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  1. Hallo Drop down bellow your best [REDACTED] photos. For the sake of not getting in trouble I of course mean Cursed images but ya know It's Rewind Time
  2. You've had the experience, you've done fantastically with said experience, I think a +1 is in order here Plus One Big Maaaan
  3. I aint gonna lie when I say i'm feelin fly
  4. For the time that I've known you Soul, it is clear to me that you have shown dedication, maturity and passion towards your roles on the server and without being bias, i strongly believe you would to great throughout the Trial Moderator period, however personally I believe you should go over your application with some staff members as there are a few minor issues with it, I would recommend putting it into a Google Doc and going from there, I would also recommend talking to Stingel or Pluto. Neutral at current state Edit: After reading you newly updated version I can safely change this to a +1 Great Work Soul. ~Spooky
  5. Super unexpected hahaha, thanks bro. What an absolute man, cheers Ah thanks man likewise, you're an absolute legend. The Feedback you gave me helped out so much, i appreciate the hell out of that. Thank you
  6. Cheers for your help throughout, helped so much Aye cheers bro, a true chad
  7. Current in-game alias/rank: Staff Sergeant B-72 'Spooky' Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions Beta ARC (2019) | Moderator (2018) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84660252 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/spookibones/ List your current playtime (in hours) on our Clone Wars RP server: 109 + 129 What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 18 How well known are you on a scale of 1-10? 6-7 Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? No How will you becoming a moderator impact our community? The Gateway Community is already extremely impressive in comparison to other communities but I would of course keep Fast, Efficient and Reliable service to the Community, as well as engaging in RP when needed (Setting up live breaching courses, volunteering as backup EM etc.) Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Do you also understand that a staff role is one that comes with the expectation of commiting time to helping the users of the server (Up to 20 hours a week)? Yes A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? I would firstly get a detailed report from the individual who reported the situation and advise him that it would be dealt with, I would also check for any other witnesses or footage of the situation occurring. I would then !bring [NAME] the offender and get his side of the situation, if he is rude and noncompliant I would check the /logs and see for myself, If he did in fact RDM other users I would !warn [Name] him for RDM (Depending on the amount) and Player Disrespect, I would then !return [NAME] him and keep an eye on him, If he continued to RDM/Insult users, he would receive (Depending on the severity) # day !ban [NAME] for RDM | Player Disrespect | Ignoring Staff. I would then inform Staff of my decision and inform reporting users that the situation has been dealt with and they can return to their RP. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? Firstly I would !bring [NAME] to a private area and allow them to calm down before continuing, once they calm down I would allow the user to explain himself and hear him out, depending on the situation I may also call in another staff member to avoid bias and discuss the situation with said Staff Member, if we believe that the warn is deserved, we would explain to him the reasons why it cannot be removed today and would invite him to dispute it on the forums. If however the warning did end up being false and the offender proved that he did not deserve the warning, after further consideration the warning would be removed and an apology would be given to the user. I would !return [NAME] the user and would resume my previous tasks. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? DDosing is an extremely serious threat and could severely impact the server and it's Community. I would immediately grab the offenders STEAMID through /logs and !ban [STEAMID] them indefinitely, immediately after i would report it immediately to a higher member of staff such Head Admin+ A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? I would firstly !bring [NAME] both users to a secluded part of the map and calm them down, if they continue I would !freeze and !gag [NAME] both users and explain the seriousness of the situation to them both, once finished explaining I would separate both users to allow each of them to explain their side of the story freely (Possibly with extra help from staff) Once both parties have explained their sides I would attempt to find a compromise or some common ground on the situation. even after all that if they were still arguing with each other I would remind them of their position on the server and that such immature behavior could result in possible demotions or warning from both sides. After the situation is settled I would !return [NAME] them back to their original positions and would keep an eye on any situations involving the two users. If they continued to argue i would issue them both warning for Player Disrespect and would report the situation to a higher staff member for future reference. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? I would !bring [NAME] the cadet back to the training room and would call a Sergeant+ to the training room to train him, if nobody responds I would !bring [NAME] a random sergeant and request they do it. If the cadet continues to minge and not allow the Sergeant to conduct the training, I would !warn [NAME] the cadet for Minging, if he continues even after the first warning he would receive another for Minging and I would have a discussion with him if he actually wants to be on the server, if he does I would then wait until he completed his training, after the cadet is set free I would follow him for a bit using !administrate to check if he intends to break any rules, the moment he does I would !bring [NAME] to a secluded area and explain what i was doing and what rule i caught him breaking, after I have explained myself i would then !warn [NAME] him for the appropriate reason/s, due to him having 3 active warnings at this time he would receive an automatic ban.
