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  1. You are very much able to see if someone joins I did not. I received two different DMs telling me I was banned, and why would I DM you, tell you, and sit in a cell for 10m to then DC? I said my dad would arrive earlier, he arrived.
  2. EDIT: There is proof that I said I had to go, I am unable to retrieve it as the mod who has it isnt replying to my dms,
  3. Your In-game Name: IC-1013 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nuvalin/ Your Steam ID: STEAM0:1:459670483 __ Who banned you? Kippy Length of the ban? 5 days Reason of the ban? MRDM, NITRP, DC to avoid punishment Why should we unban you? 1. The DC to avoid punishment is completely untrue, unsure if you have chat logs but you can see at about 3, I said "ps I've gtg soon" at about 3:20 I was given to the isb, I told him everything he needed to know, he found out, told him I had to leave, he said that's all good, I fully disconnecteded cause my dad arrived, another factor is why would I have went to kippy and told him everything if I was going to dc, or why would I sit in a cell for 10m to dc. The mass RDM, also not true, yes I killed people, in rp, and he chose not to warn anybody else involved (about 5 different people killed people), the 3rd reason, NITRP. Don't know where he got this from, he must've only asked his shock, legit everyone else involved enjoyed the scenario and could leave at their own free will. This was all written on mobile in the woolies parking lot, if you need any more info DM me Nuvalin#3235
  4. Your In-game Name: Nuvalin // DT-KR-07 Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nuvalin/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) 76561198879606695 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Vader Length of the ban? 4 days Reason of the ban? Player/Staff Disrespect Why should we unban you First and foremost, I apolgoise for calling kenobi a fuckwit and the 501st a wanker, I was out of line. But look, I had to sit through a 50 minute cadet training, I asked for a new trainer twice, I was denied three times, the 501st could've trained me, he didn't need to be oogling over the shock, how do I know this? A new person joined, instead of calling for a new trainer he went to see if they needed training, there were 3 trainers in that room. Obi-Wan-Kenobi, the Shock and the 501st, either of them could've trained me but said no, other trainers came in throughout, I asked to be swapped then as well with one of them, I was denied. I was stuck with a person who'd never trained in their life before and was quite frankly, incompetent as all hell, and someone who'd never played garrysmod before as the other person the shock was training. A training that normally takes 10 minutes took 50, I'd already been trained once on the server but got told to get retrained cause I had the "broken whitelist" this entire situation could've been avoided if I had just had my trainer swapped like I asked, and it wasn't due to lack of trainers, as when I went into OOC (bad choice on my part) I had several people offer to train me.
  5. 1. He legit didn't do anything to help at the start, he just said 'get retrained' so I did, I asked for a new trainer after we'd spent 10 minutes on the rules (ended up being closer to 20) I'm the one whos sitting in a cadet training for nearly an hour,
  6. I asked for a trainer several times at the start, before I went into general, kenobi said no and so did the 501st, like I've said to every other person, I have no issue with the shock, the shock was fine, its the poor reaction on the trial mod and the other trainers part, if they had just supplied me with a different trainer when I asked instead of me sitting with someone who'd never played gmod before and someone who'd never trained before we wouldn't be in this situation.
  7. Your In-game Name: 5260 Nuvalin Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nuvalin/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who are you reporting? Obi Wan Kenobi Why are you reporting them? hes a fuckwit, didnt give me a different trainer, i was in the same cadet training for close to 50 minutes What outcome do you wish to see? if someone wants a different trainer, supply it. there were 3 capable trainers in that room, yet i was stuck with the one whos first training it was and the other guy who has never played gmod before. Evidence (If possible):
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