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  1. Hi hello your friendly neighborhood wrecker here I approve of this post +1
  2. yeah you never know which one it will be
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to imperial database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Jerzha Kylain Alavai Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jerzha Previous Occupation: Jedi Knight of the Grand Army of the Republic, Rebellion Leader (Clone Wars Era) Current Occupation: Inquisitorius Acolyte of the Imperial Army Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Cheunh, Twileki, and basic Ryl Hobbies:she would have no hobbies as she spent most of her timefighting Alignment: Her planet's Rebellion, Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Inquisitorius, Galactic Empire PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Deranged and broken Mental Disabilities: PTSD from the clone wars she suffered Likes (optional): Fighting and Learning new powers of the force Dislikes (optional): Clones PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Slightly stronger than most female Age: 25 Weight: 195lbs Build: Fit and Slim Disabilities: Cybernetic limbs has reduced her abilities in using the force INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Acolyte Master (current or previous): Varen Kusovai Combat style: Ataru (Form 4) BACKSTORY Jerzha Kylain Alavai The story of the slave Prologue: In a world wherein being a slave would immediately be recognized poorly, Jerzha's life is hardly anything but easy. She has to face mountains upon mountains of prejudice, hardships and accusations until she would be able to finally achieve her dream of getting peace for her people and planet. I Jerzha was born on a planet of slavery and poverty where a single drop of water is more expensive than a human's life bringing everyone at a civil war fighting for each other's life, to this conflict Jerzha's childhood is sadly built with constant pain, death, suffering and hunger. Her childhood was a rough ride of constant abuse and hardship since she was sold at the age of 3 to an abusive slaver who would constantly hurt her and would try and take advantage of her but thankfully the young Jerzha knows how to fight for her dignity and would never be abused too greatly by her owner which would later on bring her the motivation and confidence to fight the wrong to bring them to to justice. But eventually she grew tired of the abusive environment that she was in as she grew older so she joined a rebellion at the age of 13 and would help her fellow allies for the freedom and liberty of their planet, casually sneaking out of her owner’s quarters and would take part in some operations setted up by the rebels to flee out the Military control of the planet. For 2 years straight she would constantly fight for her planet in a unending battle with the planet’s political and military structure to bring peace to the enslaved and abused, her allies would cheer her for will and strength to keep fighting even though they were greatly outnumbered by the Government's military number, battle after battle the rebels were slowly gaining the people’s trust to try and overthrow the Government which would eventually bring a result of lesser influence from the government and more from the opposing side. With the amount combat experience Jerzha has, she was deemed a hero amongst her people which would lead an interest on the Jedi Order of her activities in the planet, which would lead an investigation of the council of her actions on how did she succeed on such an unfair rate of winning against the government. With months of investigation Jerzha was confirmed a force sensitive and was using this gift to her advantage in battle giving her a fair chance of surviving combat much longer than her allies would, with these confirmed investigations a Jedi would inform the young Jerzha that she can use her gifts to her maximum potential and the republic would give aid to her, with these offers she agreed to join the Jedi Order to hone her gifts to the light. II With her age and experience, the council deemed that going through the youngling classes was unnecessary and she was assigned straightly to Padawan directly under the supervision of the council. Her journey on padawanship was a quick one because of her experience on the field plus her intelligence, she went through all the padawan classes swiftly and nicely although she couldn’t do everything as she is not powerful and trained enough in the force to be as good as the masters. Ending her padawanship from a Master of the Jedi Order, she went upon her knight trials to see her skills if she is worthy of the title, with the visions and pain she suffered on her home planet obviously she would grew little emotions but this would come off to give her motivation to help her people with the help of the Jedi Order, to this she was deemed a Knight of the Republic and would be assigned to