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  1. Im just gonna give my +1 cause I know you'll do good also stop bullying shadow as ISB we only killed your CO once
  3. will also need loot boxes and an energy system so you can't play for too long until paying for a recharge or waiting 3 hours
  4. I sorta hope they can implement some of the mechanics from KOTOR 2 into this remake like lightsaber forms
  5. With the recent announcement of the KOTOR Remake I wanted to make a post asking what people would like to see added or fixed? For me I'm hoping for new melee animations.
  6. Grungycal

    Hello all

    1v1 on the event server make it a deathmatch to stream as a pay-per-view
  7. I will also be giving a -1 as I have seen you around being nothing more then a minge I know you can work will with RP but your recent behaviour is just not great especially if your going for staff.
  8. All right Dusty, after reading through this and knowing you from when you were in delta and shadow I'm gonna give this a fat +1.
  9. still missing a d OMG nah JK I love the story you have here and hopefully you can kill your brother or something lol
  10. Sorry man but I gotta roast this hard as the years are very inconsistent it says your born in 36BBY but your aged 26 which is odd considering were are in 4BBY which would make you 32. 2nd thing is you say you joined RSB in 18BBY and that being in it showed how corrupt the republic was but the thing is the clone wars ended in 19BBY and that's when the empire formed so I can't see how you hated the republic when the timeline shows that there was no republic it was all empire at that year. 3rd thing is if you did join RSB in 18BBY you would of only been 18 meaning you would of not been likely to have served in the RSB during the clone was as you would of been 14-17 during the CW. thank you for coming to my ted talk and me taking the piss out of manta
  11. I will give this a +1 cause I think you will be a decent moderator and that your activity will allow it to happen.
  12. I love your commitment to the role of shock CO and the RP that comes from you. But sadly i'm giving this app a -1 as I feel its to early for you to be applying for staff as you have only just sorta joined the server and still learning how everything works.
  13. If i'm to be honest I haven't noticed you on the server so i'm gonna give a -1 as I don't know how you play on the server or act towards other players. And maybe a bit too early to be applying for staff to the server if you haven't been on long.
  14. Here we have an acolyte in front of a gay pride flag with a rebel doing a nazi salute god bless GG
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