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  1. I personally disagree on the justification for this verdict. When developers apply the most important thing is their skills and what they can bring to the community through said skills. Whilst this is a staff app it is not the same thing as a moderation or event master position as the staffing that developers do is behind the scenes, whereas the staffing that the other two staff roles perform is directly in game. In my opinion, how good they’ll be at that job is not hindered by how well the community knows them. By contrast, event master’s events would be less enjoyable if they weren’t known and moderators would get clowned on more as people don’t like being told what to do by people they don’t know. Devon’s work that he’s presented demonstrates a great knowledge of coding and it’s well applied to ingame add ons that could be feasibly used in game. I’m no developer but i thought I’d chuck my two cents in here. well done Devon, I’ve looked at the add ons and being someone who’s learning how to program in Gmod LUA I can recognise that these examples are quite extensive and hence support your application. good luck +1
  2. Application is okay, I can't comment on your server activity but from my personal experience with you in the 501st, you were one of the first people to receive a strike in about 5 months of onboarding and offboarding troopers so your behaviour certainly doesn't reflect that of a staff member. Your event idea is decent but as Gecko said would be an extreme challenge to execute for even the seniors or head EMs. Going to come from a different angle here from Gecko's description of your application as 'textbook' by saying these answers need more fleshing out. The questions in orange are situations which you will inevitably run into should you be accepted into an event master role, and hence should be treated as such; lay out different ways that each situation could go and explain how you would react accordingly. All in all I think you articulate yourself well in this application but in general you need to work on your server demeanour and this application needs a bit of polishing before it is up to the standard that is expected for acceptance. I am worried that the well-tempered and intelligible individual that you portray through some of these answers is merely vanity compared to the way you act on the server. Bring those two images closer together and your chances of being an EM will skyrocket. Another little note: I can say with pretty sure confidence that you got a bunch of your friends to come and +1 your staff application judging by how within about 2 hours you already had 6 plus one reacts on this post from people who you have regularly affiliated with on the server with them giving basically no feedback on the actual application. Unfortunately for you though this has the opposite reaction as to how you intend, it's really not a good look and I can say with certainty that @Cryo and the rest of the EMs won't favour you any higher because of it. In summary your application, event idea and behaviour needs improvement. I really do have faith that you can do it though, because you seem to be well-spoken. Just try and be extra conscious of moments where you can show the staff team the new you. -1.
  3. This is class, we’re getting so many gatewaytubers sharing their dumb shit now. Good fun to watch, good on you spruce
  4. HAHAHAHAHA 187th died with me ;(
  5. Hey Spida, I think it's fair to say we know each other quite well. You're a really nice guy and this app is extremely detailed with a great demonstration of ULX commands and is also very nicely set out with colour coding and formatting. I think you're a great kid and are very friendly around the community so you would do well in staff in my humble opinion. Only thing I would suggest is to perhaps maybe try and get in teamspeak more, to get known around the community. For me you're like the mod version of @Slash, had a great EM app but just needed to hop in TS a bit more and once he did that he fully gelled into the event master role. I hope that you are similarly accepted as he was. Much love and good luck buddie. +1
  6. Hey Tune, not really going to beat around the bush here, your app is very rushed with no ULX. If you don't know the commands then it doesn't take much to just look them up online or even ask existing staff to take that extra mile and show how keen you are for the position. I've never seen you on teamspeak and honestly you never move out of 13th's discord, you just stay there and don't make any extra efforts to become known around the community. In terms of your personality, I don't see you fit for staff at all, when you were receiving feedback for your MARCOM promotion you always blew it off when others were genuinely trying to help you, and even went as far to imply that another one of your fellow commanders received his promotion to MARCOM because he was staff and it really made me lose respect for you the fact that you completely ignored the feedback of long term existing server members like that. You take feedback very poorly and are often extremely stubborn, a trait that is going to make you butt with a lot of heads if you ever ascertained a staff position. Additionally, from my experience you're not an active leader, you barely take initiative amongst the rest of the other COs and don't really talk at all during meetings so I frankly don't have much faith in your ability to handle sits. I like you as a dude man it's just in my honest opinion staff is definitely not your calling. I'd like to see more initiative in your application and an overall change of attitude before I reconsider, I've got faith that you can change it's just not the right time at the moment. Sorry if the feedback comes back bluntly or harshly, it's just I've provided you with a lot of help in the past (especially with why I didn't think you were getting MARCOM) and when I put it kindly it doesn't seem to get through to you. Good luck with the improvements mate but for now it's going to be a big -1 from me.
