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  2. Though your PACs aren't stupendously overworked and detailed, they dont need to be. I believe that with the animations and boneworks you've rigged up that the PAC you've made is rather nice and would slot in just neatly with all the other peoples using PAC on the server. I imagine also it could be hard adding more than the basics to the Inferno Squad character since they already have a design. Only thing I would personally recommend is to find a model for a rocket that is greyer and will contrast less with the greyish Inferno squad armour, that big black tube on your back isnt doing the design any favours. As a forewarning, I imagine it is likely that the peoples reviewing your app will want more examples than what you've provided, so as to not have you bugged in the future and rather instead bug you now I would highly advise you either dig up some old PACs or roll up your sleeves and work on one or two new ones to list here, good luck mate! +1
  3. INQUISITORIUS ARCHIVES Access Requirements: Order of Inquisitors | Artifact Report | Artifact Name | ID: "Sith Alchemist's Tablet" | #003 Artifact Location of Discovery: Unidentified destroyed city on Naboo Artifact Discoverer / Artificer: Acolyte Aurelius Falco Date Retrieved: 19/02 Artifact Description: A small greyish tablet made of stone which seems to irradiate some form of dark side energy. The tablet itself has inscribed upon its face firstly a large title at the top written in Massassi, and below the aforementioned title are similarly carved out language blocks deemed to also be of Massassi design. The tablet itself proves to be extremely aged due to the wear that dresses it, perhaps dating back to the Old Republic Era. And various smaller items of seemingly cultural value have been attached to it such as feathers and beads. However it is to note that said feathers and beads have been evidently added much more recently. To add to this also, the tablet was discovered in use by cultists on the planet and it is believed that said cultists have scavenged or bought the tablet from Korriban and used it in the macabre way they did listed below. Lastly to add, trace findings of Korribani' sand have been discovered engrained in small grooves in the stony tablets face, solidifying this hypothesis that it at the very least is from Korriban. As of current the text face has not been properly deciphered. Artifact Declaration: The Tablet, likely a tablet from the ancient Old Republic Era used by Sith Alchemists of old is believed to've been capable to, or if read can teach the user how to reanimate the dead. This finding is not at all shocking and has been recorded in Sith literature for thousands of years within the subcategories of Sith Alchemy. To note, the tablet and various other artifacts were used during the assault on this town in Naboo and during the usage of these items various dead bodies scattered about the plaza regained motor function and began to attack the troopers, to add to also, those dead bodies reanimated very clearly lacked any function other than extremely primitive instincts. All traces of any other artifacts or biological samples were subsequently destroyed during the ISD Chimaera's bombing of the town. Further information regarding the assault has been redacted and all troopers involved advised to keep quiet on threat of capital punishment. Further Observations / Notes: The tablet's function was aided by various other artifacts that were not recovered, it is believed that perhaps the artifact would not have any usage without the other items, though there is no conclusive evidence to support this observation. | Artifact Report End |
  4. I've added a robotic throat modification in correlation with the characters backstory having had part of his throat cut out by saber-blade. I thought since you wanted to see more SWRP design work as proof of ability that, I'd post that here aswell.
  5. I intend to write a backstory by time I've finished the current short story I'm writing (Wont be too long) so as to not muddle my writing up between different projects. I will submit an additional reply here to inform of an update by time the backstory is added.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Inquisitorius Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Aurelius Tiberius Falco Known Alias’/Nicknames: Achilles Previous Occupation: Jedi Knight Current Occupation: Inquisitorial Acolyte Known Languages: Echani, Galactic Basic, Twi'Leki Hobbies: Obsessive Duelistry - Aurelius on many accounts has been seen to engage in duel within the arena regardless of whether a combatant is present, practicing on wall or obstacle if necessary. It seems that his arrogant desire for engagement far outweighs any logical notions of patience, quiet, or slowness. Sith Alchemy - On occasion Aurelius has been seen delving in to the darker arts of force usage, primarily, Sith Alchemy. The practice itself an ancient one carried down from old Sith holocrons and books from eras where its lessons ran rampant through the minds of dark side users. The practice itself is forbidden by the Jedi, and rather scarcely seen amongst the Dark Side. Reading - As should any aspiring Sith Alchemist, Duelist or Inquisitor of the Dark Side, Aurelius enjoys a good long book. Typically reading for informative reasons rather than pleasure however. Alignment: The Empire, The Emperor, The Dark Side. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Obsessive, Arrogant, Existential. Healthy for an Inquisitor. Likes: Dueling - As stated above, Aurelius is an obsessive duelist whom like many'a Inquisitor is more than keen to throw down in the dueling arena for hours on end so as to prove his skill and improve his capabilities. Action - You'd seldom find a user of the Dark Side who wasn't obsessed with action, he loves the tense nature of battle, the explosions ringing in one's ear, the soldiers screaming as they grasp gutshots bleeding thick in field triages, and the enemies, dumb and in their thousands awaiting death like cattle to the slaughter. Dislikes: Solemnity - Seriousness, the lack of action, quietness, boredness. Generally the lack of interest tends to drive this one rather mad. At least more than Inquisitors are already. Hypocritically, Arrogance - Rather hypocritically considering how arrogant he is when facing down Jedi or dueling, he wears a distinct hatred for those expressing arrogance that overshadow his own. Personality: Restrained - When in communion with other Inquisitors or soldiers of the Empire, Aurelius tends to be rather restrained. He may perhaps respond with little more than a grunt or groan, or if one is lucky, a short sentence or word to fulfil his reply. Arrogant - When in combat Aurelius is stupendously arrogant, be it against Jedi Masters way above his level of expertise, or even his own Inquisitorial brothers who reign above him. His arrogance seems to know no bounds other than the lack of words he typically produces. Obsessive - Regarding all things of interest, Aurelius is painfully obsessive. Be it Sith Alchemy which he took a liking to from his Initiate phases of training in the Inquisitorius, or dueling which he does ad nauseum as of current. