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  1. just to clarify, This can be either jedi on clonewars or whatever the other one is on imperial CL
  2. Hello Gamers! I'll cut to the chase, for the second year in a row I'll be gifting a random player on the server a Jedi! (**Please note, Players that already have a Jedi are not eligible**) Now onto how to win, in the comments below tell me why you should be the person to win and the backstory of your Jedi. ~I would like to ask a staff member to pin this thread, so it does not get lost among everything else~ I look forward to reading your replies and best of luck! the Winner will be drawn on the first of December. Love, Chicken Little
  3. I'm pretty good at getting people to stop talking to me
  4. ngl the anticheat is pretty good (def havent done anything sketchy i promise)
  5. which foxtrot though i've seen like 7
  6. thats what i do all the time, v funni
  7. name a cheffffffffffffffffffffffff
  8. *donates $50 for what the juice*
  9. cheers mate, good to see a speedy reply sorry for the hastle
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