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  1. You aren't supposed to +1 your own application. Im going to be honest your PAC's are very simplistic with minor changes involved, if you could provide any detailed PAC's besides a simple Resize of a arm that would be helpful, -1 For now.
  2. As @Morpheushad stated the 3 Warns = 3 day ban system was put into place, you were verbally warned countless times regarding your actions yet you persisted in doing such. The ban that was given to you is to be set more as a break period so you can come back when you are willing to comply with server rules/regulations, if you believe the warnings that I have given you are unfair I can say that multiple people within the staff team and the server can vouch that you were given multiple verbal warnings and chances to fix your behaviour and you did not. Overall I don't think you should be unbanned as your actions have not deemed it worthy, I recommend fixing your attitude and your aspect on role playing before you rejoin the server.
  3. Here's my take on your App I Think this is a joke, Detail, Grammar and any effort at all are lacking. I also think your attitude on the server has to improve and I recommend reading up on other peoples accepted applications to get a sense of what detail and effort should be put into something like this. Your Behaviour can also be put into question at times with yourself receiving multiple warnings within the past month, If you wish to pursue joining the staff team we need to see some improvement on all fronts. So for now it's a -1
  4. Hey Blowpa, Here's my take on your application. First off is this a mistake? I Must say that application has a amazing amount of detail and I can see that you have put some effort into making it, The color coding also helps a lot is well. I Will now move onto your attitude and Behavior in game, as someone who works with you in game I get to witness what some of your behavioral tendances are like. For the most part they can be fine some days and others can be a bit off the rails, as a Staff member it's good to know the place and time for messing around and how to go about which for the most part I can see that is something you may haft to work upon if you were given a T-MOD Position. Kindness and understanding is almost key elements of being a staff member it helps you be Cooperative when dealing with staff sits. I Do have one final question for you as you are in a security regiment, say some decided to contest your RFA and made a ticket about it, How would you react? Besides that I think the application looks good just a few things on the server will haft to be fixed up but for the most part +1 Good luck
  5. Hey Deyash, Heres my review on your MOD App I Think anyone is capable of being a staff member but from what I can see in your responses is some were Passable and others not so much, Also Some of the answers are also incorrect I would definitely recommend reading up on the server rules. Under any scenario a DDOS threat is a serious and 9/10 Will result in a instant Ban from the server no matter was said, sometimes a staff sit isn't even called it's just a instant Permanent ban. This tells me little to nothing on how you would go about fixing the situation the Higher ranking part is correct but it lacks in detail in every way possible. I Think you have mixed up the point of this question, the point was someone 'Had' no might have been Mass RDMing and insulting other players, all I can gather from this is straying far from the actual question, in this case also 9/10 If the user is Mass RDMing and Causing issues with other players a ban would need to be instated. So for today I will be giving you a -1, Good luck
  6. I Think this explains everything that is need to be said, for now I recommend getting more known within the community as I don't think many people know who you are, I also find your answers lacking in some detail is well. I Hope I get to see more of you in game and around the community but as you are too new I will be giving you a -/+, Good luck.
  7. Hey Baron, Heres my take on your staff Application. First off this Perhaps getting more familiar with the rules but if anyone has threatened to DDOS the server it is a Instant Permanent Ban which of course as a TMOD You can't do but you can always ban him for the max you can then tell a SNR Staff to extend it further. This answer is fine but if there was a argument typically you would want to vacate them straight away and !bring them or tell them to cut it out. The Rest of the answers are passable. I think you have the right mind and attitude to be a staff member and you seem to be approachable from what I have seen so for this I will be granting you a +1 for your application today, good luck.
