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  1. Bean


    Hi ladies/gents, I joined the server when it first game out back long time ago. Was a previous staff member and arc captain. Glad to be back. just wanna know, what regiments are good and why?
  2. I would love to see this implemented, but like Tanker said, these things do lag the server sometimes and we can't risk it crashing the server. However, we will probably trial this later in the future!
  3. Bean

    It's Mini

    Welcome Mini to Gateway! Hopefully you enjoy! With ARC, just build up your reputation, do the simple things right and be respectful.
  4. Not bad, How's your situation though in Malaysia?!
  5. Late welcome to the forums, my dude!
  6. Re: Fiery's/Mereel's Moderator Application +1 Mature, responsible, calm. Would be a good staff member!
  7. +1 , Well it seems like people have seen two Kittirinas. I personally see you as a Mature and helpful member of the community. I have no problems with her and I haven't heard of any problems involving her.
  8. Thanks for the kind words Fiery! As a staff team, we always look to improve. However, we aren't quite perfect yet!
  9. +1, before ARC. I had little knowledge who you were. However, I've learnt he's mature, calm and quite wise. Would love to see him welcomed aboard the staff team!
  10. Welcome to the forums Cold!
  11. Bean

    Thank you all.

    Aussie, you're a great member of the community and have offered a lot. You consistently make good events for the server and that's hard to say. Don't worry about self-belief, I go through the same problem as you and many other people do. Talk to any of senior staff team if you need help. I talked to Graves a couple of days ago just about life and I learnt so much from that one conversation. Anyway, Aussie you're a valuable member to the staff team and don't forget that. I believe we should be the ones saying, Thank you! You work hard and we can see that! Don't ever give up Aussie.
  12. If Rex doesn't have a model with no helmet, I would be surprised. However, If you want to donate for a non-helmet character, you're welcomed to. However, I believe it should be for Commanders+. That's my opinion though. Anyway, thanks for bring it up Jamway!
  13. Yeah, having some technical issues. The Senior Staff know what's going on, we just don't know their plans yet. To the community, please be patient, we will get this fixed.
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