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  1. JamWay

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Luca, I was considering the -1 but after what just happened I am definitely keeping the -1, You not only verbally abused people in the channel but amped your mic up to irritate us all
  2. JamWay

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Fat -1, You were always rude to people and even said about an hour ago in TeamSpeak "I don't even main this server so don't really care" Clearly you don't care so why was staffs time unbanning you?
  3. Keep them coming mate
  4. I don't want anonymous reactions I wanted them removed cause there was an issue with my permissions or something only just found out, Thought it was a new feature, Why ain't this resolved yet.
  5. Just realised this is in teamspeak issues and suggestions, It was like 2am and I was drunk leave me alone xD, Everyone picking on me xD
  6. Need this post like, Removed, This is awkward, My account is apparently different to everyone elses, I wanted anonymous reacting removed not added
  7. Ohhh Nooo my account fucked Fr


    Couldn't post for ages, Can't see reacts and was told it was made anonymous but it turns out its just me dafuq

  8. Theres been a mixup, I thought reacts were already anonymous because I got told it got made anonymous and I myself cannot see who reacts even though I could before but apparently some others can wot. My post wasn't to add anonymous reacts it was to remove it xD
  9. Everyone gonna angry react dis post now bet
  10. As much as I love the feature cause it allows people to express how they feel without putting their name out there I think it sort of has gotten out of hand where I have noticed people randomly angry react majority of people in a thread even if they said something completely positive, Had other people express this same opinion aswell, Love the idea of the anonymous reacts, but is it being monitored so people aren't randomly giving out negative reacts? Also bring back the what the juice react!!!
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