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  1. It's been a long time coming, but it's time I also departed from the server. The last time I left gateway back in 2017 I never did any resignation post and sorta dipped out of the blue. I feel like I can't do that this time as I became more and more involved in the community this time around. I came back to the server around October in 2019 after seeing Simba and s8n playing on the Mordhau server I was on and felt an old sense of nostalgia that got me crawling back to see how Gateway had changed since my departure previously. Gateway had changed drastically, there was a strong sense of community with a lot of fresh faces and a lot of old ones that remembered me. Then I went into tryouts and trainings and saw that the 5 lanes had become a mandatory standard, I was shocked to say the least. I felt a strange sense of pride as I saw my creation being used for over 2 years after my departure previously. So I was hooked back into Gateway within the first hour of coming onto the server. I started fumbling around different regiments going from 41st under @Bright to 22nd when @Tacit had taken over Simba's role as he moved into RHC as Brigadier Rambler. 22nd disbanded, I applied for Clan Skirata and took up the position of Walon Vau alongside @Tesla @Bright @Neato Mosquito for the brief period that @Evoz wasn't inactive as Kal Skirata. We did cringe Mandalorian comms RP and had OP kits that allowed us to solo events and come 1st place lmao. I went for the Jedi Tryouts having never done anything related to Jedi and somehow won the slot alongside @Yoho and Merc, none of us touched the slots after a week of playing as padawans rip. Then my journey as ARC began, as Walon Vau I had garnered enough clout to be known around the server as I trained people and interacted with Commanders and Staff. When Clan Skirata disbanded and got removed from the server, ARC screenings came around the corner just in time before I lost my drive to leave the server. My batch was truly a disappointment with only 4/8 of us passing and ending up with only @Dempsey and myself reaching Officer rank. @Buck :) stepped down from ARC Commander in a serious of events that can be found in his resignation post, which led to @Yoho becoming the ARC Commander. He later became the ARC General and I became ARC Commander and went through a single season of trainees and handed it off to @Bullet to continue the legacy. As a former Admin of Gateway I do hope I made your experiences better overall throughout my time, peace. I missed a lot of people but you know who you are, mostly ARC because we are a toxic egotistical friends group
  2. Keep in mind this is about his staffing abilities not his ability to lead and teach as a trooper.
  3. With the limited amount of episodes for this season, pretty unfortunate they spent so much time on these boring and frankly annoying side characters
  4. Evoz, Sevens and s8n have hit the nail on the head for everything that is needed to be said, here is my response. “Also let it be known, that if you decide to disagree, I expect the same level of evidence and reasoning.” That is fair and I will try to substantiate any opinions that I bring forward and correct you on things that I believe you have gotten wrong. “What reasoning do we have to make ARC so OP other than them being a favorite of the server and RHC?” In Lore they were better equipped and physically superior to all their clone brethren within the GAR. There is plenty of legends material out there that reflects their superiority. If you don’t want to include Legends material then you can kiss a lot of content on the server goodbye. If I'm going to be disallowed buying captain breaker while being in shiny because it's "unreasonable", you can bet your bottom dime I'm going to fight "reason" to the end. Not sure how you not getting Captain Breaker has anything to do with this? ARC are elite by nature of course, but their equipment in lore was a farcry to what is on the server, especially in comparison to the other regiments. RC guns were nerfed back to it's original stats, not because ARC felt like they were getting the shit end of the stick, but because Staff deemed it over powered in general. RC aren't the only ones that get their weapons nerfed, everyone is subject to that INCLUDING ARC. Our previous westar had better stats but we don’t complain. The DC-15 is a piece of shit for lack of a better word, so why is the Westar so much better? That’s not something ARC decides, that’s up to RHC and management to change. Go talk to them about it and get the DC-15s changed. The Westar is better because we earn it. Why is the grappling hook exclusive to ARC? Come to think of it I don't think I've really ever seen an ARC using one in any form of lore. It takes away a really great tool from all of the other squads and branches, just to reserve it for ARC. As the others mentioned before if we allowed every regiment that was known in lore to use the Grapple gun it would be a mess. There is a reason ARC has been the only ones to use ARC for the majority of the time since the inception of the server. Trainees go through a month of training so that they don't abuse their grapple hook. You can’t buy your way into a regiment or squad to obtain the superior kits we receive. There are slip ups of using it in an inappropriate manner, but that goes for exclusive equipment in other regiments such as cloaking devices and knives. Like everyone else, we work on that so it doesn’t continue to get misused. I'm pretty sure Fives used one in space that one time but my point stands, you don't think ARC and go right onto thinking grapple hook. All the ARC used it in Legends material and even in the 2003 clone wars animated series. There were 100 AARC in total. Proportionally to the server there is a possible 15/85 players. 