc @Budds Best Event Master @Buck :) @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020 @Andy Most Friendly Staff Member @Stingel @ItsGary
  11. That would require 5 events on the daily not including late night/early afternoon stuff, I personally don't think that's wise to put that much pressure on the event team to produce that many full-fledged events in a single day.
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