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  1. 1. Use any type of recording software to clip your demonstrations. 2. Navigate to the YouTube website, and make sure you are signed in. 3. Go to the top right of your web page and select the video camera icon. Then from the drop-down menu select the 'Upload Video' option. 4. Follow the self explanatory steps and finish the upload. Once complete, get the link to your own video, and paste it into your application where appropriate. Your video(s) will automatically embed into the post. Hope this helped
  2. I'm pretty sure Nay and Akali already made a really slick design but it was tossed out, would like to see their work in comparison to this proposal. May prove to be what we're looking for.
  3. hey man this post is 82 days old!!! you're going to make the lords of the forums angry.. tread carefully noobling..
  4. Knight Margherita would love to verse you in dejarik
  5. Hey Leaper, You've proven to be a good person and a good supporting role within the 501st. Here's some feedback/food for thought from a non-moderator, so take it with a grain of salt. -You're very new to the server. You currently have amazing activity, but at this rate you may run into the issue of 'burn-out.' -From reading your application I get the feeling that you may perceive the 'Moderator' role as primarily a police force. While it is definitely true, it is important to understand that the job has another massive aspect - assisting players in all ways. 80% of all tickets are "Give tools," or some completely redundant or self explanatory question. Essentially, it's very tedious and the actual percentage of time that is 'stopping rulebreakers' may be much less than you think. -I understand that writing a long application like this is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'd suggest chucking it in 'Grammarly' or even a 'Microsoft Word' document in-order to fix the small mistakes. Some of the sentences lose their meaning, or sound like you were about to make a point but it got cut off? Not too sure, but a proof-read might be worth it - just to show another level of effort. -I urge you to include alternative solutions to each problem. While you do answer the questions, a deeper level of understanding can be shown by explaining what you would do in multiple variants of the situation. -I rarely see you team-speak with others! A moderator is expected to mesh well with the community, and act to support it in everyway. Thus, the community may favour applicants which are more involved and show the motivation to meet the players outside of the server. By knowing the player-base rather well you inherently make it easier for yourself and players to communicate with each other - knowing people makes solving problems 100x easier. You'd also get the chance to meet your potential future staff-team buddies, which will give you insight into how they behave and how you mesh with the existing members. Essentially, put yourself out there and don't be afraid to talk to other people in-game and in TeamSpeak. -Not going to comment on the use of ULX and punishments as I am not qualified for that, but expect some other replies to clarify any issues/improvements that could be made regarding those. Overall, I think you're a cool guy with some possible potential - but you should get your feet wet in the community first. Will rest on a neutral but I wish you the best with your application!
  6. Hey Taiga, here's some personal feedback from a non-moderator so take it with a grain of salt. First of all, your application is well written and formatted. Good work :)! I have seen you since you first joined the server and can say at the start of your play-time in Shock, you were arrest happy to say the least. This was probably due to lack of experience or understanding that arresting players for an accident or a small mistake when there is less than 10 players on is not really a good look, and does show some power-trippy vibes. Since then, I have seen a massive improvement in your overall demeanour. You are constantly building some creative dupes for people to interact with in passive RP hours, and I see you being a solid member of Shock. You have started to branch yourself out more in terms of using your mic, talking to more people and interacting but I would highly recommend you hang-out in TeamSpeak if you haven't already. Pop around to everyone's channel on the daily, meet new people and most importantly get to know the people you may be lucky enough to work with in the future. Just be careful while your application is up, especially regarding your new-found EC slot - as there's been multiple instances now where you've been caught out of line. Regardless of how minor the offense or your opinion on the rules, you as an aspiring Moderator should know to walk on egg-shells while you go for trial. Overall I think you are a nice person that may be capable for the role, but would like for you to branch out more socially and involve yourself a little more in the community. That said, my opinion is neutral, good luck with your application.
