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  1. I Mean i do but sure becuase i do mean it just yea idk? first time ban apple
  2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Russia Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198438137193 Your Steam ID (Find it here) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198438137193 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Pab? Not sure Length of the ban? Perma Reason of the ban? MRDM Why should we unban you? At the time there was a monster out brake thing i other laats were doing the same were we just opening fire ect like Snickers was also firing rockets and a rsc pilot and everything so i also belive that Head Staff Pab Also Accused Me Of Lying In Several Sits when i forgot a a singel part and Yea Also i would like to come back to gateway cuz i have no life tbh and im sorry lol :() and im bored to
  3. -1 what gecko said an a few people have no clue who you are sorrry man going to -1 the app
  4. Russiaa


    hi how r u guys also im gonna do a new rp thing as a civ a new civ "gang" dm me if your intresed
  5. Im Bored What do i do
  6. -1 Look Ive Found that you caused me to crash alot of times im not hapy anymore about this im supportive of you but serriously? it doesnt seem like your holding the bar for the head admin
  7. Horn Company Leadership Hosting Q/A At 63O On The 16TH Be There We Might To Pre Release Tryouts And Will Be Answering Ever Question About Leadership And Horn And Myself Or The 2IC/3IC
  8. Application Format Name: Russia Age: (Optional) 14 Discord: (so you can be contacted) Russia#3921 Current positions: Jedi Commander/Horn.CO/Banned. Highest rank achieved: SGT Position you want: SGT Why do you want this position? A Fun Experince As Ive seene alot of regs to good and bad and hope that i can support 612th while i become one if this is accepted also ive hard alot about these posions and would love to join and help as much as i can even though my rep is bad id like to be given a shot What can you bring to the regiment and how will you provide interest for others to either join your sub reg or join the regiment? Id Like To Provide Intreset By Doing Excting Mini Events Coronating Specilixed Traing And Just Be There To Support And Help Also Id Like To See This REG Grow so i can attempt to make sure i dont [REDACTED] up horn company as i dont want to loose it if you have more questions dm me
  9. CGI Or Russia Will Disaprove
  10. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 #... Top Secret Initiated # ... Access granted to Naval Database Dark Odin Log 1 Project Dark Odin Test Has Been Well The Prototype Of The [REDACTED] Has Been Successfully Integrated Into Testing Objectives All Integrations Test Have Been Successful. [REDACTED] Containers Are Needing Higher Container Procedures Due To High Energy Readings And [REDACTED] Readings Are Increasing During Containment. A [REDACTED] Team Has Taken Files From Navy Headquarters At Coursant But Security Forces Stopped Him And Secured The Files The Data Taken Was From Project Dark Odin And Project Electro Security Protocols Are Being Raised Due To The Recent Breach Of Security. Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> Senior Crewman Soviet"More Security Is need people must know of what we are doing." [REDACTED] "Yes Sir Security For Your Project Will Be Increased"
  11. Russia Dosent Really Aprovee Get Your Activitcy Up DM ME if you want some detailed feeback -1
  12. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 #... Top Secret Initiated # ... Access granted to Naval Database Project Dark Odin Project Dark Odin Will Use [REDACTED] To Attempt To Boost Power [REDACTED] Power Signature Is Above Normal Ratings The Integration Of [REDACTED] And Its Power Source Into Turbo Lasers And Shielding Will Be Attempted On Venator Defiance. [REDACTED] Is Produced From The Main Hyper Matter Generator And Contained In [REDACTED] The Power Source Its Going To Be Integrated into the venators systems [REDACTED] Will Be Contained Till We Reach Base Anaxes And Testing Will Occur Then.
  13. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 #... Top Secret Initiated # ... Access granted to Naval Database Project Electro Final Log Intel Indicates That CIS Forces Had Been Heavy Disabled From Operation Invisible Hand A NSF Strike Team Had Infiltrated A Hostile Compound And Successfully Planted And Activated The EMP The Prototype Had Successfully Taken Out The Heavy Storage Facility And The Main Compound 442nd Siege Battalion Had Successfully Surrounded The Area Of Operations As Moved In With Only 5 Casualties Due To Organic Hostiles 442nd Had Identified That No Hostile Droids Were Active And Were Fully Disabled [REDACTED] Intel States The CIS Admiralty Who Were Currently In Orbit Above Saleucami Had No Clue What Happened And Assumed The Republic Just Bombed The Compound And Destroyed It. RHC Had Overachieved The Estimated Goals And They Are Now Attempting To Produce On A Higher Scale RSWD Provided [REDACTED] To Attempt Mass Production For An Attempt To Mass Activate Amongst CIS Factory Planets Intel RHC Has Now Fully