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  1. I have broken out of CG's grasp enough times in the past (And every now and then to have some fun), It makes it pretty clear the system is good as it is, Outsmart the CG, Also this is a Semi-Serious Roleplay server, Not DarkRP, being arrested for climbing a building or something similar isn't exactly a fun breaker. Tasers and CG don't need a Nerf you need a buff, Just get good a Climbswep and you can get away from any of them. @Chunky People thought CG wasn't active enough, However now you are too active, Tsk tsk
  2. I am surprised you hadn't applied sooner, Holidays are coming and imperial is dropping, We are going to need staff members with your attitude. You would hold well as a staff member and personally I believe you would do quite well in the staff team. Don't really have much to say, The app is short but straight to the point, Well constructed application. +1
  3. I did not record it but can 100% vouch, I may not know much about Development and Modelling but it was already clear that he had improved the fingers of the model when he showed me it afterwards. Obviously the model still needs work in other areas such as the Neck, Shoulders and chest but it was a massive improvement already. He was also extremely nice and even took me through what he was doing to the model in order for me to understand. +1
  4. Well written application Obviously last time you weren't able to make it through however as I am aware you have been someone preoccupied lately with HSC? Now that that is over I am sure you will be very active, You're a great bloke and in-fact I believe you would have been easily accepted last time, Be good to bring in some old good staff members to give some advice. Hope you make it through don't have much else to say +1
  5. Wow bro get back to work. Welcome
  6. Hahahah love how everyone blamed me for that
  7. Couldn't have done it without your birthday sir
  8. JamWay

    I am back

    Keen to see how this plays out, welcome back haha
  9. JamWay

    Zia Laugh

    Now that's content
  10. Great bio mate, Hope to see you rising through the ranks in Jedi. Fix your signature by the way You aren't acting CO and you're a Captain
  11. To add to my statement cause I wasn't able to last night, Luca and Bobby are indeed two very different people. Luca was banned once, Had an effort to come back and actually improved himself. Bobby everytime he has come back has behaved in the exact same manner, He consistently had complete disregard for the rules and other players, He literally makes an effort to be a toxic player. Not to mention even attempted to hide the fact he was back on the server when he shouldn't have been, We knew immediately that it was him, He wasn't honest about it and then continued to behave in a way that got him banned in the first place.
  12. Bobby and Luca are quite different people believe it or not.
  13. Ay, Welcome back Janda! Haven't seen you in a while
  14. JamWay

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Wasn't aware of this and was only aware of the old one he had in his name, My Apologies
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