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  1. Gonna miss ya lad, had fun speaking with you, feel free to hmu on discord at any time. Much love, Spritz
  2. Loved having you in 13th. You're good fun and a good friend.
  3. Utterly ridiculous Since it's conception, pineapple on pizza has been attacked by small minded individuals and pizza "purists" who can't deviate from the regular convention. Your argument of pineapple being on pizza not being ordinary, thus making it not a pizza, is severely flawed. Time and time again we see things that are not traditional become the norm, and this is no exception. As for Mr. Ramsay's statement, while I and many others respect him as a chef, his opinion does not outweigh the many that agree that pineapple does belong on pizza. In addition, the graph included that you state comes from a survey conducted by yourself does not support your argument, as you have not provided the raw data, hinting that the results were influenced by personal bias. The fact that you yourself do not like pineapple on pizza does not further support your argument in any way. When applied to pizza, pineapple adds to the flavour profile and adds a bit of sweetness that goes perfectly with the saltiness of the ham. The fact is that it enhances the flavour of the pizza, whether or not it is meant to be there. The deciding factor here is TASTE, and quite frankly it makes pizza taste better. If you do not like pineapple it's fine if you don't want it on pizza, but you cannot determine if it should be on pizza as your decision would be biased. In conclusion, I find this argument to be very flawed, with limited and weak arguments to support your contention. The fact that you posted this is baffling, and I can only assume you did it for attention or to create controversy. This piece is clearly not made to sway the reader, as most would be able to deconstruct your arguments with ease. Pineapple is a great addition to pizza, and the arguments I've seen against it have all been quite lacking, however I challenge someone to attempt to create a more persuasive piece. Until then, I am a BIG -1
  4. Well I figured it was about time I did this, so here we are. I'm Kryactic or Kry, but most people probably know me as "Spritz". I've spent the last 6 months with 13th, and I've had a blast so far. I spent a bit of time in 501st a couple years ago, but unfortunately I couldn't stick around. In my time on the server I've had a lot of fun meeting the community and just having a good time (even when it gets me into a bit of trouble), and while I've dedicated most of my effort to 13th and it's members, I'm trying to branch out and interact more with everyone else, so by all means say hi to me when you have the chance. I'm looking forward to sticking with this server in the future and having a lot more fun, and hopefully doing some pretty cool stuff. Until then, I'll see you around
  5. You're a cool dude and I love that you come hang out with us, looking forward to doing more with you in the future
  6. Love how you explained the nickname, I hope you update this as we get into more shenanigans together
  7. I love that you included the time you didn't have a mic into your backstory, gives me a bit of nostalgia. Great bio!
  8. Cool and creative bio, I enjoyed collaborating with you and interweaving our character's backstories.
  9. Nice bio, and get to be best friend, pretty pog
  10. Awesome bio, nice details and you keep it updated. Lots of potential for collaborating with others, nice. Enjoyed reading it.
  11. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-6421 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Spritz Previous Occupation: 501st Legion Current Occupation: 13th "Iron" Battalion Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Dug Hobbies: Training, writing, reading, studying Alignment: Grand Army of the Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Disciplined and inquisitive Mental Disabilities: Trauma from prolonged active duty Likes (optional): Clones, weapons, Jedi, literature, Mandalorian culture Dislikes (optional): Ignorance, incompetence, PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Stronger than average clone troopers Age: 10 (20) Weight: 84kg Build: Slightly larger than average clones Disabilities: Lower right arm replaced with cybernetics, mild hearing damage BACKSTORY Like most clones, CT-6421 was bred and raised on Kamino, being thoroughly trained for war. He was noted for his unorthodox yet effective tactics in battle simulations, allowing his squad to succeed with his ability. When not training, he liked to study warfare and weapons, and also enjoyed physical combat with his squadmates. CT-6421 was selected to learn limited commando training, and became interested in Mandalorian culture, which was introduced to him by the clone commandos. On top of his commando training, he also learned Mando’a in order to further understand the Mandalorian culture. Upon completion of his training, CT-6421 was deployed to Christophsis, where he played an important role in assisting the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion. It was here where he was dubbed the nickname “Spritz” by a squad of 501st troopers. During the campaign he befriended Commander Ahsoka Tano, and was recognised by General Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex for his efforts, who invited him to join the 501st when the campaign ended. Spritz accepted this offer and spent the next year fighting in the 501st, making his way to drill sergeant. Spritz fought many battles and lost many friends, but continued to improve his skills, and started writing to cope with the stress. Spritz enjoyed writing about things like war, his friends, and the places he’d been. He especially liked writing short quotes that summarized his experiences in war. He painted some of these on his armour, and began reciting them daily. He fought alongside Ahsoka Tano many times, and spent time with her when he could, learning about the Jedi, whom he found fascinating. During the early stages of the battle of Umbara, an explosion next to Spritz blew off the lower half of his right arm, and left the right side of his face badly burned. He was rushed to a medical station off-world, and received a cybernetic replacement forearm, and the burn on his face scarred. It was at this point that despite his current condition he was offered to join the 13th Iron Battalion. Wanting a change, he accepted, though he was sad to leave behind Ahsoka Tano and his friends from the 501st. Spritz occasionally fought alongside the 501st later, however, and enjoyed seeing his friends again and sharing his experiences. In the 13th Battalion, Spritz really felt at home, making many friends. He continued his writing and traditions, covering his new armour in various quotes and mottos. Though at first his fellow troopers found this