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  1. Easy +1 mate. I have seen you on the server for a while and I am keen to see what you can do for the community.
  2. Yeah as I was sifting through the list of plugins I tried to stick as close to vanilla as possible, some are just interesting extras while others are incentives to stick around like the offline protection ect. It all depends on if the players want some of these. I do think better chat is a good one as it's compatible with most plugins and generally just makes rust chat a better as you have so much more functionality
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Absolut Combat Link: https://umod.org/plugins/absolut-combat Description: Makes PvP a lot more indepth in rust by rewarding kills with money to purchase better or different weapons/items/armour within a collection. This means that players must kill other players to move up the chain in equipment. Why should we use this plugin?: As you know Rust is heavily PvP and many players on there wanted to create more incentive to PvP by making the map smaller, This could help even more to create PvP. There are many other plugins similar to this with more indepth currency's, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Absolut Gifts Link: https://umod.org/plugins/absolut-gifts Description: Gives gifts and rewards to players who play daily or play for extended periods of time. Why should we use this plugin?: It's pretty self explanatory it creates more incentive to play. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Absolut Market Link: https://umod.org/plugins/absolut-market Description: Creates a global market for buying and selling items and can create a server economy if enough player use it. Why should we use this plugin?: One mans trash is another mans treasure, People might find it easier to get by in the game by trading early or late game items. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Active Sort Link: https://umod.org/plugins/active-sort Description: Sorts a furnace by the click of a button Why should we use this plugin?: We could use this simply to make furnaces easier to manage, However its not 100% needed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Advance Gather Link: https://umod.org/plugins/advance-gather Description: Chance to get apples from trees when cutting them down. Berry Collection from plants. Biofuel from plants. Why should we use this plugin?: Randomises rust a bit with random chances of getting items from foraging. Incentive for plant farming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Anti-Noob-Raid Link: https://umod.org/plugins/anti-noob-raid Description: Enables newbies who are brand new to the server to have their buildings protected, The amount of time newbies are protected can be edited by management. https://umod.org/plugins/playtime-tracker is required (This plugin can be used with Reward systems) Why should we use this plugin?: Gives brand new players a chance to have a headstart without being raided early, Many people quit Rust servers and move on due to being raided early into their playtime. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Plugin: Anti-Offline-Raid Link: https://umod.org/plugins/anti-offline-raid Description: Can decrease damage done to offline bases by a set percentage. Creates incentive to online raid to create PvP. The protection can be set to decrease overtime so bases that have been offline for a certain amount of time are no longer protected. Logging out while being raided isn't an issue as it takes 10 minutes for the "shield" to start working Why should we use this plugin?: Will incentivise online raiding and create more PvP and give people a chance to defend their base. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Plugins that don't need much explanation https://umod.org/plugins/backpacks (Must bind the key to use backpacks) https://umod.org/plugins/ban-fix (Stops server from temporarily freezing whenever a player is banned) https://umod.org/plugins/base-repair (Players can repair their entire base by hitting part of the base with a hammer (Good for honeycomed bases)) https://umod.org/plugins/better-chat (Replaces stock chat, Can be used with up to 30 other plugins for chat functions and admin chat)
  4. Our humble abode has finally been revealed Rust wouldn't exist without our dedication and our petition
  5. When I first saw your application I was skeptical, However I have seen you on the server, Taking into account that fact that these things happened so long ago and were most likely due to yourself becoming burnt out I will be giving a +1.
  6. Loving the application, There's room for improvement such as more detail but other than that it looks pretty good, I have seen you around in the past and you're an alright bloke so good luck! +1
  7. Can't wait for next year!
  8. Jimmy Jack Carlton Dry And sometimes Bailey's to make frappes or thickshakes sorry not sorry it tastes amazing and you can't change my mind.
  9. JamWay


    , Keen to see what happens
  10. Actually can't wait for you to start back up again, let's see what happens.
  11. Imagine not remembering who echo is. I'm keen to see if the Boba Helmet scene is in the series or if they scrapped it
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