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  1. /--------------------------------------------\ \\ Accessing Clone Database //  \\ Please insert Login Details // \\ User: user | Password: ************ //  \\ Access Granted // \\ Welcome user // \\ Search ID: A-06 //  \\ A-07 code name: "Phobia" found! // \\ Accessing files // \--------------------------------------------/ GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-06 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Phobia Previous Occupation: Trainee Current Occupation: Alpha ARC Grenadier Known Languages: Galactic basic. Hobbies: Shooting, Endurance Training, Alignment: True Neutral. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Acceptable. Mental Disabilities: N/A. Likes: Commitment Dislikes: Incompetence PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Peak condition. Height: 184cm Weight: 76 KG Build Athletic, slightly above average height. Disabilities: N/A RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | _________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Friend Alpha Arc, A-06 has unraveled trust and respect to this Arc brothers A-06 trusts and cares for his brothers and their decisions. A-06 believes that everyone within Alpha Arc are the bests troopers in the republic and would have no problem leaving his life in their hand. Friend A-06 has some friends outside of Arc but, doesn't spend much time with them due to the intense trainings and work A-06 does in his spare time but, still tries to spend some time with his friends and help them improve their skills and help them develop more skills. Liked Coruscant Guard, A-06 has some funny encounters with the CG from Protests, Funny Jesters and more. A-06 believes that some members within CG are better then others but none the less A-06 believes that CG also think that the encounters are funny as well. Acquaintance Core Troopers, A-06 believes that Shadow to 7th sky all the regiments except [Redacted] have well balanced troopers, not the best some more skilled then others but, A-06 believes that they all have potential to improve their skills. Indifferent / Untrusted Jedi Order - A-06 has meant some Jedi that are questionable and some that are genuine very good at what they do but, in A-06's eyes the Cons out shine the Pros. A-06 believes that Jedi are more then just meat shields in battle. their commanders and leaders they might not be good but A-06 thinks they try their best. Disliked N/A Hatred Aliens (Different Races) A-06 believes that most species that he has encountered and aligned with the Cis any thing that he doesn't know or seems shady he believes that their working with the CIS. There are some Species that he trusts like Twileks, Gotal's, Togruta's, Wookie's and Nautolans. Death Wish CIS - A-06 Wishes death amount all supporters of the CIS. A-06 has seen and watched his brothers die in battle and wishes nothing but all member and assets allied with the Cis a horrid Death.
  2. (Edited the application to fit the new format)
  3. Current in-game alias and or ranks: Master Kyofusho & SPC Phobia Previous notable Names/Ranks/Positions: Phobia (7th) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:16569989 Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993405706/ List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP servers (Main and Event server): 306 What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age): 16 Do you have any active warnings? (Confirm with a staff member if unsure): None Application: TeamSpeak is an essential platform used by all staff members to communicate to each other and the community. A majority of your presence (including activity) will be determined by your availability on TeamSpeak. Do you have it installed? I do What made you decide to join the staff team? What are your intentions with the staffing role and its in-game abilities and power? Well, the reason I decided to put an application to join the Staff team is to help players on the server every time I seem to leave and find a different server and say to myself that I wouldn’t put up an application but, it ends up happening because of my nature of wanting to help people, I don’t have any intentions to ruin anyone’s time on the server I just want to assist new/old Players on the server if they need anything from tools, simple tickets, more complexed tickets ETC, I would only use my In-game Abilities and power to assist people, not for my own personal goals Ie helping people that are stuck or giving tools, I wouldn’t spawn myself in Op weapons or because I’m a Jedi spawn myself a load of XP. I’m not that type of person I don’t really do things to benefit myself only others so that’s why I decided to put up an application. In a minimum of 50 words, express if and/or how you enjoy helping others? Also, include how this will transfer into the staffing role if achieved. Well, whenever I help someone in general I get this feeling that improves my mood and boost my self-esteem but, it just overall makes me happy knowing that I’ve helped someone in some sort of way I’ve been a staff member on countless servers from TTT, SCP, and an Event master at one time which was hella fun running events for the player base which made them happy which inturned made me happy because I was able to put a smile and make someone have fun with one of my events. Now how helping others will transfer to a staffing role is. Me being able to do something that as a user I wouldn’t be able to do. From doing the smallest thing or maybe if I get accepted becoming a backup Em due to my history of me being an Em. In a minimum of 50 words, if given a trial phase, how will you impact the community and what benefits will you bring to the staff team? I will be able to have an impact on the community in a positive way because of my experience in being staff on different servers that I mentioned before I also know a good amount of knowledge of commands and how a moderator should act/present himself to others. also the fact I love assisting people who need help as an EM I wasn’t able to assist people in RDM tickets, Tools Etc I was just there to run events which I loved don’t get me wrong but, I feel like I’d help more people as a mod then an Em I feel like. I believe with these traits I’ll be able to well as a Mod and do well in the role. I also know a good amount of knowledge of a mod thought being on and an Em I learned made mistakes and moved past them. overall I believe that I’ll fit into the team fine. