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  1. So what your saying is your computer is getting outperformed by my laptop? Cause that map runs smooth as a mf.
  2. Black your time in 7th was good but short and you reg hopped to CG and started doing some questionable things. Overall your not too known right now and your application has less meat on it's bones than an African child. Recommend you take the time to get active around the server and teamspeak. Also read some other applications to get an idea of what you want to do. -1
  3. Give him a shot. We need more confident and active EM's. +1
  4. This has to be the worst rotation I have ever witnessed in my life. Scrap Jania and Extensive with Titan and normal Venator.
  5. Ralla is pretty cool at most times. Not any in-game difficulties that I can recall. Only feedback I have is with the application. A little more fleshed out and colour coding goes a long way, besides that some of the scenarios could use some work. I wont be the one to spell it out what you need but have a glance at some of the previous apps, stick to the accepted ones but give mine a glance as well if you wish to grab some ideas. +1
  6. Also can we get a ventilation system leading in and out of R-Sec? It's a bit stuffy down there and I wouldn't want them to suffer from lack of oxygen.
  7. Of course you are.
  8. The perma-propped stuff in the bunks (the props that spawn with the map and we cannot remove) is a small pain Mr. Stoneman. What's happening to those? They are cool but there's a few to many of them. I don't mind the ones in the hallways but the ones inside the bunks are a minor hassle.
  9. Before this gets locked up and filed away I'll throw a little piece in. Personally I feel cheated by the staff team for the fact I had to be on my "Best Behavior" for TWO WHOLE MONTHS before even considering me a trial period which I wasn't even granted. I can't help but feel although personnel bias from some staff members has contributed to the denial; Facts: Someone who has poured 300+ hours into the server over the span of a few months becoming one of it's most active and known members. Friendly to all at face value and always willing to give a helping hand. Former moderation experience across multiple servers. Positive & active connection on the forums and teamspeak. Textbook application which had quite the effort and only made in 1 go with no edits. Constant back and forth with staff members regarding said application. 2nd IC of one of the most active regiments on server. Numerous +1's and ZERO -1's even from current staff members. - Yeah, I might be bitter, but who wouldn't be after waiting 2 months to get told to "get fucked". Re-applying is useless unless either a major change happens with the current staff team / loss of members OR they actually use a trial phase properly. I still wanna be a mod, but if I'm not accepted now at my peak; there's no point applying later when I'm burning out. And I'll still be denied again and again cause I get thrown in R-Sec more than the average trooper. Call it "Bad Timing" or whatever but hit me up when the staff team starts to die and I'll re-apply. I'm not burning myself out sucking up to staff for 2 months straight.
  10. 2226


    @Siff You were the first CG to arrest me on Gateway. Adios
  11. MEDICAL BOOT-CAMP 14th March (Sunday) 7:15-8:30pm Also by 7:15pm I mean whenever the 6:30 event finishes. Greetings troopers. With 917th leaving Task Force Gateway for a bit I have taken up the liberty to host a "Medical Boot-Camp" to better train and introduce troopers to the medical side of the Task Force. Myself, Railgun and Jeff will be advising; providing training and support on the day to any who come. Everyone is welcome to show up and learn a bit about what it means to be a medic in the GAR. We will start off with a Ted Talk about what the role of a medic is and how they fit into the grand scheme of a regiment. We will also cover basic medical rules and discuss drugs, equipment, bacta types, poisons, toxins and scanning (roll system). Then we will move into practical work, using the knowledge the troopers have learned so far they will conduct examinations and operations on "patients" testing themselves and learning along the way. Finishing off we will have Question Time. We hope to see you there!
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