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  1. Link

    Ban appeal

    @Johan Nose Can you please unban me i am sorry
  2. Link

    Ban appeal

    @Johan Nose you are nothing but bias and have multiple times blamed me for being bullied in my tickets, you never are helpful and marked tickets as resolved when they werent because you didnt listen to my side. i was told i was allowed to do what i did last night. @Beatroottold me to report any bias admin and that is YOU. You ignored me multiple times yestarday trying to reach out about something. I said i came up with an RP idea of which i thought is allowed. I cant join the other imperial server and i dont care for clone war server.
  3. Link

    Ban appeal

    @Johan Nose banned me because i was roleplaying as an imposter captain at debrief accusing is as minging when it wasnt because I read the rules and it said for roleplay i can do these things. it normally results in a PK which is what i was expecting to happen. This server has been nothing but bias against me waiting for an oppurtunity to ban me and refuse to help me when i need it. i was stuck as a regular trooper which led me to getting in lots of trouble RP wise because i was bored and no staff tried to help me get in a reg. Banning me forever for the reason is wrong and johan is very bias against me as well as @Zia so its not fair. I am an active player and when im actually in a regiment i stay out of trouble alot more easier. @Zia as head admin is a bad choice becuase he got angry with me many times in tickets and everytime id make one against bullying they would just be mad and annoyed so i ended up just dealing with it on my own and led me getting in more trouble. I have been going through things too like on monday england lost the football and that made me sad all week so i didnt feel great when i was on playing gmod. I am sorry for putting pauldron on too much but I was bored so i wanted to be an imposter at debriefing as something to do and i thought it would be good RP. @Noc told me it was against the rules to put it on so i stopped for a moment and then thats where i came up with the idea to do a good RP reason behind it like zia said i can do. I am sorry to noc for not listening the first time i didnt get it was that serious. This is upsetting that you would ban me forever for this and i want to be unbanned. I might not be doing great on the server at the moment but i can improve with motivation like not being stuck in storm trooper all the time. I am autistic which isnt excuse for my abusive behaviour but when it comes to rules i struggle with alot and dont get when people are doing RP or ooc which also explains alot of tickets i placed not making sense. please unban me and maybe we can sort out me not having to be a regular storm trooper like a deal or something becuase star waars gmod is one of the only thing that makes me happy
  4. I am reporting the staff for this I want to kill my self over this, I worked very hard to improve my behaviour, ignore the bullying, which is exactly what I did for over a week straight. I always run into people being rude to me and the staff never control it. They give a warn and then it happens again and again. Nobody noticed that I tried to be better and to get improved except for @Johan Nose and who ever melba was. Today a few people were being generally toxic to me repeatedly and I was starting to have a really bad night and then I get kicked out of commandos even though I’ve made so many improvements with my behaviour on the server. I’m sorry that I can’t stay perfect when people keep digging at me for a reaction and then they start accusing me of stuff I never did. You guys all gang up on me as soon as I make any small mistake to use it against me and I feel like I have to leave garrys mod completely. I feel very depressed from this and I want to kill myself to be quite honest. The only nice people on the server that actually cared and saw me do good is @BuddyBear @Primal melba and sometimes @Johan Nose @Beatroot @Zia I find you 2 both personally not very nice or actually caring about my side of things or putting a stop to the bullying. Since you guys basically run the whole server I can’t do anything. maybe one day you will take it seriously when something bad happens to a player that has been pushed to their limits!
  5. Link