  7. Hey Spida, here's some personal feedback from a non-moderator so take it with a grain of salt. Starting off, your application is excellently worded and formatted neatly - great work, clearly a lot of time spent on this. After your 2 week LOA due to school and the disbanding of your regiment, you have came back very strong. You lead Delta Squad with a fiery passion and great activity which is awesome to see. On top of this, your lengthy time as an Officer in 13th has not been forgotten - you had a very positive effect on that regiment, on all accounts. Your long and growing play time on the server shines through as you deepen your understanding of what players expect and want from a Commander. This will be extremely helpful for you as Moderators need to understand the demands of the players in-order to help them. I encourage you to use your mic more in-game, as you should present yourself as someone that people who need help can come talk to. Besides that, I have seen you in TeamSpeak literally everyday, even during your LOA which is very good but do not be afraid to join staff filled channels! Although you have made a huge improvement in this area, I still see you sometimes missing big opportunities to spend time with the team. I have to make this point very clear, the reason people want you to talk more in TeamSpeak is simply because they want to see what type of person you are, and if you'll mesh well with the current team. (Which you will, you just need to prove it!) You're definitely a positive light on the community, but you could expand your effect immensely by simply being more talkative, as hard as that may sound. I believe you are well-suited for the role, you show an excellent level of maturity, never getting in any trouble. You're a great wholesome guy, with good intentions and a dedicated mind-set. I strongly believe you will have a positive effect on the community if given this role, and will be leaving a huge +1. Good luck on your application
  8. mans doesn't like clone troopers who sacrifice their pure-hearted lives for the republic, and to the jedi everyday
  9. Domino

    Hello all

    Glad to have you onboard, Lord Fear
  10. The 'Coruscant Times' Newsletter Anaxes 27/08/2021 Published, Reported and Edited by: Valentino's Today's Headlines The 41st Repair Corps are back in action "Yeah look, it's a great day to get out and get the sweat on ya know?" -Unknown 41st soldier. The 41st took no time off, spending most of the day repairing a combat-damaged tank. Under super-vision of their Jedi counterparts, they started with the fuel supplies, and moved to the rotary blasters with relative ease. Great to see the Republic has some hard working repairmen on the field, the Anaxes base is in good hands. ARC - Adding to the Republic Controversy! "Yeah that'll be 100 credits. Don't think you understand how this works, you are paying us." -ARC Commander 'Nexoit.' The Advanced Recon Commando's have recently taken an input of trainees to accomplish a one month trial. These trainees were seen travelling as a pack, following their Commander like lost puppies. Hopefully they grow to think for them selves and serve the Republic for the greater good in the coming months. RSB Keeping the base safe! "Let me out I didn't do anything!" -Engineer 'Roo.' The Republic Security Bureau, in combination with Shock had a relatively calm day. A few arrests were made, one being the detainment of an Engineer for building without the appropriate permit. The Engineers have become increasingly angry towards the base security as time has went on, you can definitely expect some more news from those bunch! Jedi creating more than magic! "Billie Jean is not my lover... she's just a girl, that claims that I was the one.." - Jedi Master 'Luminara Unduli.' The Jedi were deployed to partake in fighter training, with the likes of Delta's, LAAT's, ARC-170's and more. However, while Grand Master Yoda was setting it up - the Jedi took no time in setting up a karaoke night. They sung the likes of Michael Jackson, and The Kooks creating an amazing atmosphere for those involved - they should start a choir! Weather Report Anaxes looked particularly sunny today! The skies glowed a bright orange-maroon, a wonderful sight to see! On the Western side of the planet it was partially cloudy during the day but has since calmed down. The predictions for tomorrow indicate a similar forecast, however there will likely be more clouds and a small possibility of a sun-shower. Troopers should look forward to an eclipse that will occur within the next 35 rotations, in-which Anaxes will be perfectly placed between it's orbiting moons - creating an atmospheric sky seen once every decade, don't miss it! Politics There is no 'hot' controversary in the politics scene at this time. There was a large movement supporting troopers in becoming Republic Chef's, however this was quickly dismissed by RHC as it was not in the budget. On another note, the push to allow 'Ewok, and Jawa's' to become Jedi has simmered down. Hopefully next week cooks up some more points of debate as there is currently nothing else to report. Follow this newsletter to keep updated on the 'Coruscant Times' red hot takes, live coverage from the ground and behind the scenes scoops! See you tomorrow!
