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  1. Why are we here? Just to suffer? very good bio my dude, you should be proud
  2. The only ship we really have from this pack is the V-wing and yet thats the old modeled one. These vehicles are pretty nice and although I agree that some of them are unnecessary considering the Variety of starfighters we already have. The NU-Class could be really cool, personally I dont really like Transports on LFS but I'm sure there are many pilots that would appreciate it. Good Finds my dude!
  3. oh brother dunkey is turning cringe
  4. Aussi


    Commander S8n, the time has come...
  5. No sweat Andy Life happens, hope it lives up to the hype!
  6. According to legends, some Jedi were even accepted into the order at the age of 18 (Rahm Kota is an example) so although its unlikely it did happen. Good bio dude and a solid read.
  7. Honestly I feel this app is a little too early, as @Ren said there hasn't really been enough time for people to really change their minds about you since your EM app so you'll most likely get the same general response. Regarding the App itself, I feel its quite under developed, next to nothing in regards to formatting, making questions are answers hard to distinguish. To put it simply, I reckon take some time and come back once you feel people have seen a better side of you. Going to -1 for now, hoping with some time it can be a +1 Good luck with the app mate!
  8. This Application is one the most detailed and well thought out that I have seen in a long time, I love that the answers truly explain your intentions and what you personally think, as opposed to short sentences, lots of effort clearly put in. The Event idea is very well done, although it does employ the same formula as most events I greatly admire the amount of story-telling/world-building you've attempted with this idea, giving actual story reasons for game play mechanics like the droid spawning and such is a very good thing as it shows how well you can come up with reasoning behind you're actions as an EM, in my years doing events I always feel that making something seem believable was one of the most important things to learn, clearly you've learnt this yourself and have employed it well here. Formatting for your app is also well done, no one likes big white walls of text and it's good you've mixed it up. End of the day even though I don't know you personally I can tell this app had alot of thought behind it and your experience clearly shows through it, +1 mate best of luck with the app! Much respect.
  9. Aussi


    Since @CrazzyGaming gave you a way to have a sprint button in-game, I would say this issue has been resolved!
  10. Lock and Resolved. Application has been withdrawn.
  11. Welcome back Blowpa long time no see!
  12. I don't know you personally so I'm going to lay down my opinion based on what I've read from the app alone. Honestly from first glance it looks very bland, my advice would be to add some colors to help differentiate between the questions and the answers, not to mention giving us something nice to look at as opposed to a bunch of white text. Could you maybe elaborate on this a little further? I feel like you could add more to this answer of how you would actually go about bringing new ideas to the server. Just saying that you can make up cool ideas sounds generic and cliche. Really beef up the answers as it shows off that you care and that you are serious about the idea of the being an EM. The event idea is very interesting and I personally like it, I'm making a underwater event on blue-hills myself very soon and it's good to see something a little more unique with a different setting then just fighting droids on geonosis or whatever. I would recommend adding some spacing though, as right now its a big block of text and is a little off-putting to read. maybe highlighting keywords in a different color would be neat too as it catches the eye. I strongly recommend you take on board what @Andy and @Beatroot (and all the others of course) as their posts gave some pretty solid advice can do nothing but help you Improve. I personally hate to sit on the fence when it comes to apps but I'm gonna give this a Neutral for now. Obviously if you take the feedback and Improve then it will come to a +1, if not then it'll go to -1. None the less I wish you the best of luck with the app mate!
  13. Big Props to Spirit for moving past that like a pro. Also when is the Commanders meeting ASMR coming out?
  14. Very good suggestion, I dont really see a downside to adding this as it could be good for the pilots and adds extra immersion since its a droid
  15. I agree with Tanker on this one, Although I dont speak to tander alot these days he has actually changed for the better and doesn't come off as toxic or mingey as he used to. back in the day on gateway you were a classic example of a toxic player, but I reckon you've made some good changes, just my opinion and of course it's up to stooge. I'd +1 as I believe our community have a good history with expecting old banned players into the fold (That I know of or remember atleast) Good luck Tander.
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