Activated Project Electro The Project Is Sadly Not In Republic Engneries Hands Anymore As RSWD And RHC Will Be Taking Over The Project Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> Major General Snickers "Soviet... You've Done Well We Will Be Moving The Project Into Full Activation And Attempted Mass Production" Senior Crewman Soviet "Vert Well Major General I will begin on [REDACTED] Once" Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> Senior Crewman Soviet "Director Bright The Project Is Your Transfer Codes Are [REDACTED]" [RSWD] Director Bright "Soviet RSWD Thanks You For You Work" ................................................................................................................................................................................................................... (OOC) This Project Has Ended I will be begin another project soon when the time is right and also when i get an idea If Anyone Of Any Regiment Wishes To Start Something Like This Up DM Me Or Talk To Me Ingame...
  14. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 #... Top Secret Initiated # ... Access granted to Naval Database Project Electro Log 2 Naval Forces Picked Up Cargo From [REDACTED] On Coursant NSF Forces Provided Escort To Naval Command Center Were Two Fully Armed EMPs Were Finished RHC Major General Snickers Has Been Informed Of The Project We Moved To Anaxes For EMP Deployment Testing NSF Forces Will Escort Us To RSWD Compound Or Another Outpost And Reprogrammed Droids Will Be Deployed For Testing And EMP Will Be Fully Deployed At Anaxes Report Will Continue At Anaxes Estimates Report That The EMP Will Work Perfectly Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> Senior Crewman Soviet "Its Ready We Will Be Testing It At Anaxes" {REDACTED} "Very Well My Cover Was Nearly Blown Though I Think They Suspect That I've Leaked The Cargo And Intel" Senior Crewman Soviet "My Friend You Defection Was Covered They Shouldn't Know About It" [REDACTED] "Well They DO Ugh.... Im Sorry I've Just Grown Tired Of All This Spy Work" Senior Crewman Soviet "Thanks I have to go now.."
  15. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 #... Top Secret Initiated # ... Access granted to Naval Database Log 1 Of Project Electro The EMP Has Been Successfully Created NSF Will Be Assisting In Project Test And Deployment RSWD Has Provide A Power Source Sufficient For Project Electro A Hypermatter Generator That Fits Inside The EMP Current Secrecy Of This Project Is Of The Utmost Importance So CIS Forces Cant Prepare For A Full Use Against Them As EMP Resistant Devices Can Be Mass Implanted On The CIS Droids Naval Special Forces Has Taken A [REDACTED] File From [REDACTED] During Operation Fallen Wind. 21 [REDACTED] Were Found Powering The Main Compound NSF Forces Identified Them An Destroyed 10 Of The [REDACTED] And Took 11 For Project Electro Venator Defiance Is Currently Transporting [REDACTED] To [REDACTED] Troopers Under Clearance [4] Do Not Know Anything About Project Electro Commanders Have A Redacted Version Of It For Naval Secrecy RHC Has A Full Database Due To There Rank Major General Snickers Current Commander Of Detachment Gateway Will Be Informed Soon Engineers Have Started On Project Electro Using Power From The Venators Reactor Core Aswell The Possible Integration Of A Chemical Enhancement Of The Power Supply To Compact An Energy Source To Attempt To Boost Power Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> [REDACTED] "Sir We Have The {REDACTED] 11 Of Them All Ready For Project Electro" Senior Crewman Soviet "Very Good Keep Working We Need More Supply's But Your Doing Well We Don't Want To Mess Up There Are To Many Cards At Play To Risk is RHC Has Every Eye On Us They Need It" [REDACTED] "Yes Sir Our Secrecy Will Be Kept" Senior Crewman Soviet "Very Well" #...Signing Out #... Secure Sign Out CL 5+ EYES ONLY
  16. Russiaa

    Ban Appeal

    +1 For Unban Seems Legit
  17. # ... Entering alias Soviet # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 1512 # ... Top Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Naval Database :Project Electro: Project Electro Will Consist Of The Use And Exploitations Of Electro magnetic Pulse Weapons AKA Emps Test Will Be Conducted At Various Bases To Test Effectiveness Against CIS Forces Due To The Rise Of Losses The GAR Has Taken In The Outer Rim. Command Requested An Investigation Into the Reverse Engineered CIS EMP That Reversed Weapon had its first deployment an the Goals Were Reached 1X Munis Was Execute Will A Small EMP With Low Power Activate Naval Command Has Authorized A Full Investigation Of The Abilities Of A Stronger EMP Weapons And A More Efficient One To Stop The CIS From Destroying Our Attempts At The Outer Rim Sieges. RSWD Assistance Will Be Requested Due To There Knowledge Of High Damage Weapons. Loading...... <<DATAPAD LOGISTICS : COMMUNICATIONS>> M.Judah "Senior Crewman Soviet Green Light Has Been Given Initiate Project Electro" Soviet "Yes Sir I Will Get To Work Right Away" FOR COMMAND/RHC Eyes Only THIS WILL BE ON GOING RP FOR NC
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