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  1. After playing the game more it continues to be awesome but one gripe I have so far is that deflecting attacks is way too easy (on console atleast). Once I got to boss fights past the first two the entire game was just hold the guard button and just spam deflect when they are striking. Its so far been a huge cheese I hope newgame + boss strength will prevent me from being able to do this but its still a great game either way.
  2. I love all previous From Software games but Sekiro is by far the most fun and different. The best part is the stealth and grappling which helps separate itself from Dark Souls but the fighting + difficulty has the same quality that I love about Dark Souls 3. Also I feel like after people were bitching that their games are getting easier and easier they decided to go all out and make this one really hard but still rewarding. Certainly worth what it currently costs
  3. Shenpai

    The Isle

    Do you play as a Dinosaur? If so that would be awesome
  4. I'm shocked Ghost wasn't swapped out instead considering their overall purpose is driving vehicles and being heavy units
  5. Shenpai

    Unknown Talent?

    Most recent talent I've aquired Is the ability to do a rubiks cube in under 60 seconds
  6. I thought this was jamway returning
  7. Resolved If anyone is confused then just look at what the Community Manager S8n said
  8. Shenpai

    2019 Predictions.

    I predict that more of these posts will get deleted Also it ain't me doing it
  9. Spent 6 hours connecting. Very epic.
  10. It doesn't work my dude. Broke after the game mode change.
  11. I mean it sounds great and all but I don't think its a great idea to use sheets from another server I suggest you take inspiration from it and make your own.
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