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  1. I hate it how darth vader dies to ahsoka
  2. From what I remember about you, you've gone through "giving it actual go" atleast 5 times, now I'm not one to talk but cmon dude.
  3. wheres the vote for "how aren't you banned yet"?
  4. Hi sorry for the delay, I have been busy with life and havent had a chance to check the forums @Aqua please check your private messages
  5. Congratulations @Aqua On winning a free jedi/sith. Please contact me within 2 days to claim your prize else I will draw again
  6. I've had a few experiences with bedgie, he seems like a 11/10 minge so I could see this happening
  7. Hello Gamers!I'll cut to the chase, for the second year in a row I'll be gifting a random player on the server a Jedi/Sith (Imperial)!(**Please note, Players that already have a Jedi/Sith (imperial) are not eligible**)Entering is easy, just reply to this topic with a cool meme I look forward to reading your replies and best of luck! the Winner will be drawn on the first of December.Love, Chicken Little
  8. I'm pretty good at getting people to stop talking to me
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