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  1. The Ego you had served the name ARC Commander Proud. but seriously though you did well herd sad to see you go but hope you have fun with other games and having tuesday and saturday nights to yourself and not CO Meetings.
  2. I think Kills incite some friendly competition of course however when things like suicide, deaths and other random garbage affect your frag number it overall gives an inaccurate score. However I personally feel that levels are useful to gauge who a person is and their "Skill Level" more then "Look I got 150 Kills in this one event I swear" since the scoreboard doesn't save frags after map change. I know it helps me find out who is new to the server and who is not. For example if someone says a new player has come to the server to minge and he's a shiny but didn't know the name. I'd be able to guess the level 1 CT 3843 Chungas is the minge as opposed to Level 45 CT 4865 Apollo. But thats just food for thought, hopefully the scoreboard gets changed so we can get both who knows? that being said I voted for kills at 4 am so maybe I'm a hypocrite >:^]
  3. I minge with the best of them @Buck7778 you should know that by now
  4. I'd say thank you for the feedback but I think this is more directed at your feelings on more forum mods as opposed to the app itself. Part of me hopes having more forum mods helps increase a presence on the forums and not needing someone like s8ncaat to come running everytime someone posts something offensive. None the less thank you for your opinion Reneral!
  5. if this campaign doesn't end with Mundi getting rolled by GM was it really worth it?
  6. This is some good work, nice to see some more original pacs here!
  7. best video yet, I honestly dont know how you can contain this much funny in your brain buck
  8. I am surprised the stealth carbine is so high up, its legit a DC-15s with a scope
  9. Gateway Gaming | Forum Moderator Application Profile Checklist: Your In-game Name: A'den Skirata Your Steam Profile Link: My Profile Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:49571533 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions: How often do you use the forums? I use the Forums every day and even on my phone when I cannot access my PC. Its rare that I dont check the forums daily Have you ever received a verbal or recorded warning on the forums? I have had posts deleted but never have I been personally warned to my knowledge. Do you have any previous experience with InvisionZone Forum Software? I was previously a Forum mod on the old forums and I managed it quite fine so I can learn quick. Do you have any previous Forum Staff experience? Yes I do I was a forum staff in 2018 and I would like to think I handled it rather well. How much time do you spend on the forums a day? I always have in open when i play the server so I'd say about 3-4 hours a day. I'll even check in the mornings/late nights Have you applied for or currently hold any other staff positions in this community? I am currently a developer on the Clone Wars Server. Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator for Gateway Gaming? Personally I always liked the using the forums and I enjoy staffing so I feel could combine the two into a super mix. But seriously I find that there are times questionable or irrelevant content gets posted in the wrong areas for the sake of a bad meme or "quality post" which quite frankly Irks me. The Forums should be a place where we can all enjoy it and have fun however Its not fair to people who post reports and extend their RP or write up big informational posts just to be bombarded with people who dont know what defines an irrelevant post, which causes some of these posts to stay and set the idea that the thread is not a serious thing. This is not me saying the Forum staff aren't doing the proper job but I just feel I could help keep a watchful eye on our Forums. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scenarios: 1. A group of 4 users from another community come onto the forums and start antagonizing the members of the community with hate speech, how do you deal with this group? First off I would delete the posts the Members made and then proceed to message them all with the reason "Hate Speech is not tolerated within this community, continue and there will be punishment, please refer to the Forum Rules for guidance." If they decide to continue I would have no choice to ban them as obliviously if they do not intend to use the forums properly they should not have the right to post, I would then see if I could find out the community they hail from and alert the staff within that community via steam or other means available. 2. An ex-staff member has re-joined the community recently, they become active on the forums but start behaving in a somewhat undesirable manner (slandering or being abusive to other users in the shoutbox, etc.) How do you deal with the ex-staff member? The rules apply to everyone regardless of rank so I would delete their messages and message them "The recent content you have posted on the forums contains abusive and disrespectful content, [INSERT QUOTE OR EXAMPLE OF ABUSIVE MEDIA] as a former staff you should know the rules so I will not warn you again" if they choose to ignore the warning I would ban them from the forums for 24 hours, if they decide to continue upon serving the time the ban limit would be increased and they would be put on a watch list (following their activity on the forums) 3. A user has posted one of his YouTube videos of the Clone Wars server in the "Regiment Hub" forum, Is this the proper area for the thread? If not where should it be moved to? If the content was roleplay/relevant I would leave it be, for example a video log of an event or regiment training video (example: how to defuse a bomb in the EOD Section.) If the video is not relevant to roleplay it would be moved to the Video Sharing Section, I would then proceed to post (POST HAS BEEN MOVED TO VIDEO SHARING SECTION, REASON DUE TO LACK OF RELEVANCE IN PRIOR SECTION) Thank you very much for reading my app, please give appropriate feedback and that would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Aussi

    yea yo what up

    welcome back to the server gamer, enjoy your time
  11. it would only affect the person themselves as it as a gui thing. thankfully for us it doesn't render every scoped gun in game
  12. i could make some better sights if people really wanted it. its just better for frame rate to use the sights we have now
  13. okay bly shot him while he had a gun so its clearly self defense
  14. As you can see that droid doesn’t have a gun, meaning commander gibbzy is advocating the death penalty for all droids armed or not, I think it’s time we stand up and say we aren’t gonna take this sitting down, soon we march on RHC and take down this absolute madman
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