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  1. General Category Player of the Year: @LongInchOfLove Best Artist/Content Creator: @Coca Crow Best Meme: @Pab's acclamator Best Newcomer: @Gecko Most Memorable Player: @LongInchOfLove @Coca Crow @Toblerone @Fuse Best Username: @Soap Most Skilled Player: @Toblerone Most Improved/Redeemed Player: TBD Best Builder: TBD Roleplay Category Commander of the Year: @Toblerone Regiment of the Year: 41st Elite Corps Best Roleplayer: @LongInchOfLove Best Duelist: @Andy Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff: @Pab Most Helpful Staff: @Pab Best Staff Newcomer: @Clazza Best Developer: @Rambo Best Event Master: @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020: TBD Most Friendly Staff Member: @Pab @ItsGary
  2. Could I make a ghillie suit with pac, Being apart of 41st Im thinking of adding a ghillie suit (for forest terrain) to keep hidden and with the mixture of Camo and bush it would make me exceptional at staying hidden in the terrain
  3. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-9270 Autumn Known Alias’/Nicknames: Autumn Previous Occupation: 927th Medic Current Occupation: 41st Trooper Known Languages: Basic Hobbies: Reading, Learning History and Torture Alignment: G.A.R PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes (optional): History, Medical Activities, Tinkering with droids. Dislikes (optional): CIS Droids, Not being able to do his job. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy Age:13 Weight: 79.832KG Build: Average Disabilities: N/A Backstory (Optional):Autumn while being an unassigned Clone Trooper began researching about old History and many other Topics he found interesting, he was later transferred to a strange base where he met a trooper named fuse who trained him for the 38th, Autumn later left the 38th and joined 917th which he enjoyed bit he wanted more of a combat role and that's when he found the 41st.
  4. Name: BIG MAN JENKINS.Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/OldManJenkinsTheGreat/In-game Name: Private 9270 Autumn.Why do you want it: 2 reasons, 1 because I would love to be an old Jedi called old man Jenkins that tries to learn everything he can about the Sith and original Jedi and 2 who doesn't want to be a guy who has a glowy stick.
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