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  1. It's good to see Jania once again make its return, here's hoping we can get some good RP flowing
  2. Might I recommend something like a gunship or transport for extra brownie points as I find they are more complicated style of LFS Vehicle and we are currently in the market for someone who is capable of that.
  3. I dont see a downside to this, I also read that repairs normal star wars vehicles as well so it could replace the old one entirely
  4. welcome to the forums, enjoy your time mate
  5. Mistakes were made but the real racism was the friends we made along the way
  6. Thank you to @Tanker, @Destro and @Stooge for inspiring me to create this rascal advisor
  7. Very well written, hopefully it can expanded upon with your playtime on the server
  8. This goes outside the usual template for Character Biographies but I felt this was the appropriate place to put this. for awhile I have been working on this and I hope you enjoy reading it, if you have any notes or anything please post them hear as I'd love to hear them. O'Niner was never meant to be special but yet I feel he is important part of me and I'm forever grateful to this community for letting this character grow and allowing me to be creative. Here it is: The Story of Advisor O'Niner
  9. Thank you for this legendary series @Buck7778, It was an honor minging with you.
  10. The imperial server will be taking place in this timeline from now on
  11. Every now and then Disney will include some things from the great Star Wars legends and restore in the canon such as thrawn or TIE defenders, what do you think should be re added to canon if you had a choice? I’d personally like to see the comic line Star Wars Dark Times be reintroduced into the timeline since it had a great story that took place days after order 66. either that or Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Knight games
  12. looks like a coruscant level in a VR game
  13. love that they showed off more stuff in this trailer, looks like a decent watch and hope it paves the way for more epic star wars shows
  14. Aussi

    I am back

    WElcome BAck WAlter
  15. Surely you jest. perhaps some more patrols around anaxes would be nice with little convoys of vehicles
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