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  1. Name: SyticSteam Profile Link: SyticIn-game Name: 2641 "Rookie"Server: Clone Wars RPWhy do you want it: One of the few chances I got to be a Jedi on was a server that unfortunately while great, burned out quickly and faded away. I'd be very happy to give it a second shot.
  2. Squishy can keep his cool, continues to host open trainings, is agreeable and friendly. Alongside this, he's repeatedly found himself open for discussion and seems to have a good understanding of what could be expected of him as a moderator, while still seeking to enjoy the game we play together. The grammar could use some work on the application, although I've heard there's some problems with editing. Overall, +1, good luck dude.
  3. +1 he's a top lad and helped me get used to the server -rookie
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