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  1. OMG MAN USE YOUR MIC!, Nah fr i don't know you much but you seem like a good and fun dude to vibe with, Best wishes!
  2. Man has alot of time on his hand typing this lmao
  3. its called a joke man please dont bully me
  4. Ok my man, When did you go for for mod!??! anyways good bloke i love him and he will make kids cry and punish them well +1
  5. Edit: now that you fixed the app. Answers has changed from before and app looks better from before, thats a pretty strong +1 Good luck champ
  6. Alright look your in delta squad with me your a good guy, all i gotta say is that try your best to SHOW that you want to help and stop messing around. I know we mess around together but theres a fine line between right and wrong and until i see you acting like a sensible, and not to mess around with your friends than i believe you will fit the position. (All love, just some feedback on what you need to work on ) But a +1. Keep it up what your doing you will be fine!
  7. Good bye champ, thxs for suppot my Tao Ni Ma
  8. you know it rein lmao
  9. Name:Shadowz Current Positions: Pilot Officer "Buddy" and Foxtrot "Ace" and Senior General Scar Zeke Age:15 Desired Position:2ic Previous Roles:MSGT 917th/ GSGT501st Have you ever been/are you currently a staff member?: I am a mod right now Capability with ClimbSWEP: I will say pretty good as i am in a rc squad. and a cool gamer Why do you want your specified role in 187th?: Generally i always looked at 187th as if i wanted to be a high ranking in it so i could help the regiment run, Also this will let me and spompe get closer and work the best i can to help out anyways i can. Really i just wanna help spompe the best i can but yeah. Are you willing to be an active and helpful member of the regiment?: Yes im always on every day ;( What will you bring to 187th that will enhance the appeal of the regiment to incoming players?: I will run personal trainings and help them achieve their goal in 187th. Are you currently an active member of the server?: Yes, im sure everyone sees me on everyday (unless i have a loa in)
  10. I known phobia for abit and would love to see him in the staff team along side me, good old +1
  11. yes please, i believe shany would fit in the mod team, +1
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