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Do you also understand that a staff role is one that comes with the expectation of commiting time to helping the users of the server (Up to 20 hours a week)? Yes Scenarios: A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? I would first !bring & !freeze the user to halt him from continuing to Rdm and check /logs and !bring the player he rdmed as well to figure out the situation. There can be multiple outcomes to this if the person who committed Rdm starts to apologize and sounds remorseful about his actions I would let him off with a verbal warning and keep an eye on him !administrate for abit. Another outcome could be if the user continues to bash the player I would have to !gag him and explain what's going on and the rules he's broken once I finished explaining what's going on. I would ungag him and see what he has to say if he continues insulting the user or myself I would !Warn the Offender for Player DIS & Staff Dis and if he continues more severe punishments will occur but, if he stops after the Disrespect warn I would also have to !warn him for Rdmx1 After I’ve spoken to both players I would return them both and do !administrate the person who was warned and watch him, if he continues to insult and Rdm I would !bring & !freeze again and !ban him for Failure to listen to staff and Rdmx (the number of players killed) and Player Dis. If he starts to play properly after the warn I would leave him be. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? If a User I warned started to question the warn he received from me I would first !bring him to a quiet place on the map and ask him "Why do you think the warn that you received was wrongful?" What he does next effects the outcome out the sit, if he calmly and respectfully talks about why he disagrees about the warn I’ll be happy to explain to him why he was warned and talk to him about the warn and get but if he starts to be aggressive with me and starts to disrespect me I would ask him to be less insulting/Aggressive cause it could count as Staff disrespect if he continues then I would have to !warn him for Staff Dis. After the warn I would get another staff member to assist me with the reset. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? No matter if its a joke or not Threatening to DDos the server or a player is not tolerated I would do /logs and copy his SteamID and open up the Gmenu by using the !gmenu Command and ban the User for 3 days (which is the Max amount of days for Trial Mod, I would also ask for permission to ban the user) then after that Has been dealt with I would contact senior staff about the User that has threatened to DDos the server or a player I would provide the Steam Id and Profile of the user and anything else I can show. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? If it’s an In character argument that’s getting quite heated I would instantly tell them through Voice Chat or /looc to chill out. If the argument continues and gets out of hand I would do !administrate and !bring both users to a quiet location I would then tell them both to explain the situation to me and to figure out both sides by separating both users so one doesn’t cut off the other or by just the !gag Command on one of the users and let him speak then !gag him and ungag the other one. Once I have figured out what has happened I would check /logs and see If I can see anything there if not I would ask if they had any evidence of the situation if not and I’m having trouble coming up with an outcome I would ask another mod or ask in Admin chat for assistance on a verdict once the verdict is made I would explain to them what I got from both sides and either !warn one or both of them if I wasn’t able to come with a definite answer I would give both of them a verbal warning if they continued I would warn both of them. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? If someone reported or If I found a cadet out of the cadet room I would use !administrate and !bring the Cadet to the cadet room and say "Hey dude your not allowed to leave this room without being Trained." if it seems the cadet is willing to cooperate with me and wanting to play respectfully on the server and isn't minging, I would write in OOC or A Cadet requires training, if no SGT+ volunteers then someone will be picked at random to train the cadet. However, if the cadet isn’t willing to cooperate and acts properly I would give him a verbal warn by telling him Please don’t minge around otherwise It could result in a NITRP warn and a kick from the server. If the cadet continues to minge and not act properly I would do !warn the user/cadet for NITRP then if he continues after the warn I would !kick him from the server and if he comes back and continues to minge I would then !ban him for NITRP. Another way this could end is if after the first warn he says he’ll play properly, Ill pretend to leave and do !administrate and watch him to see if he plays properly if not I would !bring him tell him what I saw and !kick him from the server, If he comes back and continues I would !ban him for NITRP. Thank you for reading and if you have any feedback please do let me know!
