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  1. AWESOME GIVE US MOREEEEE NOWWWWW also tell domino i love him
  2. I remember talking to you about getting this position one day and it seems like you were interested but werent sure if you would be able to do it but honestly Hazzi your a great dude your activity is amazing such a chill guy never lashes out over dumb things.. You seem to know quite a bit of ULX which is great! and i do believe you would be perfect for the position love you bro BIG +1
  3. Hey man I have met you ingame and your a pretty nice guy now my feedback for you is too add a bit more ULX to your application and maybe format it better also would love too see you in TS a bit more wouldn't mind having a chat with you.. just try your best if your really keen for the position what ever future or passed feedback you get use it to your advantage and if u keep trying i bet there's a chance you'll make it if you have any questions feel free to chuck me a message on discord Sevy#1566 but part from that I'm gonna leave you at NEUTRAL till I see a bit of that feedback used good luck brother
  4. Dude's a great guy, always down too chill and actually knows how to use the variety of tool's EMs need to know. Just make him EM already.. trust me his fit for the position BIG PHAT SLOPPY +1 C3-PO " GOOD MAN THIS GUY IS HE MY FRIEND MAKE MAN EM OR I GO ROGUE "
  5. Hey Spida great application but i have one issue Haven't actually herd your voice haha if you ever need feedback or need to talk chuck me a message would love too see you more in game but i have seen you on the scoreboard quite a bit so your activity seems pretty solid well done +1
  6. I personally haven't had many interactions with you, but from what everyone is saying you seem too be a nice guy chuck me a message or talk to me in game if you ever need anything always here for our applicants and member, Love the ULX in this application shows that you know most of your stuff and is willing to improve on it +1
  7. Pretty much like everyone is saying got to work on your reputation and edit your application and show us some ULX too show you know your stuff we dont expect you too know everything about ULX thats what the trial phase is for if someone obtains it.. just keep up the work man if your really keen for this position take the feedback you get even if its harsh and learn from it to improve yourself anyway good luck my dude imma leave it as NEUTRAL till i see some work
  8. Just make him dev already it will save you guys time on thinking his a natural
  9. At 12am the boys on gateway who currently were on. were very keen for a GATEWAY GAMING MOVIE NIGHT so i gave it to them good way to calm the kids from the minginess WE WATCHED BLOODY HOODWINKED!!!
  10. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Takkal Oddo Known Alias’/Nicknames: Sevy Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: English Hobbies: Enjoys playing his Seven-string hallikset Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Balance Mental Disabilities: Stable Likes: Making friends Dislikes: Bounty Hunters Personality: Sweet, Brave,Fierce, Soft and Secretive PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Normal Age: 17 Weight: 77kg Build: Slim, Strong Disabilities: One eye is damaged from battle (Blind in one eye) Appearance: Brown Hair, Scar on eye JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Quinlan Vos Lightsaber details: Giant hilt that can be used as a weapon if lightsaber crystal breaks Combat style: Counter, Strong attacks (Form V) BACKSTORY Chapter 1 " The Rise of Takkal Oddo" "BANG" Takkal woke up as soon as he heard a big loud bang he was unsure of what it was so he decided to rest his eyes again "BANG" he woke up again so he jumped out of his bed and walked outside to see what was happening... Their was bounty hunter's looking for someone he was terrified for his life, Takkal Oddo's parents ran towards him quickly and told him to pack his stuff " Takkal quickly pack your thing's we are leaving" Takkal's father said. "What's going on dad I'm scared" Replied Takkal " Everything is going to be fine son just follow what I say now lets go already" As they continued to run towards the exit door a HUGE EXPLOSION HAPPENS AT THE DOOR AND EXPLODES IT TO PEICES, Ahhhhh Takkal screamed in terror. in the flames appeared a dark red shadow with a cap on, The mysterious figure talked "Where is your father child give him up or ill take your life" Takkal tried to run away and tripped over he yelled "FATHERRRR MOTHERRR WHERE ARE YOU" "WHERE COMING SON JUST HOLD ON A BIT MO..... Bang! sounds of a gun shot the dark red shadow grab's the body of the mother and chucks it right in front of Takkal's face and said "Your next" He grabs Takkal by the throat so his father runs in and tackles the dark shadowed figure. they continue to fight and fight, Takkal is scared out of his mind he is so scared he couldn't move he continued to watch them fight but... the red shadow got a hold of his fathers gun and shot Takkal's father right in the head in front of him Takkal screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHH HOW COULD YOU DO THIS" Takkal said "You will understand when your older it's just business kid" said in a smart ass voice "I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS ARGHHHHHHHHH" Takkal uses force push out of anger.. he eventually passes out from all the power. so the Dark red shadow manages to escape Chapter 2 "There is no emotion only peace" Takkal continued on finding his parent's murderer he wanted to know answers.. Why them. after year's of looking Takkal ran into a Jedi known as Quinlan Vos he could feel the force in Takkal from galaxies away he knew Takkal needed help to perfect his abilities or he could possibly give in to the darkside. Quinlan Vos brought him to the Jedi temple to meditate with him Takkal didn't understand why mediation was part of any of this but he continued to try Takkal eventually felt the force and experienced vision's of his parent's getting murdered over and over he started to tear up " Its okay kid don't give in think of the positives your strong I can feel it trust me" Quinlan Vos said in a calming voice " Ok Quinlan I will I'm sorry" said Takkal "Don't ever be sorry young one we all make mistakes but there just lessons in the end" Said Quinlan.. Quinlan continued to train him in combat Takkal eventually learned the form Shien. 1 Month later Quinlan and Takkal were exploring Tatooine to find an old ex trooper who quit the republic because he didn't believe in violence. while Takkal was walking he bumped into a dark mysterious caped red bounty hunter, Takkal staired at him for a good minute "you coming Padawan" Said Quinlan, Quinlan looked at Takkal and saw the evil in his eyes "TAKKAL DONT" Takkal Ignited his lightsaber and went to stab the bounty hunter in his leg "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TAKKAL" Said Quinlan "HE KILLED MY PARENTS" replied Takkal "THAT'S NOT THE WAY OF THE JEDI AND YOU KNOW THAT WE WILL LET THE COUNCIL HANDLE HIM" Yelled Quinlan "Yes Master" Takkal said in sadness Conclusion "There is only a beginning in the end" Takkal and Quinlan brought the bounty hunter to the prison of a the Jedi temple for the Jedi Council to handle him Takkal continues his training with Quinlan when he over here's two masters speaking "The Red Shadow has gone missing from the prison what are we going to do we cant let him kill anymore people" said Jedi Master Paul "Don't worry he wont get far" replied Jedi Master Plo Koon. Takkal continues his training to get stronger to eventually face his nemesis again but in more calmer terms THE RED SHADOW "BOUNTY HUNTER" RELATIONSHIPS: Quinlan Vos ( Showed me the way's of the jedi) The Red Shadow ( Killer of Takkal's family) Sakal Oddo ( Father of Takkal ) Jada Oddo ( Mother of Takkal) Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  11. Murphey my boy I have seen you in game and had a few fun chats and your a great guy, I don't mind the application at all but the most thing you should work on is just randomly joining TS channels but if there PTE with permission of course and just meet some new people, the best part about EM staff would not only be making the events it will also be making people enjoy their day on gateway.. Part from that honestly be awesome to have you as EM in the future, don't give up +1 Love yah
  12. Welcome back Dank it will be awesome too see you on the staff team once again I'm gonna give you a big PHAT +1
  13. Love the application, Have not had the pleasure to meet you yet hopefully ill see you in game and we have a chat or something 1+
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