691,200,000 was the supposed size of the GAR. Who thought 15 slots was a good idea? This is a Gmod roleplay server. If we are going to be accurate in the amount of slots that each regiment should have, then 501st and 7th sky should have proportionally larger slot numbers and ARC should only have like 5? We don’t operate like normal regiments, we are here to improve other regiment’s standards if you are willing to receive our help. We are always open to train you IF you ask for it. In some forms of Lore, weren't Republic Commandos of an equal or higher standard than ARC? It would be an unrealistic change to switch them around or something, but getting this community to admit there's no reason to have ARC the way it is is my goal here. In lore 1 ARC is equal to 4 RC troopers. RC are better at working in squads while ARC are one man armies. Even if the lore of what you refer to are true, how do you suggest we go about this when RC squads are bought by shinies left and right at $40 a pop? There is no quality control on who can purchase RC squads, you can only become ARC if you go through the traineeship for an extended period if you pass the screenings that 30+ people are attempting in the first place. Why do they Pac3 themselves to be so much taller? WE ARE CLONES i.e we are identical in every aspect in a CLONE army. Sure you can be as genetically enhanced as possible, but extra training from jango and a lack of inhibition does not make you 3 feet taller. It looks ridiculous. As stated by the others, in lore they are physically larger and superior as they didn’t follow the same genetic template. It looks ridiculous when there are Jedi that don’t have PAC, however that doesn’t phase me and others. Overall you had interesting points that you addressed, and I hope I and the others were able to get across what I and ARC see.
  5. Others above me have already said all the necessary things about Ace. I am just here to show that as a current staff member I believe it would be great to have him back on the team. Easy +1 from me.
  6. You're great guy that could easily fit in with the staff team. I don't know how stern you would be when it comes to staffing situations but that can be easily explored if you are given the chance during the trial period. The formatting is easy on the eyes, you demonstrate an understanding of ULX and it's application in it's appropriate situations. I am going to be echoing Bobby's sentiment here and say that you should add more situations and possibly quotes to further demonstrate how you would approach varying situations in the scenarios. Other than that, it's an easy +1 from me.
  7. Vilkas

    Regiments Photo shoot

    Please do one for ARC that follows this template when you have the time, thank you
  8. Won't forget the time we traded surgery stories, sorry I couldn't do more Delta ops for you guys. Hope to you back on the server in the future gamer
  9. Your application is easy on the eyes and formatted nicely. Your knowledge of ULX is used appropriately in each of the situations which is also good to see. You are a dedicated member of the community when it comes to the RP of the server which could positively transfer over to the staff team. Only thing I would suggest is getting yourself out there more on teamspeak, I'm not sure about others but I personally have never had a proper conversation with you. Other than that, it's a +1 from me.
  10. I am going to have to parrot what everyone else has said before me, your aren't well known in the community, personally I have no idea who you are. So in your situation I would recommend going out there and interacting with more members of the community via the Teamspeak but in particular the server. Another key point is the way you deal with the situations are void of depth and are lacking grammatically and in formatting. I highly suggest you take a look at the other applications that are formatted out well that have been successful. When you look over these other successful applications you will find they expand upon the situations with multiple scenarios that could take place, as well as specifying ULX that would be appropriate for the situation. You have stated that you're 26 of age which I am assuming is truthful in this case, would mean that you're a mature individual which could prove to be very useful in the staff team. But for now I will be leaving it at a -1. This is subject to change depending on how you progress this application and making your presence known on the server and Teamspeak, good luck.
  11. I have been around Cappa in ARC for quite a while now and I can say that he possesses the qualities necessary for being on the staff team. He does minge with some folks time to time but who doesn't. He takes things seriously when necessary and is definitely confident enough for whatever he would have to face throughout his trial period. I think he could easily be whipped into shape to fit right in to the staff team. +1
  12. Really nice use of unique animations that aren't over the top. Good work mate +1
  13. I still remember some of your events back in 2016 when I first joined. I was surprised to see you were still part of the community after all this time when I came back this year. Thanks for all your effort you've put towards the server Aussi, you're a legend.
  14. Although this may be the case, I have checked your game time on your current steam account and you have only played 10 hours. If you joined a year ago, I would recommend you get to know the new community of players and experience more of the events before applying for EM.
  15. I may be mistaken, but did you not join the server this week? If I recall correctly, you're a level 10 shiny. If that is the case, I would highly recommend getting more hours on the server and participating in a lot of the events before applying for an EM position. You could be a veteran gateway gamer and I've just never interacted with you before. Good luck on your app.
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