    Ban Appeal

    I was banned for a year due to “ disconnection to avoid rp “ @Beatroot @Zia Last night I had a chat with Johan and @Das_Yeet to prove I can be respectful and good on the server to possibly get my name Link back next Thursday. I had a lot of motivation and did exactly what was asked for. After the 8:30pm event last night it was around just after 10pm and at debrief my ID expired, so I ran all the way quickly to renew it, whilst this was happening my mum wanted me to get off the computer (that’s also why I was running around fast because I wanted to do the debrief quickly before bed) I renewed it and then a shock trooper was following me and he actually had shocked me with the shock things and I was confused, I guess he thought I may have been trying to run away? Anyways he was in the middle of telling me about giving me a ticket, a fine or something to pay and while that was happening my mum then came in my room and was telling me to get off right now. My character in game was frozen for probably about 2 minutes as I was AFK with my mother. I logged off thinking absolutely nothing of it because I legitimately had to leave and I didn’t think leaving in the middle of RP is going to get me in trouble, I couldn’t help having to leave. I come on just before and it says that I’ve been banned for a year by zia and I’m just so confused. I’ve been commended for my improvements in my behaviour on the server. I’ve worked on not reacting as much to what people say etc. and now I’ve been banned for a year because I had to get off my computer and I’m being accused “of disconnecting due to avoiding rp” I am genuinely sorry to the shock trooper if I had offended him and made him feel as though I was avoiding him. I have 30K credits, I can pay any fine, I have no issue with paying them. I just genuinely had to get off. I couldn’t even type that I had to get off because my mum was angry that I was still on and I take real life’s responsibilities first before a video game. I hope you can understand this and see that I’ve been trying to become a better person on the server and get rid of the bad reputation I have, and hopefully unban me because I really am confused by this. thanks, link.
  6. I should have also complained about my sit yesterday. I was arrested for 15 minutes and sent to a sit by Vertigo for this reason; climb swep tapping him ONCE on the way to debrief. It was in no way meant to harm him at all it was a brand new map rotation just after an event, I was excited running around happily and I tapped him and then he arrested me; and he told me he was sending me a sit for player abuse. I absolutely was shocked at this over exaggeration and foolish call. I don’t want to involve others but multiple people in /OOC were complaining about vertigo s choice saying things like “ come on man just leave him alone “ and “ let him go “ etc. yesterday’s incident was so little and it’s more evidence that people want to just pick on me over any small thing. The amount of tickets called on me is FURTHER evidence that people over anything little will put a ticket on me. Yes I called them minges and said stop? It’s nothing comparable to literally insulting someone. He was also making fun of my penis size. I even apologised to them after killing them and they said “ ok back to being judgmental again “. I was the bigger person until they pushed me to my limit. You’re just being even more bias now. I reported several tickets of bullying and tried defended myself. But it seems because I’m new and because of my past ban nobody will listen to me. @Johan Nose das said that I said they were minging , which they were. Telling someone to stop minging isn’t comparable to what they said. If you keep saying hurtful things to someone can you really be suprised when they finally snap. Yes I do think what I said was too far, but it would have never happened if they didn’t push my buttons after countless tries of me saying “ please stop “ “ please leave me alone “ they were in OUR training room.
  7. Hello this is TK-1802 LINK, I would like to report of bias among the moderators on the Imperial server I’m on. I have actively asked staff members to please help me with this bullying, and asked them to record to try and find evidence and help me. They told me they were “ there for me “. I recently got off a one day ban, and everytime I come online I do feel heavily targeted by certain people around me. Any small things someone can pull me up for, but not others, they will. I have been much more respectful and involving myself in RP actively, events, ive even been getting along with 16th medical, and shock a lot better. I did not start any disrespectful actions at all tonight. At around 10:15-10:30pm, the server had less then 15 people and some ISB members, I can’t remember their full names but it was BACON, and MACK. They were mingling in the 501st training room so I said stop, they started to call me illiterate, and just hurtful things in general. Captain Das was there the whole time, and after awhile I snapped at their behaviour and killed 3 of them. Keep in mind that the server was under 15 people, and I ALSO GOT KILLED by them ASWELL. At that point it was just a game even though I was upset by their rude remarks. They then challenged me to this duel and I lost. They started placing rubbish on me and they told me I’m illiterate and that’s just facts when I said “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE “ and “ STOP BULLYING ME “ they pushed my buttons and I finally exploded with some words like faggot and I did say kill yourself. The dueling continued with other members, multiple people were killing eachother. I DECIDED TO FILL IN A TICKET, about there pushing of my buttons. Baxton had answered my ticket and long story short, he said he was giving me a one week ban after seeing the messages I said, EVEN THOUGH I actually reported the ticket because they had started this incident ENTIRELY. I requested das as a witness to tell him that they started it, which he did. But baxton chose their side over mine and overlooked their RDMING, he overlooked their player abuse towards me that happened long long before I snapped and insulted them back. When someone is being actively bullied, and then they snap and reach out for help, and as a result the person being bullied gets banned for snapping. It just seems so wrong and hurtful. I actually cried at this behaviour because I had been so good tonight on the server. I even received some compliments from 2 moderators on my good behaviour. I had no desire to hurt anyone, or break RP rules. It makes me feel very worthless when I get punished for snapping back at bullies. Ever since I’ve been unbanned people have tried to get me in trouble and Many 501st members have witnessed them doing this. I believe a moderator even had a recording but this isn’t the point. I just wanted people to leave me alone. These guys who rdmed me and bullied me walk free while I am banned for snapping back at them. . @Beatroot @Zia ( I don’t know Baxtons username )
  8. Link

    Ban Apeal

    Well I honestly wasn’t serious actually, I had a hard time realising how serious things were I’ve e never been in an RP server before, I didn’t really grasp the fact it was as serious as it was until you guys brought up a ban and I started panicking. It’s not really like my character to act that way, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and it led me to being easily triggered and I snapped. I did feel overwhelmed by all of the mods and everyone there saying things to me. Not to blame things on autism but I actually couldn’t tell if things were serious or sarcasm/RP acting. The server helped me escape from personal issues I’ve been suffering and the only real active imperial RP server I could join is that one. Me being new to GMOD isn’t an excuse for the things I said but I did have trouble understanding some of the RP rules and the level of how serious things were. I take responsibility for what I said and I apologise to those I hurt, vortex, you and Beetroot, I didn’t mean to offend people and the hostile remarks I made we uncalled for. If I could please be unbanned atleast even for a trial to prove that I can be better I would be grateful. I was looking forward to playing on the server this weekend.
  9. Link

    Ban Apeal

    ok, i updated, i do not know what a steam id is
  10. Link

    Ban Apeal

    ok done
  11. Link

    Ban Apeal

    Your In-game Name: TK-1802 'Link" Your Steam Profile Link: Gloopdayoink or Gloopylink Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:574144205 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Acolyte Bardos Length of the ban? Perm Reason of the ban? Player Abuse & Staff disrespect Why should we unban you? I shot someone by mistaken identity and felt terriosed and overwhelmed by mods, i also felt targeted. Ive been dealing with personal stuff and am also brand new to GMOD, i got it last week. I will not say anymore slurs, i was acting overwhelmed and unacceptable.
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