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  1. I think that this man just didn't think today, and so I reckon giving him another chance. Another thing worth noting is that buying people and openly flaunting a large amount of money that you have doesn't make people respect you, in fact the opposite. Having lived in America I can understand the flex culture there but in aus we don't like those types of people But if you're keen on joining the server I don't see a problem with it +1
  2. Sup king Just gonna comment on your app, overall I feel as though your application is good in some parts and limited in others. In terms of general feedback I think you're a really nice dude and have been a great asset to the community recently. In personal interaction with you I've honestly never had a bad moment with you, and so I commend you on being a good bloke. But there's more to that when applying for staff: Whilst I like you a lot your answers don't make a whole lot of sense at some points. Grammar and sentence structure and all that shit isn't really a big deal unless it impedes upon what you're trying to say and the answer above I personally just struggle to understand. Before you finish an answer ensure that you read it over first and confirm it makes sense. I do know you're from another country and so this one isn't a huge deal imo just ensure to keep it as professional as possible. You haven't answered the question here, it says What should you have done to avoid this? not "What would you do to alleviate this situation?". Most applicants don't answer this one well so just fix it up and you'll be fine. This is not a standard that you should accept haha. Most events are pre planned and EMs should plan their events, it's part of the job. If all EMs made their events on the fly then the standard of events would just be mega shit, so if you do end up achieving this position ensure to put time and effort into your events. Unlike a moderator, being an EM should essentially be another slot that you have to put time into and commit to. I'm not gonna parrot what Gecko said but this is definitely an overestimation. In terms of getting known around the community you need to jump in teamspeaks that you aren't familiar with rather than just sitting in 13th's discord. You really have to be at least decently known in the community before going for staff and whilst you have the playtime at the current point in time you don't have the immersion amongst existing staff members and players alike. A question to ask yourself is "If someone went up to a random player on the server and said 'who's Vergil/Slash?'", do you think they would know you? This one is an easy fix but it just requires time so give it a month of putting yourself out there and you're good to go. For now mate whilst I really like you I think you need more time establishing yourself as a member of the community and moving around teamspeak before going for EM. The 13th boys all seem to like you it's just that you haven't really stretched out of that comfort zone into other areas of the server just yet. So for now it will be a weak neutral because whilst I think you could make a great EM, you have bit to work on. Good luck lad
  3. What's up Trident gonna give my feedback on this app: So I really like your answers and event idea, I think the event idea is reasonably creative and you've fleshed out the responses decently enough. This is really good too see and at face value the app looks solid, so great work on that front. However I do have a couple of critiques: I think you may be overestimating yourself here, whilst you were a member of the community a while ago and a prevalent one at that at the current point in time I'd give you more like a 3-4 on this one. Whilst a lot of long term players remember you I think that due to the fact that you haven't been in CO/2ic positions the new players could still get to know you a little bit more. In personal interaction you've been a really nice dude and a positive member of the community so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be an EM again. The only thing I would like to see with this app is for the EMs perhaps to hold off on it a little bit more until a point where you've really completely readjusted back into the community and people know you fully. In terms of the quality of your past events I've heard that they were very strange but I didn't personally experience them so I wouldn't say it's a big issue. I would advise perhaps to maybe join a regiment instead of an RC squad as whilst RC is fun it does kind of isolate you from the rest of the community if that's your main slot. Maybe like, you could join, the 187th Legion uwuuuu??? In my eyes, whilst you have a bit to work on you could make a great EM as your past experience and keenness for the role has stood out amongst other applicants. I wish you the best of luck man +1
  4. Hey bud, gonna give my feedback on this app: Ok so overall, this app is pretty much the exact same as your last one. From what I've read, a majority of your answers are the exact same and worst of all the event idea is the exact same. In honesty this is not a good look on how keen you really are for this position. Copy/pasting an app is never a route that you want to take especially if the last app was denied. Just putting this bluntly as it seems like the feedback on the last app didn't get through to you. In terms of the app though, a lot of the answers are still quite limited, you've fleshed out a few of them which is good but not enough to a point where I would say it has significantly changed. Additionally, (but note that this is not a major issue), your app is riddled with grammar/spelling errors so just fix those up when you get the chance as the details do matter with important things like staff apps. In terms of your event idea, I personally think that it's pretty stock standard and whilst it would definitely feasibly work and potentially be quite enjoyable, the goal of the event is to showcase your creativity in full flight. In my eyes your event idea lacks creativity which is something that you can definitely improve on. However it is worth noting that your attitude has definitely improved in my eyes and you're very active and have been a great dude to be around in this last month. I've still had some instances where you can cause trouble for yourself but it's not a huge deal IMO If you want to see some creative events then have a look at @Railgun's app or even @Cryo's. On top of that I reckon that my app at face value has a lot to give from a while back whilst I was a retard with my ULX whilst in staff. Anyways dude in terms of a verdict I'll be hitting you with a -1 just because your app and event idea read as a straight copy paste. I really hope to see you come up with a fresh event idea and app at some time in the future Good luck Kicks
