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  1. Name:Shadowz Current Positions: Pilot Officer "Buddy" and Foxtrot "Ace" and Senior General Scar Zeke Age:15 Desired Position:2ic Previous Roles:MSGT 917th/ GSGT501st Have you ever been/are you currently a staff member?: I am a mod right now Capability with ClimbSWEP: I will say pretty good as i am in a rc squad. and a cool gamer Why do you want your specified role in 187th?: Generally i always looked at 187th as if i wanted to be a high ranking in it so i could help the regiment run, Also this will let me and spompe get closer and work the best i can to help out anyways i can. Really i just wanna help spompe the best i can but yeah. Are you willing to be an active and helpful member of the regiment?: Yes im always on every day ;( What will you bring to 187th that will enhance the appeal of the regiment to incoming players?: I will run personal trainings and help them achieve their goal in 187th. Are you currently an active member of the server?: Yes, im sure everyone sees me on everyday (unless i have a loa in)
  2. I known phobia for abit and would love to see him in the staff team along side me, good old +1
  3. yes please, i believe shany would fit in the mod team, +1
  4. Hey some feedback for the app, When you say that i don't reckon as much of the community knows you that much, what i recommend you doing is hopping in ts and show yourself around and get your name known more And for your answers there really short and bland.... i would recommend you add more to your answers. As this may not matter as much you couldve told us a strong valid reason of HOW you will help the community as there are other mods help. And not being bias or anything but you have a bad reputation, calling ems event bad and talking smack behind ems back, if you have any feedbacks or report go to gary not saying "Oh this event was shit" than leaves the game, soo thats a big -1. As much i respect you going for mod i dont think you will fit in right, if i see your app more descriptive and if you fix your attitude and reputation. (If you think anything i said was wrong or something dm me for more context)
  5. Yo grif some colour man!, nah jk known you in jedi for a few, and i feel like you will become a good mod. Hope to see you in the staff team!
  6. Bro the pacs you did for us, they look so good man thxs, Best wishes man +1
  7. macka wacka. I would love to be staff along side with you man, you better make it!
  8. I've known bread for abit, s he may be young and not know to much stuff, with the right knowledge and training i feel like he could make a ok mod. Best wishes to you!
  9. I would love to see this Lizard become a EM, so i wish to see him running events for us
  10. mattys been A admin in CWRP so i feel like he will do good in IMP, os would like to see him on the staff team and btw matty, You a cringe lord
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