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  1. I have talked to him many times and he has always helped me out whenever i asked. I also done orange crystal tryouts with him and has shown to me very good problem solving ability in difficult situations. He has a good app and has all fundamentals to be a good Moderator. +1
  2. Nice person to talk to. I think he will turn out to be a great em. +1
  3. 100% agree , i used NSF just because i was NSF CO and i am familiar with the sub regs rp . Never have been in CG soo don't know to much about reaction
  4. Analysis of points (honest) 1st the is no need in slot increase as investigators need to work with there regiments troopers and sub regiments for rp purpose a great example of this is the op i made for navy when i was in NSF. Each sub regiment had there own unique rp for the same task. Instead of complaining and trying to change things work with the utility you got. And the server has 100 slots atm the is simply no reason for 1/10 of the server to be investigators. 2nd rank changes RSB ranks are already weird and confusing changing it will lead to further confusion. "Greater Autonomy from CG and just the internal security aspect" This legit is stupid for a 100 slot server the is no need of security within security. "The change will allow for a wider range of RP, Mainly for events More RP opportunity" You already got a lot of rp you can do. Talk to other regiments they can help make rp. And how on earth separating from cg will increase rp. You got to work together within your regiment. You got a tracker unit for a reason. R.I. is an imperial security made because storm troopers were normal civilians not programmed like clones to be loyal. So its not lore friendly. "Gives RHC and us more RP, with us directly reporting and following orders from RHC" This is legit NSF . You can work with NSF but not take rp. "In an event R.I. would be able to gather intelligence from multiple sources, such as from a slice from a computer or CIS system, or this intel could be gathered from an EC" NSF ...i didn't know investigators were soo special forces like security and law enforcement regiment just does not make sense. It would be like putting the CIA under the command of the FBI or, if you know anything about australian services, like ASIS being under the command of the AFP, it just does not make If you wanted this why did you leave NSF There will be no sub-regiments for RI but, there will be specialty roles for the RIG there will be Medic, Demolitions expert (RP related and sometimes combat) and a heavy gunner. This was old nsf . It doesn't work ,not lore friendly either. Summary you are a group of people hungry for power that wants to be arc, rc , security and nsf at the same time. All arguments put forward destroy current rules and regulations. If you want rp soo much book ops, create it on your own , work with your own reg to make rp, make rp with other regs and don't destroy other regs rp while attenpting to create your own. Still strong -1 In future refrence don't go out to the public with ideas go to your CO then CG CO and only then to RHC
  5. Link doesn't work for me soo i will express my opinion here. Rsb is a made up sub regiment which focuses on doing investigations into certain regiments and troopers. This job clearly need high authorisation and thats why it is apart of CG. In real life it is the same. No government will give a private organization information and access to private property. This leads to the next point. Why should it be seperated? Is it for more power? You haven't given any supporting factors for it to actually happen. And if you did why can't other sub-regiments separate? For instance RSC they where originally a separate regiment . The server simply can't allow this because it will cause other sub regiments want to do the same. It will end up in chaos. Strong -1 If you want to change somthing or suggest anything related to a new regiment talk to RHC. Stingel and Snickers will genually hear you out. I have done this myself on countless occasions and got a good explanation why it won't work.
  6. +1 Very friendly and active memeber. Has helped me quite a bit with open training/breaching courses in the past and recently has helped me with my jedi slot. He has a very good application and will fit into the EM team.
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Padawan Vasili Ivanovich Koslov Known Alias’/Nicknames: Vasili Previous Occupation: Youngling Current Occupation: Padowan Known Languages: Galactic Basis, Dosh Hobbies: Training,Trying to understanding the force, Tracking (not killing) Alignment: Follows the jedi Codex and GAR PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: PTSD Likes: loves practicing duelling in a aggressive mannor , enjoys practicing all skills including meditation and always strives to obtain more knowledge. Dislikes: Getting denied or Pushed aside Personality: Prefers to work alone or as a Duo , quiet and intelligent PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Standard Height, Healthy, Strong upper body Age:22 Weight: 74kg Build: Slim but muscular which helps him with his dueling style Disabilities: Scars over Arms and chest from wookie claws, major damage to face Appearance: Armored , always wearing Mask (Due to face wound) and Cape JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padowan Master (current or previous): Knight Stuggie Sturmgeschütz Lightsaber details: Standard issue Yellow [Going through the early stages of the Sentinal Pathway] Hilt 3 Combat style: Passive/Agressive BACKSTORY Being the Son of a hunting enthusiast Trandoshan who participated in the island games on a weekly basis, Vasili learn the brutal ways of the hunting guild at a very early age. He was forced to bring the last meal of the prisoners then Skin them after they were killed. Vasili once had to participate in one of these games. It was his challenge which he had to overcome to be accepted into the guild. Vasili didn't want to but knew nothing else. He was put up against a captured wookie. He heard many stories of how his mother died due to a wookie raid. Unlike the other Trandoshans who got mad and enraged, Vasili accepted