the 501st legion taskforce gateway as their commander, they together would venture and help people in need in missions and operations they are tasked upon on. III Decades later in the end of the clone wars, Jerzha found herself in an risky situation where Order 66 has commenced by the Chancellor wiping out every Jedi in sight, this would put her into hiding and and into constant hiding from the new Galactic Empire; with this she had an amount of struggles hiding from planet to planet doing things off edge from the Jedi she grew from, but eventually a group of purge troopers has finally subdued the Deserted Jedi and brought her to the Grand Inquisitor, the Grand Inquisitor would constantly torture and remind Jerzha of her young days as a slave to bring the darkness in her mind; she held strong for a couple of weeks but it would eventually break her mind and made her submit when the Dark Lord Darth Vader himself came to torture the young Jedi Sentinel. Beginning her new Chapter as an Inquisitorius Acolyte she has served the Imperial Army swiftly with her skills when she was a skilled Jedi, she killed hundreds of people for the Imperial Army benefiting them at the very best and she would continue on her services and her new gained power in the dark side of the force in the Galactic Empire. (story's based off my jedi bio to keep things interesting which is this one) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NhzA_F3WKm5jIn0INCkAee4swNH36aPDhw3j5vWow5Y/edit# RELATIONSHIPS Hatred: Corrupt Politicians and Slavers Liked: Combat Training Friend: Truce
  4. I havent seen you much in teamspeak and you rarely expand you horizons in the server limiting yourself to jedi so I will give you a judgement of +1 on this application because you need to keep your name known.
  5. yes it is a monday, i calculated that it's the best day for the campaign.
  6. "Bounty" - Episode 20 Clone Wars Lore Campaign. Campaign Backstory: With her past life lying in shambles at her feet, Asajj Ventress's aimless drifting finally comes to a temporary halt in a seedy spaceport tavern on Tatooine, where she begins to drown her sorrows in alcohol. One of the patrons makes a pass at her, and when he does not take kindly to her rebuffs, Ventress is forced to emphasize her point with her lightsaber. Upon this, she is invited by two bounty hunters, Bossk and Latts Razzi, for a drink and a business proposition: The fellow Ventress has just killed, Oked, was their hired partner for an assignment on Quarzite. Details: DATE: August 9, 2021 TIME: 4:30 AEST Bar Scene on Tatooine TIME: 6:30 AEST The Subtram ambush NOTES: In this campaign players will be able to play as the raiders on the said episode and gets a chance to fight the said bounty hunters on this campaign, this will be a 2 event campaign that will first build up the ambush that players will be able to RP as a normal citizen in tatooine, then the 2nd event will be the main ambush where the republic gets to play as raiders. (a special custom weapon built specially just for this campaign too!!!). Credits: @Slash, @Akali, @Truce's Rj, @Gecko. and other staff members who gave me motivation!!! this campaign will allow to progress through the timeline
  7. you have showed you creativity on this application and you have improved on your behaviour bigtime since you were known as a minge, now i am happy you have applied for it and no concerns on it +1 good luck on your app chief
  8. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Clone Wars RPAdmiral James Hendrix/Commander Dmitri Hagrov | CW Event Master Jerzha Kylain Alavai | Jedi Sentinel 3335 'Crimson' | Shock Battalion Tracker Unit "Wrecker" | CF-99Formerly :Clone Wars RPRC-1207 'Sev' | Delta Squad Marksman Staff Sergeant 5200 Nirvana | 917th CBRN OIC Major Slash | 13th Golem Company COPrivate First Class 1125 Vergil | 501st Legion Corporal 1125 Vergil | Galactic Marines Keller's UnitImperial RPSK-5200 Slash | 7th Shock Battalion Steam Link & ID: STEAM_0:0:559482551 Discord Name slash#5200 Why do you want the role? I have been showing an interest as a co many times before but I could not get ahold of it since there's currency restrictions with me living in the Philippines, but now that 7th has opened up a spot for CO I am willing to show my capabilities for it and i think it's time for me too to handle a regiment of my own with me time in the server Why will you be the best candidate? I have showed my leadership capabilities in other regiments before and I would say myself I am quite experienced in being a capable leader outside and inside the server, I was the former CO of 2 subcompanies naming them being Golem and CBRN, and like I said I want something else of a responsibility in the server, and being a CO is one of the things I am currently aiming to be at. and I think a fresh blood in 7th would bring more fun in the regiment within reason of course, and I aim the regiment to be a good one if I were to become a CO
  9. Slash


    @Vallee hey
