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  1. INQUISITORIUS ARCHIVES Access Requirements: Order of Inquisitors | Artifact Report | Artifact Name | ID: "Jedi Waystone" | #002 Artifact Location of Discovery: Cave system located on unindexed Outer Rim world Artifact Discoverer / Artificer: Inquisitor Rin Date Retrieved: 30/01 Artifact Description: A large and seemingly carved stone of dark greyish-blue colour, mounted in an ornate base of paler, beige stone. Affixed to this base are several panels, equally ornate in function but comprised of differing materials. The carved stone has streaks of blue haphazardly snaking around it, obscuring some of the writing that sits on its surface. These streaks of colour glow when access to the stored messages is attempted. The entire Waystone stands just taller than an average human. Artifact Declaration: The stone - identified as a Jedi Waystone - seemingly serves as a method to convey messages and information between Jedi at a fixed location, using the Force to store these messages within the fabric of the stone itself to be accessed at a later time. The stowing of this information gives the Waystone a characteristic hum. Though weak enough to be breached by users proficient in the Dark Side of the Force, there exists little chance that the stowed knowledge or data could be fully recovered by a Dark Side user without degradation. An attempt made to retrieve the stowed information at the site of its discovery revealed little but ephemeral and phantasmal images of Jedi, quickly vanishing. No messages were recovered in the attempt. The artifact sits inert within the archives, awaiting potential unlocking by a captured Light Side user, or the eventual divulging of its stored information by another, yet undiscovered means. The Waystone does not represent a present danger, nor any particular use until such a time that its data is accessed. Further Observations / Notes: none. | Artifact Report End |
  2. Great RP, Great Player, Very Intricate Examples - Big old +1
  3. Also this that I completely forgot I made. Examples of a few animations I've been working on:
  4. A few more examples and a few others from different angles: 1- Imperial Messaging Unit 22 (IMU-22): Basically a custom built propaganda droid deployed to the Outer-rim. PAC3 model can project animated hologram using Eighth Brother as a stand in for whoever you want. (Bone merge, Prop addition, animation) 2- Imperial Droid Operator: Officer with bone changes. Non-regiment specific operator of scouting droids and used for droid engineering. (Bone merge, Prop addition, animation) 3- Hazardous Environment Gonk: Modified Gonk droid for hazardous environments / bomb scenarios, complete with fire extinguisher. (Bone Merge, Prop addition, Animation, Effects) 4- Inquisitor Bibliotech: Inquisitor librarian, artificially enhanced to process artifacts. (Bone merge, Prop addition, animation) The examples attached to this comment are a different angle / animation for the Bibliotech / Droid Operator in addition to "Governor Gravis" and "Imperator Rin" which are an Empire occupied planetary governor and a modified version of my current character respectively. Some of these images don't have the PAC3 menu shown because I was taking *cinematic* screenshots and didn't have the foresight to include it.