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    epic funny
  12. A TISM Project Authored by: Grand Admiral Domino Edited by: Grand Admiral Domino Compiled by: Grand Admiral Domino Published: 25th of August 2021 Abstract This informative investigation will delve into one of Gateways most consequential topics: Passive RP. Most importantly, attempt to present viable solution to the to-be mentioned problem. This essay will use evidence in the form of credited researchers, world class chefs, basic logic, anecdotal experiences and community retrospect in-order to affirm the proposal: "Gateway should implement a new passive RP regiment: Clone Chef's." Discussion of evidence Players constantly have nothing to do 1. In light of the new EXP system, players have been going AFK ["Away from keyboard"] more than ever. While the primary objective of this is to garner experience points, and credits - adding a new, interesting passive RP element will directly combat this. It will provide players with a new experience, something to learn that requires the utmost of skill and dedication. Cooking is no easy task, countless hours must be poured in to perfect the art, and Gateway will be no exception. If Clone Chef's are implemented, there will be no AFK players at 4 am - instead, early morning cooking parties. Expansion of passive RP 2. Currently, Gateway's passive RP is one dimensional. Players often sit out of them due to the pure staleness. The one scenario that players always show interest in is when restaurants, or food stands are run. This is simply due to the natural human desire and interest in food. Without food, humans would die, and thus it is highly attractive to the player-base. By adding Clone Chef's to the server, it would expand the current RP opportunities ten fold, allowing for more intriguing gameplay and overall a more interested player-base. Another avenue for skill development 3. It is no secret that Gateway hinges its skill-based training and testing on 'climbswep.' Alternatively, some RP and lore knowledge- but significantly less. Players with bad computers, mice or desk space simply cannot compete with the tests provided. Imagine being a player loading onto Gateway, trying to join your favourite regiment and being denied simply because your mouse cannot turn fast enough. It is this premise that so easily allows for the implementation of a solution - Clone Chef's. If this regiment was added, it would give players without the physical appliances required for 'climbswep' a chance to develop their skills in another area. Players would be able to dedicate their time towards something learnable, that isn't tech demanding thus allowing for an overall happier player-base. Different religions need to be accommodated 4. Gateway is meant to be an inclusive space for all - but on many occasions it is not. There are countless religions that do not allow the consumption of hotdogs, or burgers but in almost all current cooking RP - these are the only foods used. This is highly offensive, and must cease immediately. Vegan, or vegetarian players also have no viable avenue to RP in these scenarios simply due to their personal choice, and Gateways poor diversity in RP. By adding the Clone Chef regiment, this issue would be circumvented by having all types of food available to the players. This would create a significantly more inclusive environment which benefit the health of the player-base. Cannon 5. Clone Troopers are the direct scientific reproduction of the humanoid "Jango Fett." Both Jango Fett, and the Clones consume food and drink. On Gateway, although many days go by, and countless missions - troopers are rarely served food or drink. This is extremely harmful to the integrity of the RP on the server, making it almost unplayable. This can easily be fixed by implementing this regiment. The people want it 6. Attached is a survey completed of 27 people with no prior persuasion or input. This pie chart alone indicates the massive need for this to be implemented as soon as possible. Solution Proposal The answer to these issues is clear - the addition of a regiment known as "Clone Chef's." This regiment would be comprised of the utmost elite, being on par with or surpassing ARC in terms of skill required. Chef's would be required to have advanced cooking knowledge, prepare meals in an efficient manner and serve players without writing down their order. The regiment takes inspiration from both the A-ARC and B-ARC systems. Each regiment would elect their 2 most promising cooks, and they would be sent to the Clone Chef screening. The screening would be 6 hours long and conduct various cooking tests, eliminating those that are not elite - nor show potential to grow as a chef. For those that pass the screening, a gruelling 1 month traineeship would begin. In-which, countless trainings, tests, and cooking will be done in-order to weed out any non-dedicated members. Once that phase is over, players will be moved into the regiment itself. Much like the B-ARC program, players in the Clone Chef's would be allowed to remain in their regiment, however have additional body groups which allow them to switch into their chef gear at any time. The only exception to this would be the head chef, and executive chef who would remain outside of any normal regiment in-order to dedicate their full time to managing the Clone Chef's. Structure Ranks - Equivalent Rank - Cooldown Executive Chef - Field Commander - Chef Council Decision Head Chef - Battalion Commander - Chef Council Decision Deputy Chef - Colonel - 40 Days Station Chef - Major - 35 Days Senior