  4. Alright Jack Im going to give my feedback on this app Firstly, the answers for the scenarios are very lacking. There is a very little mention of ULX commands, and no mention of the correct syntax used to actually execute these commands. Additionally, your answers don't properly demonstrate how you would be effective at solving an issue. For instance, your answers are incredibly basic, to the point where the way you would actually sort out an issue is lost in it's simplicity. For example: Well to start you addressed the situation of the user Rdming other players but, you forgot to include the insulting others. you've only answer half the question How would you Clam down a Person who is Screaming their lungs out during a sit Calming people down in the heat of the moment is very difficult, and it's not as easy as going in and basically just defusing the situation. Now with the other questions Well yes you aren't wrong but, a Mod would displayed any attempt to hear his side of the story. Moderators can be wrong too, and you may have made a mistake without knowing it. you would hear the person out listening to the user and hearing his side not showing that aspect doesn't give a good look if you want to become a Mod Now with the another questions! A DDos or server threat, whether real or simply a prank is NOT taken kindly you wouldn't ask for help you would just ban him on the spot you won't ask for help at the start after the ban is when you would talk to Senior Staff/ about the situation. if a commander and Lieutenant are in a heated argument and its seems to be an argument not IC you wouldn't sit it out and listen in the open you would bring both of them and listen to both sides there. First off if the cadet doesn't want to play properly you would talk to him about his behavior isn't accepted on the server and if he continues with the said behavior you would warn him for NITRP then if he continues to minge you would kick him then if he joins back and continues you would Ban him but, if he agrees to play on the server properly you would do !administrate to watch the Cadet call a SGT+ To the cadet room and watch the training if he proves that he's capable to play on the sever then he's fine but, if he continues to minge then you would take action. Overall I'll be leaving a -1 for you application your answer lack detail and a Good explanation for what you would do in each situation As well I distinctly remember you just completely bashing a Event that @Ratinson Ran. At debrief you showed your dislike for the event he ran witch is alight good criticism for Rat but, you went on about the event and I quote heard you say "This Event Fucking Sucked" and from what I heard within 13th Discord you don't seem to care about the Em's feelings and how hard they work for during the event. and just consistently bash the events, Before I keep going its not just you within 13th but, you a good dude I've seen you're a great person but, you let your emotions control you sometimes. So if you were to take anything from the response look at other peoples apps and NOT COPYING them try and read through the apps and incorporate them into yours. I know your a good guy but, at certain times you can seem like a complete dick. I Do wish you good luck on the App and try and fix what I pointed out!
  5. Was just listening to this while scrolling through the forums Lmao
  6. "I want to focus on being council that's why I don't want to apply' -Grif A week later... Grif - CW: Trial Moderator Application Hmmmmm Na good dude good luck +1
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