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  1. He was just trying not to metagame, duhhhhh
  2. Mandalorian Season 2: Return of the Baby Yoda Facebook Memes But for real besides the boat part (I hate the idea of boats in star wars) this looked pretty fricking dope
  3. As a kid my favorite was always Commander Fox, I just loved his phase 1 design so much and I remember writing about him in a Clone Wars contest (which I won which is the highlight of my life). I also remember obsessing over Star Wars Republic Commando, I never played the game till I was like 10 (I skipped the spooky ghost ship levels because I was a little boy) and RC-1138 Just became like the coolest guy ever, I consider him to be the closest clone to Jango IMO, I loved his personality in the game. Rex cames in third because he has some of the greatest moments in the show, showing such a lovable and interesting personality despite being just a clone. Sorry I couldn't pick one, but I just love CLONES
  4. the only cartoon character in this thread is you @Flea
  5. dammit Bobby, the BOY aren't RIGHT also, courage is elite
  6. We don't talk about Superboy Prime
  7. Then I think Yoda would probably fair a better chance than Vader, but it's also very likely that superman would smush that green frog
  8. Yoda is a very nice guy, superman would have no beef with him.
  9. We've taught you well Buck
  10. I've seen the briefings, no they will not lol
  11. Aussi

    🦀 crab

    wait... I know that crab
  12. Superman and Darth Vader were practically brother after all
  13. I feel like this conversation is based on what character people like more, Vader or Superman? If they released an official fight between the two, no one would win, it would be tie (or a situation where the fight has to stop). Because the people writing it know that if either one definitively beat the other it would break pop culture in half, fans would take to twitter like it was their battlestation. It would be a cool fight tho, and I'm sure writers and artists could make some interesting scenes out of it.
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