the loss. The Wookie was released and the hunt began. Vasili who never even killed anything was given a 6 inch blade that hardly ever pierced a fully grown wookie. The Wookie leaped and pushed him into the ground clenching both of Vasili's hand digging its claws deep through Vasili's Scales. Vasili using his strong upper body strength flipped him over and landed on top and started desperately looking for the knife. The Wookie used his confusion as an advantage stabbing it's claws into his unprotected sides causing Vasili to lean downwards. The Wookie Squeezed Vasili with his arms while doing a roll over move and started brutally clawing Vasili’s face leaving deep unrecoverable wounds . He was luckily saved. A Jedi dropped down from a tree and force pushed the wookie away making it unconscious. The Guild of course angered by the disruption attacked the jedi but all perished. The Jedi which was a notable consular healed what he could. Vasili after recovery was tested for force sensitivity and had a slightly higher then average score. He was brought to the Council where he was judged then later approved to begin his jedi training. As a youngling he had good leaping skills and had a good understanding of dueling from past experience. He had trouble with meditation but through vigorous training he improved. During his gathering he was more inclined to Consular to follow the step of the jedi who once saved him. But was drawn more to the Sentinal pathway. During his short time being padowan he was given a master Knight Stuggie to support and teach him the jedi ways and improve his dueling. He has suggested to learn form 5 for his aggresive dueling style. Knight Stuggie is also a Trandoshan and had much in common. They were both deployed on a outer rim base to assist 34th battelion fight CIS off. There Vasili learnt through clear and direct instruction the position of a jedi and the way to act. After the successful mission and showing good use of form1 he is now able to learn a form. He will follow his teachers advice and learn form 5. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: All Relatives Disliked: Wookies, CIS Untrusted: Commander Terror Acquaintance: All Jedi Liked:Knight Stuggie Sturmgeschütz and Council Members
  9. A Q&A and a announcement will be made for 41st tomorrow before the 4.30 event. Topics that will be covered -Jedi (lore and non lore) -Custom models and lore characters -One of the Sub reg COs will be revealed - General Recruitment and 41st aim within the server Discord link: https://discord.gg/SR8uNQKKeM (Role request -no inappropriate requests) This form is still active just please attend this q and a to find out which Sub reg CO position is still available. Or just wait for the update tomorrow .
  10. As you have read from the title, we are looking for people to take a couple of positions. The Positions available are Green company CO (Heavy Vehicles) and Ranger company CO (ARF) . 41st Elite Corps is a frontline/translations regiment. The Regiments foundations will be based on producing new and fun RP. We have multiple lore characters , camo models and versatility as both sub regiments can utilize different types of vehicles. Some main fundamentals we are looking for is leadership skills and ability to take responsibility. If your new to gateway or haven't been in a sub regiment co position before this is your chance. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Application Format Name: Age: (optional) Current positions: Highest Rank achieved: Position you want: Why do you want this position? What can you bring to the regiment and what will make people interested in joining the sub-regiment if you become co? ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` (Only legit applications and no comments on other applications, if you think someone is good for the position and their application is also good +1 it) The Sub company COs will be choosen by Shanny and i closer to when the regiment will come into rotation. Good Luck , Borris
  11. Absolute legend, love talking to you on discord.
  12. Hi everyone! There are a lot of people who don't know me so i decided to introduce myself. About me: I am a very friendly person who enjoys RP and getting to know people. I spend most of my time after events either doing RP or getting to know the lower ranked players and helping them in anyway possible. I currently bought 41st Elite corps and working to make it fun and have a lot of RP. Irl, I am a first year uni student studying a bachelor of mechatronical engineering. I do martial arts and swimming competitively for sport and spend my spare time socialising or on Gateway. Time on server: I joined the server in January,2019 with my first regiments being 917th later GM and the 327th but after a month or so i took a year break due to HSC. I Returned in 2020 December and joined Horn Company. There i learnt how the server worked and climbed ranks to gunnery sergeant. I then decided to buy a 2nd slot and leave to explore other regiments. I was briefly in 501st but decided to leave and join 187th and Navy. I was well greeted by both regiments. Spompe helped me out with climb swep and gave very helpful advice while Stitch introduced me to navy RP. Some time passed and i decided to leave 187th as i had certain events happening irl and i didn't want to be using a slot of 187th when i couldn't really be active. But stay in Navy... (long story but i am currently in Navy) Used my 2nd slot to join GM as i remembered the good times i had in old GM and i was told the CO is really good and was working hard to sustain the reg. So currently i am the CO of NSF and a sergeant in GM. I have also donated for 41st Elite Corps and am waiting for it to come into rotation. End note: If you reached the end thank you for reading. Any help or advice is welcome. If anyone wants to have a chat i usually hang around 13th or 187th discord. Discord: Borris#0385 1st slot name: Borris 2nd slot name: Yuri Common questions: Are you Russian? Yes Why do you rarely use a mic? Because i don't like using it and i have a headset that only works for 6 hours. Age? 18 Highest rank reached? Warrent officer
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