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  1. I'd suspect it was because PAC3 had no suggestion area nor did the forums, so I've placed it in Q&A as it's the closest thing in the PAC Hub
  2. I do not know this man but I feel compelled to dye my hair red and stream
  3. Good use of music here, very epic and keep it up!
  4. please no offensive comments on the forums THANKS
  5. It's all a part of the Republic Disability Program so it's free. Maybe they'll help pay for your hair plugs Trin Gee, you don't need to have eyesight to notice how shiny your head is
  6. Thanks man I really appreciate that. Also I remember that movie being very average but costumes looked cool
  7. Yoshie is not exec staff so it'd have to be him
  8. Shot in the dark? Probably Stooge or Yoshie since they made this forum.
  9. Sorry my mum doesn't let me play violent video games it'll make me SIN
  10. It was a design choice, the original image he had big CGI Lips that ruined the whole image.
  11. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Skyler Trunks Known Alias’/Nicknames: Trunks, "The Blind Guy" Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Listening to Audio HoloBooks, Saber Training, Meditation. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None as of Current Likes: Listening, Investigative reports , Honing his connection with the force. Dislikes: Holograms, Blasters, Prejudice. Personality: Stoic, Calm, Cautious. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit. Age: 17 Weight: 62kg Build: Lean with proper muscle structure. Disabilities: Blindness, inflicted at a young age. However due to his connection with the force he is able to make up for this, however it requires a certain amount of focus at all times. Appearance: Black hair with a Band covering his eyes, Pale Skin. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Learner Master (current or previous): Previously Master Zyber Barass, Currently Knight Jacques Webster. Light Saber details: A Standard Blue Light Saber, that has been modified with a lock in function to a sheathe on his back, origins of sheathe suggest family connections? Combat style: Focused and precise, however very cautious and held back at times. BACKSTORY During early childhood, Skyler's home was attacked by raiders, his parents managed to flee from their attackers, however a stray blaster shot grazed Skyler's face, rendering him blind. In an attempt to fix their Son's eyesight, Skyler's Parents sought out a Jedi Consular by the name of Zyber Barass that visited their town from time to time. Although he could not fix the young boy's vision, he had discovered that he was in fact Force Sensitive, thus offering to train the child "To see without eyes" via the force. However to properly train Skyler in this technique he was required to return with Master Barass to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Fearing that they would not see their son again, they passed on a family heirloom to him for good luck, an old Sword Sheathe. Although bringing personal items to the temple were frowned upon, Master Barass made an exception, stating that remembering his past will bring him humility as a Jedi. Months had turned into years and through great struggle, Skyler had managed to heighten all of his senses with the aid of the force, although he could not officially see, the force had made up for it. Feeling finally ready to face the dangers of the galaxy, he accompanied his Master on a mission to help put a stop to shuttle thieves attempting to steal Republic Vessels in the Mid-Rim, on the Space Station known as Star liner's Port. The Mission had gone on smoothly as they managed to arrest most of the thieves, however within a what seemed like a second, one of thieves managed to grab a blaster and attempted to shoot Skyler, he had heard the shot and panicked, however the shot did not hit him, as his Master had taken the blaster bolt for him. The Thieves managed to escape in the disarray, and it seemed like all of Skyler's training and senses had failed him, as he sat there, running his hands along his master's face. Once he was found by Republic Security he was returned to the temple. Not long after he was offered cybernetic surgery for his eyesight, he declined, saying "The force gives me all I need, anything else would hinder my training". Since his time without his Master he has been eager to hone his abilities and skills, putting in the maximum effort he is capable of in all of his classes. He feels the death of his former Master has given him a new sense of determination and resolve to become the best he can be. After some time Skyler has been reassigned to another Master, Jedi Knight Jacques Webster. He has a great deal of respect towards Webster for his strength and calm demeanor, he hopes to learn a lot from him. RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Dead - Master Zyber Barass Zyber Barass was Skyler Trunks' First Master and considered by him to be the wisest and most selfish Master of the Jedi Order. Originally taken to Barass by his family in a attempt to have his eyesight healed, Barass was surprised to discover Trunks' connection to the force, although he could not heal him, he believed with the proper training he would be able to use his senses and the force to make up for his blindness, So he took him to the Jedi Temple and later made him his Padawan. Trunks can only feel sorrow and guilt regarding the death of his Master, as he believes it was his own hesitation and fear that brought his Teacher's life to an end, even to this day he has a great respect for his Master, hoping that he is watching over him and witnessing how far he has come. Liked - Master Aayla Secura After sensing her power and confident presence, Trunks knew that Master Secura was a person to be respected and admired, Trunks hopes to get to know Master Secura better and learn from her vast Experience and Abilities. He is currently training under her to learn the Light saber Technique; Jar'Kai, A light saber form that uses two Light sabers. Liked - Grand Master Yoda Trunks was one of the only in the temple that was not aware of what Yoda actually looked like., making him taken aback to find out that someone with such an overwhelming presence of force energy was in fact a small green creature, so much so he originally believed he was being teased by his fellow Padawans. Yoda has always been kind and insightful to those around him and Trunks was no exception, which made he feel welcomed despite his flaws. Friend - Tiberius Originally considering him a simple Sparring Partner, Trunks was impressed by Tiberius' resolve for self improvement and saber prowess and became to respect and befriend him. He can always count on him for training and just someone to talk to, making him a good friend. Acquaintance - Fellow Jedi From his fellow Padawan Learners to his superior Knights and Masters, Skyler has a deep respect for all Jedi and their backgrounds and makes an effort to show some good courtesy and manners when referring to other Jedi. He is always willing to train and fight alongside other Jedi and will always do his best to stay true to the Jedi path, as well as making sure others do the same. Indifferent - Clone Troopers Although he holds no malice or resentment to the Clones, he does feel as if he is alienated from his comrades as he has noticed off comments and insults driven his way regarding his sight, However he does not let it affect him nor his opinion on the Troopers, as he feels their service and sacrifices for the Republic is something to be grateful for. He hopes one day to be allowed to work with Clones more personally and as a result, understand their struggles and methods. Friend - Knight Jacques Webster Recently assigned to him as his Padawan, Trunks has come to admire the Power and Discipline Webster has shown in their short time together, he strongly believes with Jacques Webster as his master, he can learn a lot and become a great Jedi from his teachings.
  12. You should come back if you enjoy playing gmod and especially Star Wars RP, or just enjoy the company of fellow gateway gamers, if not then I wouldn't recommend it for you personally. I cannot say I personally know who you are as I was not around when you played most likely. But what others think shouldn't affect or waver your decision when it comes to you playing a video game. End of the day the way you spend your time and your own personal enjoyment is down to you, not others. Welcome back if you do come back, if not then cya have a good time.
  13. Suggestion Resolved. Addon was added to the server.
  14. Found another AFK Kicker, there is like tons on the workshop lol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303583411
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