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  1. Wowwww no @, Decided to checkout the gateway forums to see how everyone is travelling to see you have stepped down, Goodluck with whatever is in your future @Spirit
  2. Have a good time mate, I see Gateway has sucked you back in!
  3. JamWay


    It's already been quoted chief. Welcome back Humbug, Hope you are doing well remember it is just a Game so no real harm done by you leaving suddenly, your health is important.
  4. Y'Know its been 10 months and this application just got necro'd
  5. Good idea, Should have been done a while back honestly because seeing the queue so big has always scared people away from buying a regiment because of wait times, when in reality half the names on a list never end up wanting the regiment in the end anyway.
  6. JamWay

    What we reading?

    Most of my library is Sci-Fi or Fantasy, I have read Gatsby, Cosi, Cat on a hot tin roof, Macbeth and animal farm for school and all were pretty good books. Reading Twelfth Night at the moment for Literature and its alright but not as good as the others.
  7. JamWay's Farewell I know I technically left a while ago but since then have been dwelling in the teamspeak, Discord, Other GG servers and on the forums. As cringe as it sounds Gateway was pretty close to me, Played with the same community since I was 10 back in Colossal leading me onto Gateway when Kreme first started 501st here I am over 2000 hours later. After my computer broke I saved for years to buy a new computer with the goal of revisiting Gateway, Becoming staff quickly became a goal leading me into becoming an Administrator for a few months and leading a regiment for nearly a year. I may not have been the best Staff member or CO but I did enjoy making people enjoy their time on Gateway the same way I did and I am sorry to those I let down in the end of my time on the server. At times I came off as standoffish or angry but this has always been a personal problem that I will likely be working on for a long time. I mainly didn't want to write a farewell because many people write farewells and come back a week later and I always thought it was silly, I thought I might decide one day to get back into the server (Edit: Why do people ask for me to come and join their regiments literally a day after I make a farewell), But I don't think that's likely going to happen atleast anytime soon or ever. overtime I have lost more and more interest in Gaming other than Arma 3 with my unit occasionally and I think its time I move onto another hobby for now or do something more productive. There will be a decline in my appearances on the teamspeak (Please don't delete my channel yet lol), It's time I get on with it, Hunker down and get Year 12 over and done with. To those reading this who have joined in the last few months like "Who the f*** is this" Goodluck to you. Just a few mentions, I'll try to keep it short and non-cringe @Stooge - While this might be a surprise or maybe you don't remember, Years back on Rupet's MC RPG server I started to look up to you pretty quickly and you were always there to answer whenever I needed help. You also were one of the only people who never shat on me for being a "Squeaker" in a majority teenager server. I really did appreciate the Discord message you sent me a year ago, Even if my response didn't seem to acknowledge that, I was grateful for what you said. @Spirit - Thanks for the hours of laughs and hours of dealing with staff/Navy shit. Sometimes I did get frustrated with you but you were always a pretty good dude. Believe it or not I was kind of happy to be removed from staff even if I do disagree with some methods within staff, It gave me a reason to do other things and branch out. @Coric - When I came back and was in 91st you were one of the first people I became "Friends" (In terms of 91st Banter) with, Since then I watched you make your way up the staff team and jedi and I wanted to follow. Everytime I had an issue I couldn't figure out myself I would go to you for support (sorry). Everytime I couldn't rely on other senior staff or management I would also go to you, You were always easier to talk to than any other authority in the staff team and you took the time to actually answer even if it did mean tabbing out of League of legends (Sorry). @Serbo - While we weren't exactly friends or anything I did still look up to you even when you were a TMod, While I was somewhat bitter like most staff that you flew past us so quickly I did deep down know you deserved the position as you always kept a cool head and easy to talk to. @Ajax - You're probably the only reason I got into staff the third go around. You listed every issue my application had or my character had. Before the third application I pushed to correct everything simply just to prove I could change to get into staff to spite you (Ngl). From there I had no idea wtf to do so I pushed to get Administrator aswell. CTRG arma 3 was pretty enjoyable and I know I kind acted like a lost puppy at the start but gotta start somewhere. @s8n - there's always that one person who complains they didn't get mentioned hence why I hate mentions. I never really talked to you enough to grow an opinion of you. You're an alright dude from what I know and you have done right by the community compared to some senior members in the past *cough*. Cheers for the hours of goodlaughs @Snickerss, @Havoxa, @Scooby, @Limbo, @Kurp, @Astro, @Spirit, @Ferrero, @Terece, @Scope, @Toblerone, @Sloth, @Maxonok, @Trotsky. For the sake of it I'll buy the upgrade just to have a pretty name. I'm still playing Minecraft because I like minecraft, Die mad.
  8. OoooOooooo This might just drag me back in.
  9. It's enough to make a grown man cry.... Goodbye Coric, I'll miss you saying "That's not appropriate JamWay." You were easy to go to compared to others. since many others weren't as open as you were. Surely play Lol again?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPw-3e_pzqU Sign me up
  11. Ah, Yuck does this mean you will move onto VRchat.
  12. Interesting, very interesting. Ein bisschen spät, findest di nicht?
  13. Easy +1 mate. I have seen you on the server for a while and I am keen to see what you can do for the community.
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