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  1. Amazing, you can definitely tell effort was put into making this. Cant wait to see episode 2
  2. For a very long time you were known as a minge and never quite took Gateway seriously, however as anyone that has spent time with you or even just interacts with you recently can tell, that has changed. You've made great strides in repairing your reputation and have become a positive member of the community, offering help to anyone that asks and even stepping up and volunteering for things such as event characters when possible. I've personally had the pleasure of doing civilian RP with you in the past and you always make it interesting, both for the troops and us civilians. Your ability to construct scenarios and keep it going smoothly is amazing and I cant wait to see what you can do as an EM +1
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Yuun Calfan Known Alias’/Nicknames: Yuun Previous Occupation: Jedi initiate Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic basic Hobbies: dueling, flying Alignment: Jedi order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: dueling, deltas, training Dislikes: CIS, sith, leaping Personality: Guarded, standoffish PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 15 Weight: 75kg Build: 5’9 Disabilities: None Appearance: Blue skin, yellow eyes, white hair, small white facial markings symbolizing his family JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): None Lightsaber details: Basic hilt 1, blue blade Combat style: Form 5 (Shien) BACKSTORY Childhood Yuun Calfan was born and raised on the moon Pantora with his father Aurren Calfan. Aurren would spend a lot of time with Yuun growing up, noticing that Yuun could do things other children his age couldn't, he took much pride in his son and constantly bragged to his coworkers. As he grew up, Aurren would spend less and less time with Yuun as he had to go off world for work, during this time alone Yuun would often build model ships and fly them around using the force, Yuun wasn’t sure how or why he had these abilities, all he knew was that if he concentrated really hard, he could move things around without touching them. Coming to the Order Yuun aspired to one day fly a ship and would constantly beg his father to take him with him whenever he went offworld, one day Aurren caved and agreed to take Yuun on one of his shorter, less dangerous jobs. As they boarded the ship Yuun was greeted by the various members of his fathers crew; they had all worked with Aurren for many years and built a deep trust for one another. Throughout the trip Yuun began to sense an unsettling feeling aboard the ship, worsening by the hour until eventually it became too much for Yuun, he had no clue what he was sensing but it was agonizing, causing his mind to become foggy. The sound of blaster fire tore through the air, putting Yuun on alert, ripping him from his daze as he saw his father rushing towards him, followed soon after by his crew, who seemed to be the cause of the commotion. The scene left Yuun confused, leaving him stunned until his father ran past, grabbing his arm and forcing him to follow. His father explained as they ran that his crew had heard of Yuun’s abilities due to his fathers bragging and had devised a plan to take Yuun, selling him and making them rich in the process. Without warning Aurren stopped, forcing Yuun into a nearby escape pod and swiftly ejecting it, running off yet again, followed yet again by his crew. Yuun watched as his fathers ship quickly grew smaller and smaller in the distance, a small explosion of light confirming to Yuun that his father was gone. Yuun drifted in that pod for what seemed like days, just waiting for something to happen, not knowing if he would survive, suddenly he began to feel something, a connection of sorts, growing closer by the minute. A jedi knight by the name of Val, returning from a mission had sensed Yuun’s distress and come to his aid. Realizing he was force sensitive, the knight made the decision to bring Yuun back to the Jedi Temple, saving him and granting him a chance to rebuild his life. Time as a Jedi Yuun’s apprehensiveness to interact with the other order members became very apparent during his time as an initiate, opting to avoid most of the order other than a few other initiates he took a liking to during their training and the knight who had saved him. Yuun would often be found training, both in dueling and leaping, quickly taking a liking to dueling and devoting himself to the pathway of the Jedi Guardian, wanting the strength to do what Val had done for him and save those in need. Over time Yuun would notice his own shortcomings, realizing his commitment to dueling had caused other aspects of his training to suffer, he sought to find a master to learn under, eventually coming under the tutelage of Master Varen Kusovai. RELATIONSHIPS Aurren Calfan - father Master Varen Kusovai - Helped him improve in his training, is a great mentor Auros - Trained together often, completed their gathering together Commander Val - Saved him and introduced him to the life of a Jedi Astorath - Often duel, helping improve one another Grognak - Often came to him for advice during his time as an initiate Gorf - Helped him adjust to life in the order Margherita - Helped him adjust to life in the order, trained together often Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend
  4. 41st Application Name: Gaia Age: (optional): 19 Current positions: Staff Sergeant, 91st Highest Rank achieved: Staff Sergeant Position you want: Ranger company CO Why do you want this position?: -I think this position could be a great chance to further my leadership abilities -I believe this position will allow me to more fully explore the roleplay aspects of reconnaissance -I enjoy playing in a recon / marksman role and think 41st is the perfect fit -41st has always been one of my favorite regiments and I have friends that also intend to join What can you bring to the regiment and what will make people interested in joining the sub-regiment if you become co?: -Almost the entirety of my time on Gateway Gaming has been spent as an ARF so I know how they operate both in a reconnaissance and marksman capacity, I believe I'd be able to effectively lead the ranger company both in and out of the field due to that experience. -I feel that I'm very good at creating a welcoming and fun environment within a regiment and resolving any conflict between people that may come up to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves, I find that when people are having a good time they perform better and are more active. -I'm extremely active, I usually play 8+ hours a day and try to put that time to good use, between events I typically spend my time either building new training courses or hosting training for my troops to help both them and myself improve. I feel that the long amount of time I play helps boost both player moral and activity within a regiment as people are usually more willing to stay online and participate when there's someone else online to provide them with something to do. -During my free time, I like to create new training courses to help anyone in my current regiment improve, if selected for Ranger company CO I would be willing to put in the time to make courses especially for my troops so they are able to challenge themselves and remain engaged in the server for longer
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