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  1. Dam this guy is kinda cute nah but this mans does great RP and overall outstanding guy. Great job. +1
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Albert Karmehed Race: Wookie Known Alias’/Nicknames: Pocket Previous Occupation: Youngling Current Occupation: Padawan Known Languages: Basic, Shyriiwook (Wookiespeak) Hobbies: Hunting, Fighting, Building and cooking Alignment: Repubic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None that are known Likes: Food Dislikes: Caves. Personality: Quite agressive, Can get aggitated easily but wont lash out onto other people. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Strong and healthy Age: 17 Weight: 140 kg Build: Broad. Disabilities: None known Appearance: Hairy and clean. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Azazel Thorin Lightsaber details: Wood like with some ivory mixed in it. Combat style: Agressive and agile BACKSTORY Grew up on Kashyyyk as a young Wookie, grew up in a smallish tribe but knew a lot of different tribes. Karmehed knew a lot of the blokes in the tribe and he hung out with them and he always fought between each other getting his aggressive trait. At the young age of 5 he began to follow his father on a hunt, he learned quickly from his father how to survive off the land and how to build shelters from the wildlife. Karmehed was always intrigued by the would and would take a head-on approach to things, throwing caution to the wind. When he was hunting with his father he stumbled across a hostile beast in a cave that he was not familiar with, instead of listening to his father and staying away from the creature he ran straight up to the creature and tried to kill it. The creature promptly struck him down and made him unconscious. From then on he realised to take caution around things he did not know. On one hunting trip, he was lost in the wild with the trees towering over him wind whistling through, the sounds of rocks slamming into the ground and the deafening sound of water plummeting from the tops. This time he was without his father, he was lost... He was scared but then he realised what his father taught him, follow the smoke. He looked up and sniffed, looking for the smoke he eventually picked up on ascent. The smoke dragged him into a camp where he found the source of the fire and a very good looking tent, Karmehed was ecstatic that he found the camp, there was so much food and he started to cook it, Karmehed had never cooked before but he has seen his mother cooking, Karmhed noticed the extreme pleasure of cooking. Suddenly Karmehed noticed a branch snap and then a rock was tossed at me, it misses and goes into the fire, I felt the same feeling I felt when I found that beast, I was getting angry and I was ready to tackle what was attacking me. I could not see where it was chucked at me from, so he frantically looked around in fear where it came from, then I noticed some odd sounds coming over from a tree, I slowly approach the location, looking for any more signs at this current moment he is warry of what to do, follow my father's teachings or pounce at the position. Karmehed shouts "hello" since his father always said, "don't be the aggressor, try and talk before attacking". Suddenly a sound emerges from the darkness almost a shuffle of sorts, Karmehed responds to this sound with "I'm friendly don't attack!". Nothing had seemed to change so Karmehed responds with "please come out". A shadowy figure appears out of the darkness shrouded in fear I pace backwards, to my surprise there is an equally scared individual who is trying to put on a tough face and he says to me "where have you come from?", instinct I responded with "I don't know I came from downstream, I'm lost". I ask if I can come back with him, he then he promptly tells me to follow him, I arrive at their village and greeted by what seems to be the Wookies father and he assures me he knows where the village is and we will return there at first light and he lets me stay at their house and I learn more about this other man and his name is Victus. When the light set on their village we set foot back to my village, I am full of excitement to tell my father of my adventure with my newly met friend. Normally when I step foot onto my tribe's grounds I would see people looking at us, but this time there is nothing there is no one in sight and there is a tone of tenseness in the air. Arrival at the village there is no-one its a desolate place, I was so distraught by this my whole life beforehand was gone a void has opened into my heart, nothing that a new was there no more lessons from my father no more friends, all is lost all is gone, the closest thing I have to my family is Victus. Suddenly we got ambushed by Trandoshans trying to take us away as well but luckily we had some of the stronger people in Victus' tribe so we easily ran away from them and took them out. We returned to Victus' tribe and I got adopted into his tribe. While later Victus and I were fighting and to our astonishment, we realised we could move things without our hands. I was shocked and so was he. Then we heard wind of the Jedi entering our planet, we heard of the stories of the Jedi and without hesitation, we tried to find them. Luckily we did not need to go far to find them, they came straight to us, a scary man who called himself Hett came to me and put something into my arm it hurt a little. We got on a ship that we have never seen before and said our farewells to my new family and I met a new man called thorin, he didn't know how to say my name so he just called me Albert, I don't know why but I stuck with that name. On arrival at the temple we settled in and we got this fancy new fire sword, Victus and I still have a lot to learn or that's what Thorin said. RELATIONSHIPS Victus Azazel Thorin A'Sharad Hett Max For'h Kan'i West CIS battle droids CIS generals Trandoshans Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  3. Name: Pocket Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dadcomebackplease/ In-game Name: Pocket Server: Clone Wars RP Why do you want it: Would be a lotta fun trying something out, dabble in some other form of RP.