  5. Nah dude you were clearly dead serious stop trying to deceive me with your lies
  6. It says the day that he posted it on the post. God damn it Shadowz. Get your life together bud.
  7. Ok Twitch I'm gonna be honest here: This app is probably the best moderator application I've seen in like a year and a half on Gateway. Holy moly your answers are awesome. Great ULX, not a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes and maturely responded. You can't really ask for much more. In the 187th you're a helpful sergeant, and a really friendly guy. You display all qualities that a staff member should have. The only criticism I have is that you're not well-known within the community. However that will come with time, so give it a month of good gateway gaming and I reckon you'd be an awesome mod. Good luck dude +1
  8. Good dude, has contributed a lot to jedi and is very well known around the server. One of my first friends on Gateway and I miss hanging out with you dude Good luck with the app +1
  9. All good dude, I admire your eagerness, keep up the improvement
  10. Gotta add a piece in here, for me this isn't necessarily a good thing, I feel as though it kinda verges on reflecting being power-hungry as opposed to fully understanding the server and then making a genuine attempt to moderate it. Whilst I agree that being eager is a fantastic quality, and I commend Sevy for that, you need to get to know the playerbase and engage in the server properly before you even consider going for a staff role. Let me take an example: about two months after I had joined the server, I had around 250 hours of playtime, and I asked @Sas whether I should go for EM. He gave me some advice, informed me on the logistics of the role, and said to me to take just two weeks before submitting the app to get around the server, become known, and be an EC. This helped me a lot, slowing me down, and giving me some time to take a moment and consider what being an EM would actually be like. Whilst mod apps and EM apps are not synonymous, I think that this example reflects what you need to do a little more Sevy. Jump in teamspeaks, engage in the server and become more known. You have to be even more engaged in the community as a mod than an EM, too (at least in my eyes) In conclusion, do I think Sevy would be a good mod? Bloody oath I do. He's shown that he is eager and can get shit done. But ask your average gateway gamer the same question, and unfortunately, I'm willing to bet that they'll say either "Who's that?" or "I don't really know him too well". Invest more time into the server lad, I need you to try and show everyone on the server what I know that you're capable of. Goodluck widdit
  11. Some more advice - if you make sub-objectives make sure they have a way to link back to your main objective. Having a loose Mandalorian and a foreign holocron in a cave in CIS territory doesn't really make sense at face value. You need to elaborate on that more, forge the story in a way such that it'll actually make sense in lore. On top of that, your doc makes it seem like the troopers are going to find the leader to get the information that the CIS are sending more forces. I don't really follow that part, idk if I'm just being a stupid head but if they already know that info why would they even bother with talking to the leader? Wouldn't they just quickly establish defensive perimeters? Still from my view the event idea hasn't increased in quality, it just has become a little bit more busy and honestly a bit confusing. Choose one of your more creative side objectives and from my perspective I would advise to simply make full event around that objective. I like the plant objective with the sick child, that could be really cool, actually having an EC as a child who isn't no targeted and seeing how well the republic forces defend said child.
