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  1. in these dire times we need as many ARC Troopers as it takes
  2. Campaign Backstory: A sizeable force of Mandalorians known as Mandalorian Protectors has attacked multiple targets with the backing of Separatists. Regular Clone forces have not stood a chance in combating this new threat, and fear of an early defeat at the hands of this army have arose. In order to swiftly deal with this rising issue, The Grand Army of The Republic have dispatched their most elite soldiers to track down and destroy these protectors. They are... the Advanced Recon Commandos. Details: This Campaign is going to go over the exploits of a battalion of ARC Troopers, taking place in various battles against the CIS and Mandalorian Protectors. It will incorporate some lore elements from Star Wars Legends. However the story itself will be mostly original. This Campaign will be 5 events long, starting at 2.30pm AEST All Clone troopers will be standard Phase 1 Alpha Class ARC Trooper Uniform, with each rank being marked out by color. The use of lore names is permitted, however try not to have the same name as some one else, some names like 'Alpha 17', '02 Spar' & '30 Sull' will be omitted for various reasons. Roles such as the Clone Commandos & Null ARC may remain the same as they are special forces that have been known to work with Alpha ARC in the past. Jedi Characters are allowed, but will not have much of a focus (Sorry!) Jedi Slots will be replaced with an alternative for ACT 1, however Jedi may use their slots in the following Acts. Any Questions or concerns about this campaign can be addressed in this Thread. I hope to see you all there!
  3. Snapped some quick photos during the campaign. https://imgur.com/a/gR5WMPb if you have any photos of the campaign, feel free to share them!
  4. you wanna take that back pal?
  5. 100% of my campaigns are going to be Phase 1 until we switch back
  6. That's up to Omega of course, but with ARC also acting as RC for this campaign, they'll have plenty of squads to RP with.
  7. Campaign Backstory: In order to prepare the influx of new clone cadets for the war ahead of them. Mandalorian Instructor Terr Farric has been tasked with finding select battalions to help test the new flash training programs, which are designed to recreate the battle that sparked the war, The First Battle of Geonosis. Task force Gateway has been selected to undergo such a test, to participate in a simulation that recaptures one of the most grueling battles ever fought in Republic History. With Simulation technology so advanced, the participants don't even know they are in a simulation, making the bloodshed and conflict all too real... Details: This Campaign will be recreating the iconic Battle of Geonosis from Episode 2, with an attempt to make the campaign as authentic as possible for you all. Regiments will be undergoing changes during the campaign, while others will be fulfilling other roles in order to keep things "Lore Friendly". This Campaign will be 5 events long, starting at 1.30pm AEST All Clone troopers will be standard Phase 1 Troopers, NCOs and Officers will be only units bearing colors much like the film. Clone Trooper names will be allowed during this campaign, but feel free to omit them for more immersion Certain Regiments such as ARC will be made into Clone Commandos (due to ARC not having a role in first battle of geo) Squads such as Clone Force 99 & Omega Squad will be made into standard commandos (both squads not existing during this battle) Jedi Lore Characters will not be allowed until ACT 3. Jedi Slots will be replaced with an alternative for ACT 1, however standard Jedi may use their slots in the following Acts. If your slots have been affected in this campaign, don't worry! Hopefully what have been provided will still be very fun and different for you Any Questions or concerns about this campaign can be addressed in this Thread. I hope to see you all there!
  8. I agree s8n, Imperial at its core runs off the same design as Clone wars, there is no reason that kind of rule shouldn't apply in practice. It's especially terrible when a regiment dies from back management because of the juggling of roles, it's causes more damage than anything in the long run.
  9. I definitely agree with the fact that it isn't black and white, any player involved issue never is. Of course there are people who perform well with multiple roles, but it's very clear that the server is suffering from this issue, people who can manage their time well in all roles are often the exception rather then the rule. I disagree with the concept of not having your first slot be your main one, but you make valid points. I believe we need active moderation in order for us to get the best out of these roles we are given.
  10. For the past few weeks, I have been playing the server again and it has come to my attention that the server seems to have a few issues that we as players need to address. The issues are not ones of lag or glitches, but a serious problem that has been occurring for awhile now within the server, this post is not to target certain individuals or "Call out" people, but to invite discussion on how we as a community can help improve this issue. I am of course talking about dedication to roles. It might come as a shock to some of you to know that the server has a serious dedication problem within its user base, I'm not referring to overall player activity, but those who are in core roles within the server and their regiments have been showcasing a serious lack of dedication to their given roles. The main cause of this? The use of multiple slots. It's become very common for people to use their multiple slots to achieve positions within regiments that are vital to said regiments, there are people who hold Commanding Positions, while also being 2IC in other regiments, there are Jedi Lore Characters who are also Leaders of Sub-companies. Am I saying we need to kick these people out? maybe get rid of the entire slot system as a whole? No. The point of this post is to highlight the fact that there are many people who rather than dedicate themselves to a single important role on the server, would rather play the field and stretch themselves out across multiple core roles. What is the big deal, why is this an issue? For example let's say your CO has a second slot that is a Beta ARC CO of another regiment, not only would that individual be responsible for an entire regiment, but would also be occupying the a core role within a regiment that is limited to two slots, is that fair to players who dedicate themselves to a regiment that the CO Leads? Is that fair to those who want to go for Beta ARC, but can't because someone who has higher priorities has claimed the slot? I don't think so. This can also have a massive side effect on the roleplay, What if you wanted to RP with Master Windu, but he was too busy leading Navy on his second slot? or Being the leader of a sub company on his 3rd slot? These are all just examples, I don't personally have anything against any people within these roles, it's just what sprang to mind to illustrate my point The Bottom Line As Players, we need to ask ourselves if it's necessary to have people dividing their time across core roles within the server, and if it wouldn't benefit us all to reserve our second or third slots to non essential roles. I am proposing that the main Slot should be used for the role you dedicate yourself to, while other slots should be used only as non-essential role only, meaning no Beta ARC, Lore Character, Sub Company CO or Regiment 2IC, that should be for your main slot ONLY. While I do believe there are few that can manage their time well, it's ultimately unfair on the player base as a whole to have people who cannot dedicate themselves to their main role, it affects the regiments, the RP, the events, it affects everything. The point of this post is not to act as a callout, but to open up a discussion about dedication and what's the best course of action to fix something like this. What are your thoughts? How can we solve this? Should this be solved? Let me know. Don't be afraid to be as honest as you can, just try to refrain from calling out specific individuals, any problem with actual people should be behind closed doors.
  11. I can't comment of the Martez sisters as I legitimately skipped them because it adds nothing. I like 99% of the Clone Wars, I'd say Bombad Jedi might be the one I skip the most, as the first half of season 1 can be a little cringey and that's definitely one of the harder ones to sit through. I know it doesn't count as an episode, but the Clone Wars Movie is pretty cringey to watch for the most part, especially Ashoka's portrayal.
  12. Sam Witwer can convey frustration and craziness really well, he's a perfect voice for Maul IMO
  13. I feel the same way, I've been tempted to skip the episodes and watch the finale again for how powerful it is, as far as finales go for TV shows, that one was brilliant.
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