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  1. This guy is a chad. I've been playing with him for yonks. +1
  2. Name: Phobos/Eclipse Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheBestEclipse/ In-game Name: Phobos Server: (Clone Wars RP / Imperial RP): Imperial RP Why do you want it: Sith/Inquistor passive roleplay, and who doesn't want a laser sword?
  3. Hello gateway gamers, I too am a fellow gateway gamer. I'm known by some on the community by Eclipse, but unsurprisingly Eclipse is a common name. I am a GLua developer, and I help servers out with their issues
  4. I've known Emerald for yonks now. Thought I'm not known throughout the community but this would be a great mod. +1
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