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  1. Aussi


    Welcome back Bean, No time no see!
  2. Buck obviously has some sheer talent that has even inspired me for some of my own projects, as Budds said he has gone above what is expected and deserves the spot +1
  3. Cya Ace, have a good one my dude! It's always good to do you rather then force some fun out of gmod.
  4. dude is this like reddit? this is freaking wholesome
  5. If a new Venator is inevitable, why bother making maps?
  6. Aussi


    Welcome to the GateWay to Gaming my friend. /me salutes
  7. I've been listening to a lot of Half*Alive recently Still Feel is an absolute groove and I can't get sick of it. Also a lot of NakeyJakey's music
  8. Hope this goes well for you guys, best of luck all round
  9. Aussi

    Mace Windu's F bomb

    this motherfucker is too dangerous to be kept alive.
  10. Laters coric, you were a prime lad and good in management, even though it's sad to see you go I am glad you left on a good note.
  11. swap out the gamer chair for a rocking chair old timer because it's retirement time
  12. So I made a video about what makes a good game and I wanna really start a discussion about this kinda stuff, give it a watch and tell me what you think I'd really appreciate it! also I love you all a lot you are the best and I mean that
  13. I made an epic funny gmod murder video that is freaking sweet 


  14. Aussi

    GTA 5 Free

    but then I'd have to download epic games launcher, and that's like a whole thingggg
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