  4. ||..Accessing Imperial Database..|| Please insert Login Details: User Password: ||..Access Granted..|| ||..Welcome..|| Search ID: A.ROA ||..Accessing files..|| Full Name: Arnold Poach Roach Known Alias’/Nicknames: No known Aliases Previous Occupation: ISB Agent, Engineer, Scout trooper. Current Occupation: Naval Personnel. Known Languages: Basic. Alignment: Loyal to the Empire. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable. Likes: Gentlemen of high standing and respects people who speak proper. Dislikes: Ruffians, Dirty inviroment. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy. Age: 25 Weight: 92kg Build: little chubby. Disabilities: N/A PERSONAL INFORMATION: Born on Kuat in a wealthy ship building family. Arnold always looked down upon the street thugs and all the criminals in the world because they could not appreciate him and the work that he and his family performed. Arnold joined the navy hoping for a more fullfilling future and bring more influence to his family. Arnold has a gambling addiction and he cannot get rid of it no matter how hard he tried and sometimes it conflicts with his work.
  5. So regarding the skills, i am quite cabable at doing climb swep, saber dueling and shooting (in particular breaching). I can do all sorts of climb swep rangeing from roof to 5th ledge, in particular i can see roof swep comming in quite handy within the role. I always think that if you want to be a succsefull guard then your going to have to be able to catch the perp. 80% of the time you will be easily able to catch the perp, but 20% it might be difficult to get them. Since Royal Guards are ment to be the best of the best in everything it makes sense that they would require to be good at climb swep and all of the above I have mentioned. There cannot be any room for error in this situation, so that 20% has to become a 1%. Regarding saber dueling, I have done training with saber wielders before in PVP agianst the, not only with sabers but also with blasters. I also have expirence with leading RC squads which are very simmilar to the Royal Guards number wise, I do know how to keep the reg alive. Hope i have answered your questions if you have any more then feel free to shoot me a message or reply on my app :).
  6. Name/Alias: Pocket/Arnold Roach/Cov Previous Notable Roles on Gateway Gaming: Beta ARC, IMP Engineer, CO Highest Rank Achieved: Captian 4th Grade/Major GG Server Playtime: 26d 6h What can you bring to the role?: I can bring a dedicated CO to the role, i know how to train people well and make them effective within their job. I know a lot of skills regarding climb swep, shooting and saber dueling and more !! Will bring my knowledgeof knowing how to train people to try my hardest to make the standard of the men stick out above everyone else. Why should we pick you over other applicants?: Would really think I could do some quality things with this reg. Most notably the quality of the guards I would make sure thats top-notch and not something any old joe, as mentioned beforehand. I know how to lead a small group of people and keep them active. I have lead RC squads before and they are very simillar in regards towards numbers. I know what the people will want to do and how to apease them without being mingey. I am fairly active im on most of the time. Will be interactive with other people on the server not just walk past them and never talk to them. I will not stop trying to improve the guards skill and my own skill while im the CO or even if im not
  7. +1 very gammer, you will be great for this.
  8. Name: PocketSteam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dadcomebackplease/In-game Name: Arnold RoachServer: Imperial RPWhy do you want it: I really want a light saber think that'll be very epic.
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