  10. Hey champ slash here, will bring out the professional criticism in this app and my overall feedback on your behaviour to my experience with you. firstly on my time on being 13th you we're one of the most uncontrollable persons I've had to manage in the regiment when I was an officer in the regiment, you go own on your own and hopping on in vehicles you shouldn't be hopping on and basically doing things that would put a bad name on the regiment plus you managed to rack up 2 strikes in one day in the regiment and got a suspension from golem as disciplinary punishment for your actions and I found out 5 minutes later you were trying out for 501st because you didn't like the punishments that were issued to you and that proves on how you're very irresponsible of your actions and would think it wouldn't matter because it's "funny". that statement alone proves that you are not worthy of being part of the staff team because on how you do your actions for the benefit of your personal entertainment. after you left 13th I think @Railgun had some same issues with you on doing the most unprofessional action that would put a notice on the staff team and had Railgun to talk to you about it but other than that I haven't seen you much anymore but whenever I do it's either your youtube videos are pog or you doing something stupid like "34th scuba battalion" that unfortunately for you guys got denied. now moving on to your application. overall you seem to have a good understanding on how to use the tool menu and it's a good thing you're experienced but this is an over-exaggeration you are only known within your friend group and the current regiments that you are currently in and I've never seen you on teamspeak at all and teamspeak is like the most used communication software within the server, you're a very fun guy to hang out frog playing other games than just Gateway, but speaking professionally I think your overall presence in game is very limited. I recommend branching out from your friend group and regiment to see what the server is like on a different perspective, trust me it's way different. it's good that you have a previous experience as an event master so this would mean you must know how staff meets their expectations when it comes to professionalism which you do not currently show at the moment in any way. and the ending part of this answer is way too common with the "fun and creative" answer we've had from previous applications and that doesn't really help on how you differ from the others that has/have applied for em. I remember you being an ec for one of @Pluto's jedi raid and switching to a massif preset which Pluto didn't plan in any shape of form for the raid which would've put a big compromise in the raid (thankfully it didn't) and would have possibly ruined the raid for everyone because your actions and pluto had a talk to the raid's ec's after because of you guys switching presets that he didn't plan. other than that I haven't seen you much as an ec for other em's events, it may have been just me but I'm not really sure. pretty sure you just asked your EC slot back yesterday (thursday) for replacing it with a civilian slot a month ago. the remaining answers of your em application is so alright no complaints on that. with that let's begin on your event idea. firstly the idea itself is pretty good BUT an aquatic focused combat is too much for the player-base to enjoy since gmod is not a game that is designed on marine combat and it's very dark underwater in source engine, plus there's nothing in this event idea would give their regiment's subcompany to have fun on since it's a marine combat and a tank underwater is unrealistic in Star Wars lore-wise, same with other vehicles and jetpacks, the only things I could see that would work in here is katarn armor. and with a very limited field of view and line of sight underwater I can already see players complaining about that they can't see or they get shot from behind because they didn't see the droid and it would go very chaotic. I think this event idea is just what YOU think is fun not what the COMMUNITY thinks is fun. and now to wrap up this feedback up, I personally think that you are not fit for staff just yet with your current history of doing unprofessional actions in the server and I hopped on the discord the other night learning that you were applying for EM and not taking it seriously. until I can see some big improvements on your behaviour on the server and your overall interaction with others I will give you a -1 the application is pretty good but your overall activity on the server does not say the same. good luck on your application bud
  11. i have domino's ultimate identity
  12. Hey champ, this application is quite good and it seems that you have the basic idea on what a moderator does on a daily basis, there's nothing to say more. I'll be handing you a +1 on this app, good luck on your app bud.
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