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  1. Name: LongSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065216280/In-game Name: LongServer: (Clone Wars RP )Why do you want it: Think it would be man fun and make for some interesting and engaging rp
  2. fuck you guys, I'll ask: surely we get some fortunate son going over the voice amp
  3. Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 20 List your current playtime: 1270 Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? No Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Steam ID: 76561198065216280 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065216280/ Current in-game alias/rank: BAT-COM Long Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions N/A How known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: I've had heaps of experience with fun ideas that engage and interact with the players on the server. I've come up with a bunch of fun things in the past and have received plentiful help from the EM team in making those ideas come to life. I'd love to be able to explore and learn about GMOD so that I can open up new avenues and find better ways of making these ideas come to life in the server. I love the community and feel that I have a good balance between being serious while making sure everyone has fun. To make sure that everyone has fun - I need to make sure that everything is fair for everyone, and it's important to try and make sure that everybody has a role to accomplish at some point. I love planning and working with people, and have had a significant amount of experience being an EC in the past (before I became 2IC and CO of 917th). While watching the EMs do their thing and explain stuff to me, I've learnt a bit on how everyone hosts events. Working with the ECs as well as the tools I'll hopefully get to learn and use will make for some fun events (I hope). Would love to give this a shot and give back to the server that's made me laugh and have fun for a couple months of being a part of it. Have you participated in many of our Events?: Yes. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools? (Provide examples): Not really, however I'm a quick learner. I know that you can select the NPC and tell them where to go, tell them to be hostile or friendly, and adjust their health. I'm quite familiar with the basic tools needed to create dupes and small-scale events (weld, precision, model-manipulator, advanced duplicator). Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses: Not gonna lie on this application and go study them last minute to give you a false idea of how competent I am with the tools as I want to give you guys the ability to properly gauge my level of understanding of GMOD. This is because if you guys have the right idea with where I'm at, it'll be wayyy easier to teach me. If given the opportunity I'll definitley put some time into learning them, however as of now, this is where I'm at: -Physgun: Helps people out when stuck as well as being able to manipulate dupes and other entities to give some more life and accessibility for the event. - Advanced duplicator: Interesting dupes can be pre-made to help bring the environment and setting of the event to life. Can also make contraptions which make the event more immersive and exhilarating. - ECs: Having good EC's are vital in maintaining certain stories and missions. If used properly, ECs can play a huge role in the mission and help produce more roles for the players. I.E., injuries that medics need to deal with, if the EC needs to be detained - CG, if the EC has a bomb planted on them etc. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?: Not to the exact, however I have been in plenty of events that have almost blown my legs off due to my computer making scary sounds and possibly exploding underneath my desk. I have a good sense of the limits that the server has. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your staff rank's powers outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: Yes. Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before: Yes. (As stated previously so I won't go into detail here.) On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have? 8 On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands? 3 Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: The recent events on this server have just reminded me how much I enjoy being on it, regardless of what I'd be doing. This server is great due to the fact that there is such a smooth flow between serious RP and having fun every now and then. I'd like to be an EM as I want to give back a bit to the server, as well as see people just enjoying themselves, having a good time and getting to try out the stuff they've been training on with their regiment. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)? Absolutely. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events? Very confident, I've had plenty experience leading regiments for events as well as giving briefings and de-briefings. I love talking so will be more than happy to stand up infront of a bunch of people and tell em what's going on. An event doesn't go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? I'd most likely laugh about it for a hot minute with them, while attempting to get the event back on track with an alternative idea. For example, maybe the General escaped through a vent underneath the elevator, or maybe he was able to just barely crawl out and escape. I don't think mistakes like that should be ignored, but accepted and dealt with accordingly. A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? It really depends on what 'bad-mouthing' is, if they were giving me some constructive criticism (no matter how harsh) I'd respond with thanks and acknowledgement to make sure that I work on whatever I messed up. If the player is bad-mouthing for the sake of it, I'd just ignore him and keep going. Luckily I have trust in the server's player base to not have the majority of players have their time ruined by one player who might be having a tough day. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? Ask other EM's if they're prepared to be a backup a significant time before the event takes place. Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? I'd deal with it by removing anything that may be causing lag (that isn't vital to the event), I'd try to spread the main force out a bit more as to avoid 'voice-lag' and I would also go abit easier on the special effects and NPCs. Then I would blame it on streamline. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. Planet: Geonosis. Situation: Clone prisoners have been taken and it's up to Taskforce Gateway to rescue them. We have reports of malnourished and injured clone prisoners in there, as well as a HVT that we must bring back alive. Orders: The facility will be laced with heavy resistance. The troopers will need to push through and reach the prison cells. Those who can slice will have to slice through the defense mechanisms, disabling turrets and rayshields while the rest of the troops defend them. Scans reveal that the prisoners and the HVT will be in different locations, so we'll have to split the force up (this will help out with lag as it will be indoors for a bit of the event). Medics will be assisting with the defence until the slices are complete, in which they will 'tag-in' - with those doing the slices who are now helping the main force defend while medics will be applying medical aid to malnourished and injured prisoners, stabilizing them and preparing them for transport. The HVT is known to be stubborn, especially against the republic. We'll need some negotiation, or some good ol' gag-n-drag if needed (CG/ARC/RC). Once the prisoners are ready for transport, the 2 main forces will have to fight their way out of the facility and rendezvous at a point outside, in which they will hold while LAATs come and extract the prisoners and HVT. This is probably application suicide regarding how I haven't given a three-page description of my event, however I honestly feel that events shouldn't have a minute-by-minute plan. Even if all goes according to plan - the event will be alot more enjoyable and will feel alot more immersive and 'alive' if the scenarios in the events responded to the players and their actions, rather than just following a pre-planned path to the exact. The beauty of this game is that events aren't planned to the extreme where it feels like a single-player game mission, rather - I'd like to cultivate the idea of having consequences (both good and bad) for the decisions that the players make and will go from there, communicating closely with any EC's involved and the players in the mission.
  4. Name: Long Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065216280/ Server: Imperial RP In-game: Darling/ Long/ Love Why do you want it?: Never really had a chance to do RP or play as a sith/jedi, would love a chance to experience it
  5. i cant fucking believe this
  6. +1 This man has the perfect balance between fun and fair. He handles every situation that requires diplomatic skill with heaps of ease and experience, would love to have this reliable man as a mod for the server.
  7. This is really cool, great to see these kind of updates coming in
  8. General Category Player of the Year @Me nam e Jeff Best Meme @Jazza's existence Most Memorable Player @Coca Crow Most Skilled Player @Knotts Most Improved/Redeemed Player @Shadowz Best Builder @Flyglow_was_Taken for the amazing Medical ATTE Roleplay Category Best Roleplayer @8831 Epsilon Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff [@Stingel] Most Helpful Staff [@Buck :)] Best Developer [@Merc] Best Event Master [@Buck :)] Most Friendly Staff Member [@Stingel]
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-1165 Long Current Occupation: 917th Medical Division Commanding Officer Previous Occupation: N/A, Medic straight out of the tube. Known Languages: Basic Hobbies: Helping troopers with their injuries on field and fixing people up in the surgery room. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Completely stable until a Massif walks into the room. Mental Disabilities: Massifphobia. Likes (optional): Not being around Massifs. Dislikes (optional): Being around Massifs. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy Age: 10 Weight: 85kg Disabilities: Extremely suspect to laughing fits if others are laughing around him. Backstory (Optional): Not really much of a backstory, I never really knew what I could do to help the Grand Army of the Republic until I became a Medic. Not only do I like it, but I feel straight at home when dealing with my brother's injuries. It is a bit hard at times when you can't save someone, but that just makes us train harder to make sure it happens less and less. I also have this really cool idea for a new weapon called the bacta hose (ask me about it).
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