  12. Yo yo, Gotta comment on this because you're a great friend of mine. In terms of attitude I really think you are more than fit for any staff role. Whilst you are quite young you're extremely mature and I've known you for a decent while now. It's super good to finally have you back. As for your app, the answers are really good. Whilst they could be beefed up a bit I think that you've stated your case very nicely. No complaints on that front. In terms of activity, it's really good to see you back fully. If your current activity sustains I think that on that front you'll be a-ok. But I have one critique of this app in despite my fondness of you as a guy and I have to be honest here in order to have you progress as an EM. Your event idea is extremely generic. Moving to a compound, capturing a CIS leader and defending the compound from incoming CIS happens like every one in three events, in my opinion this really hinders your application a lot. Despite this I'm still going to give you a very strong Neutral as I think that you have a really good application save from the slight lack of originality on the event side of things. When I was applying for EM (and whilst you should not emulate my actions in that role) Gary literally emphasised that the event idea was the most important part of the application. But obviously I have personal bias and so there's no way I'm giving you a -1. Honestly I really hope that you get into the team because I think you'd be really good, I just think that the boys need to foster a little more creativity in you in order to prevent a repetitive event scheme. I reckon shooting a DM to @Cryo would be a pretty good point of call, as I'm pretty sure that he'll have similar critiques about this app (or maybe not, can't really speak on the man's behalf) Other than that really good job on such a solid reputation, good application answers and being such a poggers CO and a great young lad. Come grab a beer with me when you get past 14 - Tej
  13. Whilst I think I lost your respect at the end of my EM hood you always kept mine. Great EM and great bloke, shame that you had to depart from us. You still owe me some lessons at Car Mechanic Simulator and I'll never forget those like two times that you were on your 187th slot. Have a good one lad. Don't waste too much money on gum xx
  14. Being someone who literally fucked up so bad to have been kicked from the staff team I've grown to know what the staff team expects and doesn't expect. I can say with absolute certainty that the staff team acknowledges your contribution to both the server and 7th Sky Corps. You've done a fantastic job in maintaining the regiment, especially whilst Florida has been away. On top of that I commend your application. It was more than worthy to get in, if the application process was based purely on that. But it's not. The trouble that I personally have with you, and that I'm guessing the rest of the staff team has is that you're inconsistent with the way that you act. From how I see it, you had like a month where you dropped the major minging and really acted like you were fit for the role. That was why I gave you a neutral - I wanted to see how you would do if given more time. And judging by the somewhat delayed verdict on your application, the staff team wanted to do the same; to see whether you would maintain said good attitude. And I'm gonna be honest here: from my perspective, you went back to your old ways. Let me list a few things that I'm sure would've ticked off the staff at least somewhat: - Constantly being arrested and making life hard for CG - Standing up on the stage in debriefs when you shouldn't be there - Often being just a little snarky towards EMs about the quality of their events - Only addressing feedback on your application which was positive and not appreciating the constructive advice that your Neutrals were trying to give you (this one personally miffed me off quite a bit. People don't give you negative responses to put you down - they do it to help you improve. Personally I appreciate negative responses more than positive ones, because they're what make us better people, and better staff. - Not really branching out of your own teamspeaks and just staying within the 7th one - Not obeying PTS like ever, especially in CO meetings. Gets really annoying when we're trying to discuss important matters and you're just shouting or typing dumb shit - Just general immaturity (like farting in 501st's regimental meetings lmao, I know that this one is funny but imagine if Stingel or something did that during a CO meeting) Whilst staff definitely embracing the mingery and having fun if you're being considered for a trial phase you don't make yourself look good with the actions above even if the established staff members do it. People like the senior staff and stuff minging get to do so because they've clawed their way up from your position. I know I took a break from the server, but I can say with absolute certainty that whilst he is a smelly poo now, that there is no way @Flea wasn't on his best behaviour when he was at the T-mod/mod phase. And on top of that, I think that your response above gives clarity to the staff for why you didn't get in. You really don't have to suck up to be fit for staff. I'll take an example here: @Shanny, @Macka, @Pluto, @Pab, all naturally very nice guys, they don't suck up. They're still fit for their roles. If you think to get staff you have to suck up then in my eyes you've got it all wrong. And let's be honest with ourselves here: can you really say that you sucked up to staff that hard? Read the list earlier in my response to answer that question for yourself. The thing is Syd is that I like hanging out with you as a guy. You're funny and friendly and I agree with that. But you don't make things as easy for yourself as you can. It's never too late man. The only way you can stick it to the staff team and really show them what they're missing out on is just by acting like an absolute weapon. Show them the potential of that awesome T-mod that they missed out on, and I guarantee you. They'll come back.
  15. I'll miss you tags
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