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy Age: 27 Weight: 72.3 Kg Build: Mesomorphic Disabilities: Obsessivisms and Arrogance - One could bundle the two together as a mental defect, his obsession for all things training, reading and action play in with his arrogance creating an abnormal cocktail. Robotic Arm - From a younger age as a Jedi he was fatally struck and lost function of his rightmost wrist, this caused him to require a replacement in the form of a robotic arm, much less versatile than a fleshy one. Impaired Breathing - His breathing, slow and meticulous has been impaired due to having his esophagus cleaved in twine in the past. Appearance: An Arkanian male of middling age, two white eyes sit upon his face glowing from his hairless head. His throat has been clearly cleaved open in the past and supporting his breathing seems to be some form of ventilation device. His rightmost arm lacks function, and has been replaced with a robotic arm. INQUISITOR INFORMATION Rank: Acolyte Main Combat Forms: (Ordered by prominence) Aggressive 1, Aggressive 2, Versatile 3, Defensive Heavy, Electrostaff, BACKSTORY Aurelius was born to a family of few in the deep Echani space, an offspring child to a pure Arkanian mother and father who had orphaned him due to genetic impurities, those being a lack of the typical white nails of an Arkanian pureblood. His life growing up was seldom easy, most always he'd encounter rivalry with not only his brother, but father also. His brother would fight him whenever they got in to arguments, such was the Echani way of expression, fighting, if there was any competition, debate, disagreement, one could safely bet it was settled with a fight, a fight that Aurelius most often lost. His father on the other hand would fight him when he felt like it, a miserable drunk so feebly in control over the hatred which consumed him that he'd take it out on a five year old boy. The scars, at least the ones on the outside, would heal over the years from such tortures and beatings, though those within never would. It was on a damp afternoon however when the last straw was drawn. Aurelius' father was verbally abusing himself and his mother, as he had done unrelentingly throughout the years without end, though this time was different. This time rather than to escalate up to beating Aurelius when his pressure valve began to whistle he instead turned and took out his anger on Aurelius' mother, sending a fist for her nose after slapping her in the cheek. Needless to say, such an carelessness of perhaps the only person he knew that actually cared for him and hadn't washed him aside or fought him his whole life being punished for doing no wrong stirred him. In fact, it stirred him so much so that even though he was only a boy of five he still tried to fight back against the tyrant. After sending a boot to the back of his fathers ankle he went on to follow it up with a punch directed at his older mans back, though rather than to simply hit him with the lackluster strength a five year old could muster, his fist, not even contacting his targets body wholly managed to throw him. An enigmatic force fueled seemingly by the pure passion flowing varicose through his beating veins escaped from his wrathful hand and threw his father back against the wall. Unsurprisingly, though he had accomplished a feat or brilliance, he had also terrified his father, horrifying him so much so that as soon as he'd recovered from the blow he stumbled back over to Aurelius and sent fist backed by fist towards his throat and face, pummeling him back in to the ground where his father thought he belonged. It took his mother and brother combined some three minutes of struggle with their own hands and eventually a knife to pull his father off of him, luckily having done so soon enough to save the boys life, though not soon enough to save him from almost permanent damage to his throat. His admittance to the hospital was scheduled for a month-long treatment plan. During this time, doctors would implant various valves and artificial tubes in his throat which pumped blood through his carotids and let air and food move through his throat, additionally, an artificial larynx, which had been grown in a lab, had been implanted in to his throat and attached to this device. The whole procedure took a week, going in and out of surgeries and letting his body slowly heal and adapt in-between. The next three weeks however would be the most boring, having spent them doing quite literally nothing whilst a tube fed his body nutrition, not even allowed to eat solid foods in his weakened state. He wasn't going to be allowed home after what had happened to him there, though it wouldn't matter whether or not the authorities would allow him to return to that environment, since there was another institute with their eyes now keenly affixed to him. This institute, was known widely across the galaxy as the Jedi Order. One could say he was being stolen from his family by this order that now wanted to adopt him and teach him, though one could equally argue that he no longer had a family to be stolen from, that perhaps he never did. Over the years this order, infamous across the galaxy, began to train him in what soon became known to him as 'The Force', a mysterious power which he and a few others like him alone commanded. There were others there of his age, others even of his same predicament, though for every one that was alike to him and his circumstance there was twenty who were tenfolds older and tenfolds wiser, a black sheep amongst the white. He trained there in the academy on Coruscant for some eight years as a youngling before his attempt at a rite of passage was granted. The passage itself was a trial as old as the Jedi order where the younglings, freshly trained up to Jedi standard, compete for scores in order to stand out amongst the crowd so that they may be chosen by a Master or Knight to become a Padawan, failure to be chosen, however, resulted in the youngling being outcast to one of the service corps, a place where dreams really do simply go to die. -To Be Continued-
  7. pacvideo.webm rp_stardestroyer_v2_5_inf 2021-2-18 00-37-31.webm Sent both of these PACs to the PAC Manager in DMs, it's a shield that uses proxies, animated materials, submaterials, holdtypes on passive so I can run, walk, crouch and jump without breaking the bone structure and making it look weird
  8. I've fucked around with PAC abit in singleplayer but cant make any female models work with their animations due to bonemerge problems with PAC3. I think above I've provided way more than enough PACs however to prove my competency with PAC, along with the PAC that I will actually be using on the server so you know exactly what you're accepting/ denying. I cant provide any more than this until I actually have perms to make a PAC on a SWRP.
