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  1. I wouldn't stress those models aren't too acurate anyway This is waxer in phase 2
  2. Very good brush work @Tops Waxer isn't the most accurate but still very good line work and looks professional! I especially love the tally marks you used. We need more model makers and I would love to have you in the team.
  3. While being extremely well known isn't really needed all of the time. Being known in the community shows a good assessment of character, to get a good idea who the person is that they are accepting into the staff team. So it should play a core factor in the selection of staff, unless the higher ups who accept the staff already have a good idea of what kind of person they are letting in the team.
  4. Well I'm sure it would be really easy to make a sick design again, just have to be creative
  5. Aussi


    For future reference Russia try to keep the forum posts all in one post rather than 3 seperate ones. Also in regards to the Civ Gang. try to keep it in the vain of star wars, clone wars isn't a dark RP after all.
  6. This is a decent story, but I recommend trying to format by breaking up the text more so people don't get deterred by big blocks of text.
  7. Welcome back Frosty! :)
  8. I disagree with this, Season 7 clone wars had exceellent style and looks and that was just an updated version of what they already had, for our server it would be like jumping from the graphical looks of season 1 to season 7.
  9. You would have to anyway, this CGI base is a more updated one with a complete rehaul on the model and the textures. Keep in mind this S&Box game is going to take a long time to finish
  10. If we chose the style of the movies, they would be models that would favour the style of the films and not the animated series. We would still include regiments and characters from the show, but in this style.
  11. To give reference to those who are curious what these styles would actually entail. I have provided two of my own models to showcase what you'll be expecting: BF2: the look of the prequel movies CGI: The look of the Clone Wars show and Bad Batch
  12. One infection event on clone wars coming right up
  13. I’ve updated the document to better illustrate the idea for you all :)
  14. If s8n the hutt doesn’t approve me make monumental rebirth
  15. dev for us champ!!!
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