  8. Kestoren, I Have known you from other servers and places and heres my take on your staff App. (Morpheus also raises some good points is well) I Believe there is some part of you that is capable of being a staff member but as of late I have not seen it in the slightest, I think with your recent actions you tend to be very aggressive and hostile. Some users also find it very hard to communicate with you and communication is very important in the staff team with Teamwork and Co-operation being utilized almost all of the time as a MOD. Though you seem to understand how to mod on paper it is different when you really get into it and you can find yourself in some interesting scenarios. I think a main point with you on GG in 'particular' is your attitude towards how you treat other players and how you go about sharing your image on the server. Being staff takes a lot of patience and maturity which I think you can definitely have a lack of sometimes, It is also important to note that being a staff means you are also being a role model and if players catch you acting aggressive or hostile towards them they might get the wrong idea and that is never a good look for the staff team. I Would also like to ask you a question regarding yourself being a Inquisitor, If you were in a scenario where someone you killed contested that it could be RDM how would you go about confronting it?, Would you handle it personally or would you get assistance?, Or would you simply let it unfold onto another Moderator and let him sort it out?. I am also aware of your past on other servers but I won't get into detail for a GG Staff app so good luck. I Think there is potential but you really haft to prove it and in the current climate of things your attitude and characteristics at this current time is something that isn't valued in any staff team. I think fixing relations and proving to the community that you can be approachable, easy to talk to and kind will get you to places where you want to go. So for now I will be leaving a -1
  9. The main Issue isn't the DC to avoid Punishment but the MRDM is the much larger issue. Now the DC To avoid arrest may be taken off if Higher staff deem it worthy but that doesn't foreshadow the MRDM
  10. Regarding your ban today, The evidence that was given to me was more than enough cause for your Ban, Let me get into detail So the timings were 2:22pm - 3:12pm, Throughout all of the logs that were given you have killed approximately 8-10 People Throughout that time, There was also more than 15+ Players which had been stated and even then killing people below 15 Players without a reason can still land you in trouble. The ban for Mass RDM goes as follows, While there were no staff present it appears you have been placed in the Brig for Murder which you were being uncooperative and a ISB member stated to one of my personnel "He has commited Mass RDM I am calling a Staff member" From there after hearing about what was going on the server when there was no staff to deal with it I quickly Hopped on to deal with everything that was going on, I had 2-3 RDM Cases, 1 Player Disrespect and multiple other smaller issues. Your ban was stated for the MRDM as that is what it was if you can provide me any clarity as to why you were running around killing people that would be great. Regarding the NITRP it also Co-Exists with the MRDM as you were not willing to comply with ISB members and they didn't want to deal with you which is why they called a staff member, The fact you were also "Freeing your Bros" as you state it in the video reinforces the fact of the NITRP Reason being stated. I think you need to have a think about your actions and why it has come to this. Regarding the DC to avoid punishment I Was a given multiple alibis regarding you DCing to avoid Punishment and I also found it quite odd that a ISB member Stated you did, I have watched over the video and you stated in it after I was connecting that you had to leave and right after you left I got on and dealt with it I also find it odd that you either had enough to log on to see your ban and respond to all this if you had to go?. Any further Questions please ask but I don't believe you should be unbanned Nuv.mp4
  11. I Haven't seen any issues with you and your activity is fine, you also seem to be known within the community and you understand basic ULX Commands. My Only question for you is, if you were involved in a RP Scenario and for whatever reason it was taken to a staff sit because someone complained, would you take the claim personally as you were directly involved? or would you let someone who wasn't involved handle it? Besides that +1
  12. Hey Keyz So First things first I just want to say that sometimes you can get on peoples nerves and you do some stupid things sometimes, but I also see in other scenarios where you can actually be mature and sort situations out with mutual respect, and this side of you is 10x better then the immature side. I think you have a long way to go in terms of keeping that mature side on you. Most of the time because if you act out in the staff team it reflects badly on the community and that isn't something Gateway needs. I Would also like to point out that any DDOS Threats are too be taken to a ban even if it is joke related, as there is no compliance when it comes to joking about DDOSing a server. Some of your answers state the base level of detail to just pass but some of them are in need of more detail, I Would also recommend reading up on the Server rules it is located on the main page. In Honesty Keyz you are a really nice bloke when people get too know you, I think you haft to show people that side of you that is mature, understanding and willing to help and I don't think anyone would ever have a issue with you. So for today Keyz I will be leaving a Neutral, I Wish you the best of luck on your staff application.
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