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  1. speed change or not with the current people who have it, it's safe to say the Z-6 would still cause quite a bit of lag. I honestly think it should be confined to like 1 slot jobs or just cut out entirely.
  2. Unfortunately the only fix for this is the removal, other wise we'd have to change the speed and quite frankly that defeats the purpose of a mini gun.
  3. Aussi


    welcome to the forums my dude, hope you achieve those gmod dreams
  4. The Campaign has been concluded. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to those who received placements, Special Thanks to AmSizzle who helped for the final event. Its my first campaign in a while so sorry if some of you had mixed feelings about it. But overall it was fun to make so hopefully we can do another at some point. Peace and love Gamers
  5. The chef career path strikes another staff member from our team. But seriously Andy thank you for contributions to the server and the EM Team, hope to see you around bud.
  6. posting of applications for forum staff is still allowed with the new forums. I really like the fact you listed your references from prior forum staffing experience. With the new forums up I recall Stooge saying he wanted an active Forum team present and you seem like a decent fit for the role. The app is very detailed and well written, you obviously seem like you know what you are talking about. I Personally support this and hope you get a chance, +1
  7. Aussi

    Tastik can sing 2.0

    I haven't cried this hard since fallen kingdom
  8. Hello Troopers this is Supreme Advisor 04/1129 O'Niner reporting in. Tomorrow we will be forced to engage with a powerful crime syndicate known simply as the Black Sun. We believe they have mobilised from the planet of Mustafar and are attempting to branch out in Neutral Territory. We have been requested by Republic High Command to over view these actions as they believe the Black Sun will attempt to take over small republic targets. This Campaign will take place on Wednesday (15th of May). It shall branch over all three events. Hope to see you all there for the fight!
  9. Hey all, I was just making this thread as since we are all players of the clone wars I'm curious if everyone has a Favorite Clone Trooper. My Personal Favorite is either Captain Rex or Commander Fox. whats your favorite clone trooper?
  10. I Remember something similar to this in the past in regards to event feedback, hopefully it gets used more as it seems it could be helpful to the team.
  11. I'm sure if it was enforced via forums But its just something that I've heard thats enforced. part of me assumed it was on the forums
  12. Some very good PACs here, keep in mind creating custom troopers is not allowed in the PAC rules so if you do get PAC I dont recommend using it
  13. Thank you for all your contributions mr Reneral, its sad to see you go but you did very well while you were here.
  14. Hey Gamers! Be sure to invite your mother to teamspeak to wish her a happy mothers day. then proceed with a /me hug and nice card from Woolworths, Aldi, EBgames or various other card sellers. Use today to appreciate those fine women, Remember they are your spawn point after all!
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