  8. The Gameplay and Most of what i've seen though is just sort of bland, at least in my opinion. I get that the company behind it is incredible but it's sort of just kinda basic. Just me?
  9. +1 Choog is clearly a competent, respectful guy with clear experience and knowledge on staff duties. His activity on the server is also extremely commendable as Null Arc are in need of players who actually play rather then vibe. I would back this man any day. Unless he dogged me and got me sent to prison.
  10. 2013??? Jeez Louise alright fair enough, watch it turn out to be garbage though lmao.
  11. Genuine Question Why is Cyberpunk 2077 so hyped for? I'm just confused because I really don't see the charm. Just seems like another game to me. Maybe I'm wrong, lemme know -Spooky
  12. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-1972 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Spooky Previous Occupation: 501st Legion Beta ARC Current Occupation: 187th Legion Known Languages: Dosh, Shyriiwook Hobbies: Kit Maintenance, Drill Practice, Dejarik Alignment: Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Battle Hardened Mental Disabilities: Mild PTSD, Anxiety Likes: Dejarik, Wookies, Training, Deployment, Piloting/Co-Piloting Dislikes: Idleness, False Authority, Rebellions, Droids [All Droids] PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 12 Weight: 91kg Build: Mesomorph Disabilities: Spooky Frequently experiences sharp lower back pains due to a disagreement with a Super Battle Droid. Spooky is also blind in his right eye due to an argument with a Jawa over blaster parts. RELATIONSHIPS | Hatred | Disliked | Acquaintance | Friend | [Stingel] Although Spooky hasn't known Stingel very long, he strongly believes Stingel is the most competent Commander he has fought beside in many years and is looking forward to the future under his command. [Grif] Even though Spooky was recruited by Grif, he believes that Grif is too much of a perfectionist and his pride for himself will get his squadmates injured or even killed. Spooky especially hates that his bunks on Anaxes is right next to Grif's. [Sandman] Sandman was with Spooky on his entry to the 187th and ever since they have been competing with just about everything. If it were up to Spooky, Sandman would spend the rest of his days at the bottom of a Sarlacc Pit. [Murke] Murke has been a great deal of help to Spooky, he was essentially a teacher in the fields of becoming a Sergeant. Spooky and Murke also *REDACTED* get along by frequently playing Dejarik, however Murke made it very clear to Spooky that they are not friends and he hates everything, Spooky thinks otherwise. [Cannon] Spooky and Cannon have also been competing to see who can get to Sergeant first, all around it is just friendly bickering but it is believed Spooky has stronger opinions on the matter. [Yeller] Yeller is one of Spooky's old friends from the 501st Legion, however over time they have drifted further and further, Spooky now only views Yeller as merely a squadmate. [Kicks] Kicks is a genuine man in the eyes of Spooky, they get along and are a tight duo when they work together. they frequently kick back and reminisce about old battles they have fought. [Glitch] Spooky thinks the force is just a fantasy for kids to dream about and the fact that Glitch believes he is "one with the force" infuriates Spooky. Spooky thinks Glitch is a good guy, just misinformed.
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