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  1. Jimmy Jack Carlton Dry And sometimes Bailey's to make frappes or thickshakes sorry not sorry it tastes amazing and you can't change my mind.
  2. JamWay


    , Keen to see what happens
  3. Actually can't wait for you to start back up again, let's see what happens.
  4. Imagine not remembering who echo is. I'm keen to see if the Boba Helmet scene is in the series or if they scrapped it
  5. Welcome back to the community
  6. I do appreciate that Servius, Anything you can do to improve the bridges will be great. Keen to see what you do
  7. I am going to rewrite my response as it clearly didn't get sent through for some reason. I may be Biased, But Hacketty is one of the most by the book person I have ever met, He is fun yet not mingey, Serious yet not toxic. Hacketty has a good attitude towards roleplay and the server and I think he would be fit for the role, We certainly need more people with a similar attitude towards the server such as Coric and Yourself. +1
  8. You weren't exactly the nicest person to me but I learned alot from you so in my books I guess that works out, you have done your fair share for the community from what I have seen and I assume there will always be space for you In the community. Have a good one Ajax. I need my Navy Handbook edit permissions pls
  9. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + "Clone Wars" Episode 1 - Bad Batch Feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts on the latest episode. What were the highlights? What are your predictions for the next episode? Beat Everyone this time, I was waiting
  10. Nowhere near, Still plenty of people from 2016 in here
  11. Sorry for the late reply, Didn't pop up as unread. Sad to see you go blaze but it's something I knew was coming for a long time. I hope you still pop into the teamspeak and play some other games with us!
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