  9. I'm gonna' make one more Inquisitor PAC3 that I'll give to Ilith should they ever apply for PAC since they want one. Though since I've provided 10+ PAC examples plus the PAC that I already intend to use on the server as is, I probably wont provide any more examples than that. I'll have it posted within the next few hours, if I'm still motivated wasting my life making PACs at 2AM I'll make a PT PAC.
  10. I dont have any more PACs even saved that still work than the three I'll list below, though I decided intentionally not to display these earlier due to the fact that they are the worst things I've made. One of them is Starwars, but it is, fucking horrible. Based fucking Seth Rogen using the Cal Kestis model and hair, added glasses and a Fallout 4 beard. I didn't add this since it's way too filtered to be considered an example, but it's just a model from nexusmods which I've cut up and ported over to GMod. This is probably my worst looking PAC3 ever made, however it's got alot of design technicality to it. I exported the Male04 head from GMod, made custom textures for half the head and then used sculpting tools in Blender to cut up the face, reveal the teeth, expose the eye socket and make the head more skull-shaped on the burnt side. I added some shitty gore on the left side also. The eyes are a custom example from PAC3.
  11. I just posted a photo of the only one I have a photo of/ still have saved, that's also the one I intend to use on the server incase you want direct knowledge as to what I intend to use.
  12. Im not just adding random PACs, I'm adding PACs that I've put alot of time and effort in to which I believe convey my ability to make PACs in general. Below I've got some photos of a PAC3 I mocked up in afew hours so as to convey what I'd like to do with PAC. The character has white eyes as a racial trait being an Arkanian, the characters nickname when they're afforded one will likely be set to 'Achilles' or another character of Greek or Roman mythology hence the maned helmet, half cape, Kama and centurions styled helmet. I've removed one of the arms partly for aestheticism and making the PAC less symmetrical, although I intend to explain why the arm is missing when his backstory is made. On his hip is a saber which disappears on equipping your blade, I've added bulkier calf plates to him and on his face is a mask which generally just obscures facial features. I intend to add in the future perhaps a shield to his offhand that will replace the standard lightsaber blocking animation with 'Left ALT'. And I'll probably add various other miscellaneous animations to the character. I hope this PAC fills your desire for me to've made a genre specific PAC.
  13. I dont believe I have a great deal of SWRP PACs saved due to the fact that, to make some I'd first need to be accepted. The ones I do have photos of I'll drop below bearing in mind I've lost a good deal of my PACs over the years, additionally I'll throw in some others I've made non-related to SWRP. Though I should add, it is my belief that to apply for PAC you shouldn't have to have made PACs of the genre, just proven that you have the ability to make decent designs. I've been doing PAC for afew years now, I'm more than capable of mocking something up for my characters. Fallen Knight from Dark Souls which I made out of parts from Nexusmods before the model was rigged for the workshop, none of it is rigged, all of it is clipped up models. The legs are barneys legs retextured, as are the arms. Everything else is a nonflexible model imported overtop. Another model I made in PAC before the playermodel was made for it on the workshop, this is just the power armour from Fallout 4 which I chucked together out of literally flat, solid models imported from the game by myself. A Mr. Gutsy I made for a FalloutRP, it has particle effects, lights, and the head moves left and right independent of the body similar to the game. A PAC I made for another serious NS server, pants and arms are the breensuit, everything else is models I've ported. A good deal of the textures such as the scarf are missing due to them being deleted from the dropbox however. To add, I couldnt find any SWRP PACs in my old archives, new PACs or in my screenshots, sorry. Additionally, I updated the app above.
  14. Updated to fit current ingame details
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