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59640151 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Patmorca Current in-game alias: TK-5777 Squib / Inquisitor Rin List your current playtime: 41 Are you a donator? Yes Have you used PAC3 before? No Why do you want access to PAC3? Ever since my character's left arm was mercilessly cleaved off in my inquisitor trial, I've taken an interest in the capacities of PAC3. PAC3 would be a useful tool in deepening Inquisitor RP and RP in general in addition to providing me a way to differentiate my character from others, and finally achieve my dream of not being identified as "that dude that looks like Plo Koon". PAC3 provides the tools necessary to update characters and create new ones, and access to such a tool would allow me to improve both my own experience on the server as well as others. How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? PAC3 would enhance my time on the server by providing an avenue to create more intricate RP - specifically Inquisitor RP (Models / animations) - as well as provide an activity to do within the quieter hours of the server - the downtimes between events. As stated above, PAC3 would also improve the degree of individuality of my character and allow me to take RP related to my character in different directions. In addition to this, using PAC3 within a server environment allows for a much faster and more open approach to learning the tool; again, as stated above, I'm relatively new to the PAC3 tool and while I believe my examples to be my best foot forward, there is a definite advantage to learning in a communal environment as opposed to the insularity of single player. Explanation of Examples and a few more examples can be found in the comments. PAC3 Example #1: PAC3 Example #2: PAC3 Example #3: PAC3 Example #4:
  6. ISB INTERNAL SECURITY REVIEW INCIDENT #45 FILE INDEX: TK_MIS_30 CASE DESC: TKs gain access to inquisitorial personnel file. --EVENT TRANSCRIPT-- B: Private TK-0809 “Bolts” L: Private First Class TK-4563 “Line” B - Well… I got all those files. We need to figure out how to sneak the Sergeant’s datapad back though. L - Right, right - we can sort that out later. You got the TIE Passcodes?? B - Let’s see… we’ve got...um: “Incident report #309 Imperial astromech making unwanted advances toward mouse droid unit” “Engineering Manual #208: Controlling Unwanted Combustion of Caffeinated Beverages by Ross Malcolm” “Cargo Manifest 0204: 246 Gallons of milk” L - Yeah cool, but does it have the TIE passcodes or not? B - Uh… yeah gimme one sec - cargo manifest, incident report, incident report, training report, Inq - hold on - “Inquisitor Personnel File: Rin Kes”. The hell is that doing there? L - Aren’t those supposed to be locked out - even to Sergeants? B - Looks recent - let’s have a peek: GENEALOGICAL DATA: Name: Rin Kes Alias: Rin Race: Kel Dor Languages: Kel Dor / Galactic Basic PHYSIOLOGICAL / PSYCHOLOGICAL DATA: Physical State: Healthy | Fit Mental State: Stable Weight: 80kg Build: Tall | Slim Age: 20-25 (ASSUMED) Disabilities: None PERSONAL DATA: Previous Occupation: None Current Occupation: Inquisitor Hobbies: Listening, People Watching, Chess, Following Droids Around, Birdwatching. “Rin Kes was sent to train with the Baran Do sages, leaving his family at a relatively young age to be taught and to hone combat, knowledge and control of the force in Kel Dor custom. This act, though rooted in Kel Dor honour and traditionalism, instilled a great loneliness within him, which festered just beneath the surface of his mind.. His ambition of becoming a sage fell short at the sudden rise of the Empire, and subsequent purging of many light-side force users such as the Baran Do sages. Whilst off world with his tutor, an Imperial detachment with Inquisitors in tow descended upon the planet, killing his tutor but leaving him alone but alive. Those Inquisitors knew that such a young force sensitive, and Kel Dor telepath would be easy to corrupt, sensing the vile solidarity resting in his mind. And so the young Rin Kes was left alone within the empty, grey and maze-like halls of imperial star destroyers for many years. Though innately adept with the force, his young age, stunted training, separation from his race and inability to speak galactic basic further drove his isolation. He spent many weeks and many months simply watching. He watched stormtroopers march the halls; watched uniformed officers laugh and drink, and watched them all as they stared. He listened too. He listened to the chimes of small droids buzzing about and the violent rush of blasters firing and the talking in a tongue he couldn’t quite understand. The Inquisitorius left him to rot in his own silence for many years more, allowing him to grow in those emotions so key to the dark side of the force, in addition to the addressing of more pragmatic concerns: the gradual learning of galactic basic and familiarisation with the Empire’s conduct, structures, soldiers and ideals. When finally the Inquisitorius returned to him with an offer, though now an outwardly apathetic and aloof husk, he would finally be given power, purpose, a “home” and a mission: Hunt those with ambition, kill those with hope, embrace desolation, and foster those forlorn and forgotten within the dark, just as he was.” B- Well then... L - Always wondered why he didn’t talk much. And why he stared. And - you know - why he’s always following droid about. B - And there we are. TIE passcodes. B - Line, did you hear that? L - Blast it - blast it all to hell. Drop the datapad let’s book it. ISB’ll have to catch us in the skies! --END TRANSCRIPT--
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