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  1. A man, a myth, the legend! How are ya buddy! Played with you for a while now, haven't had much interaction with you, however from what I've heard you are a good candidate to the Gateway Gaming Community! From both personal experience and from what a little birdie told me, I best believe that you'll be a good candidate to join the Trial Mod team! Therefore, I give you a big 'ol +1. Farewell buddy, Good luck! Kind regards, - Gale
  2. Thanks buddy, much appreciated! Will do!!
  3. Thanks buddy, much appreciated! Happy to help out anytime, just shoot me a message
  4. Hey Champion, good to be back! Great to see you again! I've known you for a while now, even though I was on LOA, for all the times I have played with you, you always seem to impress me with your massive amounts of effort and dedication to the 7th Sky Corps. Anyways, talking about your app. From the responses you've written above, you've brought great content to the table, content that will for sure benefit the server. Now, I am not a man who is bias or for whatever a side-taker, however I do believe this man deserves a shot at this role, I definitely believe you deserve a big 'ol +1. Hope to see more of your fantastic work in the future!! - Gale
  5. Hey champion! Really happy to see you applying for this role! In my eyes you are definitely suitable for this role, the extreme amounts of effort, dedication and community cooperation is excellent! From reading your app, I can see that you've definitely had past experience of being a moderator! Hopefully, I will see you soon, as I really want to be able to co-operate with you again! Therefore, Ritz I am really happy to see you applying for this role, so I'm giving you a big 'ol +1. Hope to see you soon!! - Gale
  6. Hey everyone, currently I have just finished my 5th out of my 7 HSC exams. Sorry for the long LOA, have put my studies as my top priority atm. However, after November 11th, I will be completely free. I hope to see you all soon! Have fun and keep gaming!
  7. Hey buddy, great application from what I can see. Can be worked on, nothing is always perfect. I've known you for a while now, you've always been active, always talking to the community, something we all like seeing. At first from what I read, I was going to stay neutral, however, the application you have proposed has a great layout and good content. I suggest you take some time to look at some past successful/unsuccessful applications to see what they have done, everyone is unique. Something is always different with all applications that have been submitted. Maybe take some time thinking of some situations as well, so that the staff can see that you'd know what to do upon action. Otherwise, it's a +1 from me. Keep up the good work!
  8. From this response, I'm really happy to see that you're taking feedback onboard!!! Keep up the good work, I'm changing my mind to a +1. Hope to see you out there soon!
  9. Like Spooky said. I highly recommend looking back at both accepted and rejected applications to get a better idea. I also highly recommend talking to a current/former moderator to overlook your content. The content you have brought to the table is good, however maybe show that you can understand ULX Commands a bit more, even maybe try and create scenarios and demonstrating what you would do upon events like that. Little things like that we look at. Overall, I'm going to give you a Neutral, however my mind can be changed to a +1. Goodluck!!! - Gale
  10. Thanks man appreciate it! Will keep in mind
  11. Thanks buddy, really appreciate the feedback! If you got any questions, I'm there to help
  12. Mad lad, always active, respectful and constantly there to support the community. Perfectly suited for this role. I give this bloke a big ol' +1 Good luck man
  13. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives - GENERAL INFORMATION - Full Name: Sen Magnus. Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Gale' or 'Gallae' or 'Galle'. Previous Occupation: Youngling of the Jedi Order. Current Occupation: Padawan of the Jedi Order. Known Languages: Quarranese or Basic. Hobbies: Constantly being one with the force, pushing the limits of his abilities, Swimming and Duelling. Alignment: Mon Calamari, The Jedi Order - PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION - Mental State: Sane. He is calm, peaceful and untroubled. Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Swimming, Duelling, Drawing, Reaching his ultimate abilities/power of the force. Dislikes: Being unavailable to be there to suppport a fellow trooper/Jedi, Watching the jedi fall. Personality: Friendly, Always open for talking, Always there to help/support a fellow Jedi (Youngling, Padawan, Etc) - PHYSICAL INFORMATION - Physical State: Fit/Healthy, Tall, Well Built Figure Age: 18 Weight: 95 KG Build: Wide Framed (Larger than most people his age), Tall and Well Defined Body Disabilities: - Speed - Agility (Constantly Focused on Improvement) Appearance: Orange Tone, Bluish-Green Eyes, At the height of 6-7" Wearing a loose blue/black/white robe allowing for maximum movement in Duelling/Normal. - JEDI INFORMATION - Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): N/A No Master as of yet. Lightsaber details: Blue Kyber Crystal w/ Normal Hilt Combat style: Current combat style is Form 1, Training to become a user of the Jar'kai form and Saber staff wielder. - BACKSTORY - The Quarren shared his homeworld of 'Mon Cala' with the Mon Calamari (another amphibious species). Around the time of the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo, the Quarren named 'Sen Magnus' represented Mon Cala in the Galactic Republic Senate. During the Separatist Crisis, Sen defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was replaced in the Galactic Senate by fellow Quarren, a Quarren in which no one liked. Not long after, Sen Magnus was despised by his people and exiled from this hometown never to return. Years later had come, Sen Magnus never saw his family, causing a sense of homesickness, however Sen knew what to do and what whats going to come. Over the years of successful training and meditation allowed him to be connected to the force stonger than any opponent he had faced. A connection which was thought impossible, however has been overcome. Sen later returned to his hometown, prepared/waiting for something to come by his way. Sen Magnus had declared a duel with the new Quarren leader, the reward being his return to his hometown and reinstating his family name. After the glorious efforts, the battle had come to an end, leaving Sen Magnus the victor proving his skill and connection to be one with the Force. The Quarren then joined forces with the Mon Calamari, the Republic, the Jedi, and the Gungans in a combined effort to expel the the Separatist invaders from Mon Cala. After uncovering the sinister Separatist plot and re-aligning himself with the Mon Calamari, the Quarren and Mon Calamari fought as allies to uphold peace, from the final stages of the Clone Wars and throughout the Galactic Civil War. - RELATIONSHIPS - Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Padawan Alicia Clessid - Alicia helped Sen Magnus get through all his troubles, training him to become powerful and to build a strong connection to the Force. Padawan Lacerta Filius - Lacerta helped Sen Magnus with duelling, allowing Sen to master the skills/techniques of Form 1: Shii Cho.
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