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  1. The Kingsley Journal, This is sick! Keep it coming my guy.
  2. Oh I forgot to add to this further. Fernando, Mentok and Phil Ken Sebben.
  3. Name: Jeff Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_eye_mynamejeff or STEAM_0:0:43331632 In-game Name: 4020 Jeff Why I want it : I have made Doom's Unit my nest now and have been reluctant to step outside of it for anything else. In saying that, I have done some EC events where I have had to play the bad guy and managed to swing a light saber or two against the order. I would be happy to remove my shield blinders to experience what else the community has to offer. Activity? No problem.
  4. Speaking of Doom's Unit. I am a fan of Unidentified Doom's Unit clone trooper (Plasma welder). Under rated in my opinion.
  5. crab.mp4 Crab. video0_10.mov video0-40_1.mp4
  6. I noticed. Lets hit the sauna. There's towels there.
  7. 105960322_3224853504243214_1653660247379503543_n.mp4
  8. Honestly the community has been great. No one here deliberately goes out of their way to give you a hard time and has always been supportive. I joined up with the intentions of being a absolute minge but couldn't do it because of how nice everyone was to me the first time and actually showed me what SWRP was. This was a large contrast to other servers I dived into where I would always get arrested and/or yelled at for not knowing what was going on. Always the yelling, never helping. As for the RP, I am getting more enjoyment in the development of DU and seeing the results during the events. Medical RP has always been a good laugh and can always lead down a rocky road of accidentally stabbing someone in the lung or leaving a needle in my pants and getting stabbed.
  9. Probably the only book series that sucked me in. All the other books I tried I lost interest pretty quickly. Open to suggestions as my writing skills are lacking because of that. Boy did I have nouns wrong for years.
  10. Blast from the past? Jeff's first mission with 187th and discovering how to control the tv.
  11. On the anniversary of my discovery of this server, I think it fitting that I introduce myself. Good afternoon. My name is Jeff and you may remember me as the white-haired Doom Medic who is always up to some sort of shenanigans/CG entertainer/enthusiastic screamer/leg collector. I have been having a blast on the server and even more now with the rebirth of DU, Cosmos has cured my terminal Specialist rank ways by taking some responsibility. Hope to contribute some more to the forums.
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