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  1. minecraft sucks i hate minecraft
  2. i hate minecraft
  3. Do I have to really say anything? Welcome back, Spirit +1
  4. Why isn't this man moderator yet, everything is flawless. +1
  5. Spida was probably the first friend I've met on the server, and I am grateful you've been nice with me for all this time. You'd make a very good staff member, and I wish you good luck! +1
  6. Stoneman


    2 frames per second
  7. Very good idea, I would play that!!
  8. Domino has been really nice, and also been helping me out at any moment he can. He definitely got good intentions, props to that. Definitely very good on the communication side as-well, and that is very much important. I very much enjoy you being around, led alone being very nice! +1
  9. Immediate +1! I've been coding and talking with you for some time now, and I am honestly inspired with how fast you learn things! You'd make a good developer.
  10. I've been coding with him at night, he's great! +1
  11. Sorry, but where is THE VENATOR
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