odd at first, they were quick to enjoy hearing Spritz’s poems and stories, relating to them a great deal. He quickly climbed the ranks, his higher ups noticing his natural leadership skills, to the rank of colonel. He also joined 13th’s Cerberus Company, who wielded heavy blasters and were effective at suppressive fire and cutting down hordes of droids. He became good friends with the company’s CO, Mercury, and the two shared an interest in weapons. Spritz’s time with the loud weapons employed by Cerberus Company resulted in his hearing being damaged to a degree, limiting his hearing capabilities. Because of the nature of Cerberus Company’s heavy weapons, Spritz became a lot stronger than the average clone, and spent a lot of time in the gym. He became close friends with Zillo, who was also in Cerberus Company. Zillo had a fascination with the mighty Zillo beast, and enjoyed sharing the Dug legends of the beast. Zillo also taught Spritz Dug, in order to be able to read the ancient legends from Malastare. However, during a battle, Zillo was hit, and died in the arms of Spritz, who comforted him till his final breath. Spritz also befriended General Jaro Tapal during his time in 13th, and witnessed him fight bravely against the CIS. Jaro appreciated the clones more than most Jedi, and took care of his troopers. Spritz’s fondness for the Jedi grew as he served Jaro for countless battles, and liked to talk to his padawan Kal Cestis, and follow his journey from a youngling to a padawan, to the path to becoming a knight. One of Spritz’ best friends in the 13th Battalion was Vergil, a fellow member of Cerberus Company. They spent a lot of time training together, enhancing their skills for battle. They grew quite close after fighting many battles together and helping each other train, and Vergil took a liking to Spritz’ writing, which touched on PTSD, of which Vergil was a victim of. Unfortunately, on a mission, Vergil stepped on a landmine, losing his legs and nearly killing him. Though he had barely survived, he had to be sent to Kamino for surgery, which left Spritz without his best friend. This was only worsened when he heard that Vergil’s ship had gone missing, which left Spritz to assume he had lost his best friend. A few months later, Spritz walked into a cantina for a drink, and was shocked to see his best friend there, out of uniform and with a pair of cybernetic legs. Spritz approached him, but Vergil attacked him, stating he had no memory of who Spritz was. Although it took some convincing, Vergil eventually remembered who he was, and told Spritz about his experience after his ship was shot down, how he had been treated and trained by a Mandalorian, and had renamed himself Slash. Slash returned to the 13th with Spritz, but was transferred out of Cerberus Company due to his condition, and was placed in Golem Company. Spritz and Slash remained best friends, however, and enjoyed sharing their love for Mandalorian culture. While Spritz had many close friends within 13th, he shared a bond with 13th's Commander, Tune. Tune had a love for music and instruments, and the two enjoyed turning Spritz's poems and quotes into songs, which they performed for their troopers during downtime. They both shared a lot in common, from their injuries resulting in cybernetic replacements, to their great respect for the Jedi. Spritz was also one of the few clones that Tune revealed his force-sensitivity to, impressing Spritz with his natural ability. They both loved studying the Force, and how the Jedi and Sith wielded it. It seemed almost poetic to them. Over time the two formed a close bond, caring deeply about their troopers and the regiment. Spritz would be one of Tune's most trusted men, aiding him for the rest of the clone wars. The years of combat and reflection will leave Spritz slightly damaged mentally, which makes him begin to question the war. These thoughts, along with the news of his friend Fives being killed amidst a conspiracy, would drive Spritz to investigate further. He’d get into contact with his old friend Kix, who would also be investigating the matter after Fives’ death. They will discover the inhibitor chips that are in the clone’s brains, and the plot to betray the Jedi. They would get into contact with Tune and ask for his help in removing their chips, which they soon discovered Tune had done so some time prior. While the surgery would be a success, the trio will be forced to part ways after Kix is kidnapped by the CIS, and Spritz and Tune being separated in the confusion, fleeing, barely avoiding capture themselves. He will have had his chip removed not long before Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi, and will be devastated to hear the news. He will spend time seeking out Jedi survivors, and is excited to hear that Ahsoka Tano escapes with Captain Rex. Spritz decides to meet up with them, though their reunion is short-lived as they will decide it would be safer to part ways. Though this is soul-crushing, Spritz agrees, and will flee to the outer rim. He would settle on a planet and begin to live a civilian life, getting a job in a security service. It was in this job that he will meet Vel Croor, a human female whom he falls in love with. Like himself, she enjoys literature and the two would settle down together, eventually getting married. Unfortunately, in 16BBY, the empire will arrive on the planet, and soon discover the presence of a clone. With his hatred for the empire and his new life at stake, Spritz would fight the forces of the empire for as long as he can, using his old tactics and training. He will soon discover that his old best friend, Vergil, was now working for the Empire, and hunting him down. Spritz would manage to defeat Slash’s units, and come face to face with his old friend. While they would both fight well, Slash manages to get the upper hand, and stabs Spritz with his vibroblade. Slash lectures Spritz for siding with the Jedi and betraying the Empire as he dies,, and carries his body home so that he can be buried, leaving Vel Croor widowed. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Zillo, many fellow clones Death Wish | Umbaran separatists Hatred | CIS droids Disliked | CIS senators and generals Untrusted | Coruscant Guard Indifferent | Chancellor Palpatine, Republic senators Acquaintance | Clone troopers from other regiments, Jedi Liked | 501st and 212th troopers, Republic Commandos, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi Friend | 13th troopers, Ahsoka Tano, Jaro Tapal, Cal Kestis Best Friend | Slash, Tune, Mercury, Jack, Longreach, Attano, Ares, Bolt
  12. Name: KryacticSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214903803In-game Name: SpritzServer: (Clone Wars RP)Why do you want it: I would like to experience taking the role of Jedi, and taking on the challenges it brings.
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