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  1. Oh and buddy, Stop using your positives to wash your negatives, I do it too, Keep up the positives cut out the negatives and you wouldn't have these situations. And if you seriously want to be unbanned maybe saying someones reply is "bullshit" and being vulgar is the opposite of what you should do
  2. Please remove this from your appeal if you are serious about it, it paints a really bad image Alright I am going to start off, As Tmod Snow and myself gave him his last warning, I invited him into navy to see how he behaved (Based on past experiences) indeed he was great, I kept an eye on him, he was still mingey but to no extent that was too serious, Gypsyy I told you that if you messed up once then you were out But it seems that when I went inactive for a short time for exams he went and got himself banned again, Indeed he has many warns, some of which were put on him by myself (If I remember correctly?) He did show potential in navy and was willing to RP more than most, Gypsyy, You deserve this ban, especially after the crap I heard when coming back, you are lucky it wasn't a permanent ban. When you get back from your ban, If you ever do I am willing to see you in navy, Stop putting yourself into shitty situations and you will do fine.
  3. Whether we have max mods or not applications are still good, plus anyone could leave the staff team at any time
  4. JamWay

    OI What the

    Legit brought it, It's probably to get people hyped for the new one
  5. JamWay

    Ahh Hi

    Welcome to Gateway Gaming, Once you enter you may never leave, Help us!
  6. Love it, One small error but its just a spelling mistake, Great work
  7. Your application is well thought out and you are well known on the server, I have no clue how frostiey hasn't seen you around since you are very vocal, you are always trying to get yourself into roleplay situations, +1
  8. Those of you messaging me please wait, I have revision week and exam week and won't be working on this until after my exams.
  9. For question 3. There is no warn, if someone threatens to DDoS the server it is a permanent ban, DDoS and threatening to DDoS is highly illegal Try putting more detail into your application and make yourself more vocal on the server Neutral
  10. Look, obviously we need a lot of new EM's and just today I had someone make a complaint that nobody has accepted this, Obviously those above have very good reasons. If you are actually keen on taking this seriously I suggest resubmitting when the cooldown ends, Use things like Grammarly and add more detail I have spoken with snake and he says that you are serious, Make everyone else believe that, try to make yourself more vocal (in a positive way) on the server, you will get EM in no time whether you are a good speller or not
  11. If you have any concerns or suggestions I am all ears
  12. I already discussed this with him. And infact he's the one that said I should make the post to see if anyone is interested
  13. JamWay


    You are no longer a gamer, you are a gateway gamer, welcome to the club bro
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