  7. Luxanna - cringe league reference
  8. Keeping things brief, the application is well written and you exercise an impressive knowledge of in-game commands which will eventually assist you to undergo sits and determine punishments for server rulebreakers. In terms of your server conduct, I only saw you operate in 7th sky but during that time you were mature and one of the only people in 7th who wasn't a consistent embodiment of monkey-brain idiocy. You're active in teamspeak and have made a conscious effort to disclose who you are to the community. No reason not to +1
  9. Keeping things brief, your application is very good and I've had no problems with you interactions wise. The ULX you demonstrate exhibits an extensively informed understanding of the commands and tools required for successful moderation. Your activity (whilst I cannot comment on it because I don't play the server anymore) has been described as solid by many of your peers. I've looked pretty hard and I've been unable to find a reason not to give a +1
  10. Will always remember our repeated discord conversations fondly. Sorry I annoyed you so much o7 xx
  11. Hey dude, I really like you as a guy and I cannot comment on your conduct on imperial but your conduct on clone wars was really good under my command. If it was purely based on personality then I'd be happy to support your app. But this app is like, so limited, I can't look past some of it's faults. You have no ULX, and honestly this app could have been whipped up in two minutes. I would like to see you as a mod but I think @Johan Nose really nails it with some of his feedback. You need to go more in depth with your answers and although the IMP server is struggling for staff right now you still need to exhibit a well informed understanding of the technicalities of server moderation before you're accepted. Hence, I would really recommend treating the feedback as something that you shouldn't neglect. Goodluck widdit
  12. Completely disagree, when I first met Mconnell as a 187th BATCOM he was super friendly to all of my troopers and came and did reg debrief and climbswep with us, making a good effort to get to know the boys. I get that you have an opinion but idk from personal experience I just haven't seen that side of mcconnell and I don't think that many people on this thread have either. If you could elaborate more on some specific experiences that'd be helpful x I support you no mic man and I'm kinda sad I left the server cos I want to hear that sexy voice
  13. Hey Dank, Going to leave my feedback on this app. So in terms of things that I would improve and ways that I would recommend you improve your community reputation, and potential fit for staff: ... +1
  14. Spompe


    I'm not gonna parrot the words of the lads above but I think that your influence on this community has been far more positive than the silly words of a few idiots reflects. I unfortunately never got to experience your events but by word of mouth all of the current EM team were literally aspiring to be like you through your creativity and experience as an event master. On top of that, as Yoda you brought so much wisdom and skill as I experienced that you continuously sought to ameliorate the jedi and make it better for all involved. I beg of you mate, remember the fact that the majority of people's lives and GG experience was improved by you and try and block out the words of those who are burdens and plagues on the community. There will always be disagreements and it's impossible to be popular with everyone, however: At the end of the day when you leave / take a break from a community like gateway one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: how many people's GG experiences did I improve / make enjoyable? Was I a respected and liked member of the community? And I whole-heartedly believe that you Andy can, with an extensively informed background knowledge, say that you made a vast majority of people's times on gateway enjoyable. To be able to say that is a gift, and I honestly wish that I could say the same sometimes. Well done on being such a well integrated and impactful member of the community. This break is well deserved. Take care of yourself. - Spompe
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