Chef - Captain - 30 Days Junior Chef - Lieutenant Captain - 18 Days Kitchen Porter - Lieutenant 1st Grade - 15 Days Kitchen Connoisseur - Lieutenant 2nd Grade - 12 Days Kitchen Mate - Lieutenant - 10 Days Kitchen Assistant - 2nd Lieutenant - 9 Days Ingredient Manager - Warrant Officer - 8 Days Ingredient Fetcher - Master Sergeant - 7 Days Ingredient Planner - Gunnery Sergeant - 7 Days Utensil Connoisseur - Drill Sergeant - 6 Days Utensil Manager - Staff Sergeant - 5 Days Utensil Cleaner - Sergeant - 4 Days Utensil Collector - Specialist - 3 Days Chef Trainee - Private - 30 Day Traineeship Role Responsibilities [Refer to the colour coordinated ranks above] Yellow - Managing the Chef's at the highest level, issuing the most significant punishments and addressing the largest issues. Conducting all of the necessary behind the scenes 'paper work.' Red - Directly in charge of the Kitchen staff, making sure their standards are high and that they are competent teachers. Act upon anything the leadership requires, doing some 'hands on work.' Blue - Assists the Chef's in teaching the green ranks, acting as role models for aspiring troopers. In-charge of teaching the ground work and handling small issues at the lower ranks. Green - Upcoming cook that needs to take in as much as possible from the higher ups, study the relevant material and attend the assigned training sessions. White - Act competently, and show dedication to the process. Study the relevant materials, attend training and take in all advice from other cooks. Body Groups [Refer to the colour coordinated ranks above] Yellow - Chef toque, spatula on waist, white button up shirt, black long trousers, black/brown adjustable moustache, black/brown adjustable beard, all hair. Red - Chef toque, whisk on waist, white button up shirt, black long trousers, black/brown adjustable moustache, black/brown adjustable beard, all hair. Blue - Chef skull cap, silver spoon on waist, grey button up shirt, grey long trousers, black/brown adjustable moustache, black/brown adjustable beard, all hair. Green - Hair net, ingredient packet on waist, fork on waist, light grey shirt, light grey trousers, all hair. White - Hair net, white shirt, white trousers, all hair. Kits Yellow - weapon_fists, gg_sw_m57, Spatula, fork, knife, spoon, egg beater, whisk, oven, stove, frying pan, cooking oil Red - weapon_fists, gg_sw_m57, Spatula, fork, knife, spoon, egg beater, whisk, oven, stove, frying pan, cooking oil Blue - weapon_fists, gg_sw_m57, spoon, fork, knife, egg beater, whisk, frying pan, cooking oil Green - weapon_fists, gg_sw_dt12, spoon, fork, whisk White - weapon_fists, gg_sw_dt12, spoon Trainee Phase As the trainee's are undertaken for over a month, multiple tests will be conducted along the way to measure and standardize the process. There first test will be creating {REDACTED} with only a few {REDACTED}. After completing this test, another examination will be done to assess their {REDACTED} capabilities. Finally, a strenuous {REDACTED} test will be completed to assure {REDACTED} is up to par. In between these tests there will be advanced training ran by the most elite Chef's available. These trainings will attempt to make the trainees well informed to the point that the tests should be significantly easier then they might have initially imagined. It is an important value of the trainee phase to learn, and be disciplined. A final {REDACTED} evaluation of each trainees {REDACTED} will determine if they pass or fail the phase. Trainees will not be put against each other directly in any way, they will only have to compete against the processes put before them. Addons https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/cook - Lot's of food verities, stove, pot, gas, oven. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/acm-advanced-cooking-mod-the-first-complete-and-realistic-food-addon - Blender, frying pan, pots, stove, limitless food, everything needed. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/1701 - Many basic ingredients, stove, oven, frying pan, melding system. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/1083 - Basic foods and drinks, purchasable. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/4965 Fruits, vegetables, cutting availabilities. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5184 - Pizza making, ovens, stove, etc. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/6018 - Delivery packaging Commission Cost $300 AUD - Including addition to server fee. $300 AUD - Custom addons/mounting/deveoplment. $400 AUD - Persuading Snickers fee. $1000 AUD - Persuading s8n fee. $1000 AUD - Persuading Buck fee. $3000 AUD - Overall cost. Chef Council Much like the Jedi, the most elite members of the Clone Chef's will be invited to join the Chef Council. The council will decide the overall operations of the regiment, and manage the changes for it. They will cooperate in addressing staff issues, player punishment, regimental direction and yellow rank promotions. Exclusions from the menu Due to the volatile nature of the ingredient, pineapple will be permanently banned from use - and possibly a custom request to remove it from the addons could be made, although the budget would need to be adjusted to accommodate this edit. For a deeper explanation of this topic please refer to the post: Closing Statement This regiment provides the peak of passive RP oppurtunities. It allows for hundreds of people to experience joy, and new interesting RP both through directly partaking in the program, or being served food. Visuals
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