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  1. +1 Pog event idea in my opinion. From my interactions with this lad he has a great imagination and that is a big +1 in my opinion. A fresh mind to the EM would would help out a lot to bring some new event ideas.
  2. Honestly this man has never run a bad event. His simple patrols, do not involve moving from one point to another killing stuff, but rather go down a literal rabbit hole and to solve a puzzles without us knowing. They are engaging do bring a lot of interest during our down time. +1 for harpoon role play.
  3. Name: JeffSteam Profile Link : https://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_eye_mynamejeff/In-game Name: Commander JeffServer: (Clone Wars RP)Why do you want it: Wouldn't mind learning another side of the server I have never experienced.
  4. Welcome to the server my guy. Already had some awesome interactions with you so far.
  5. Name: Jeff Steam Profile Link : https://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_eye_mynamejeff/ In-game Name: Commander Jeff Server: (Clone Wars RP) Why do you want it: Wouldn't mind learning another side of the server I have never experienced.
  6. Been hanging around with this guy for a while now. He has always been the loud voice of reason and won't hesitate to call someone out if they are doing something wrong. His drive for continuous improvement with Doom's Unit is to be commended for. His efforts are not only for us, he routinely branches out to the other regiments, helping from anything from sheets creation to helping others with training. I think having this quality of helping others is a massive drive on what a moderator should be. Good luck with the application mate and here is my massive, +1
  7. Loving the Doom's Unit one mate. Well done.
  8. Shadowz was one of the server members I saw floating around and had some interactions with him in the past. Seemed to be one of those active players who kept popping up in random places to say hello and check in on us. Since becoming our regimental Jedi I have got the privilege to know him further, I can say he is a very friendly guy and easy to get along with. He is very keen to learn and observant on how we operate. From my personal interactions with him, I would say he would be a keen and enthusiastic member of the moderator team. +1
  9. My interactions with this man have been pleasant and has even assisted our regiment with a patrol that was supposed to be quite. We used this patrol to get one of the quieter members out of their shell and a feel on how to call out targets and best places for shield walls. Because he was going so well, I called on Shua to our aid myself in catching all the lads off guard with some cheeky droid placements. This was a short notice thing and he came through for us. It really added to not only the squad leads confidence but added breaching training value to everyone. +1
  10. General Category Player of the Year Epsilon from Dooms unit ( Not of the forums ) Best Artist/Content Creator @Buck :) Best Meme - Straightway Gaming @Buck :). shields and you. @LongInchOfLove Best Newcomer @PigOrganSoup (Wildhog)(Noise from 917th). @LongInchOfLove. Most Memorable Player JammyJack as Gregor @Baj @Jazza Best Username This is Knight Bob in ETA- 52991, Requesting permission to depart via UHD, Flight code : 82. @Carrot ( yes this was his name ) - Gunnery Sergeant at Arms Gun Explosion @Cannibal [email protected] Most Skilled Player @Squishy Most Improved/Redeemed Player (Reaper from Dooms unit) Best Builder @Cannibal Slug @Seeker Roleplay Category Commander of the Year @Xao_Acroheart Regiment of the Year Dooms Unit ( Conflict of interest I know ) Best Roleplayer @Coca Crow @Cazzete Best Duelist @Vash Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff @Pluto @Pab Most Helpful Staff @Dterroriser @Pluto @Pab Best Staff Newcomer @Dterroriser Best Developer Best Event Master @Sas @Buck :) Best Campaign 2020 The Directorate Act 2 @Buck :) Most Friendly Staff Member @Pluto @Noc @Pab
  11. Oh I forgot to add to this further. Fernando, Mentok and Phil Ken Sebben.
  12. Name: Jeff Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_eye_mynamejeff or STEAM_0:0:43331632 In-game Name: 4020 Jeff Why I want it : I have made Doom's Unit my nest now and have been reluctant to step outside of it for anything else. In saying that, I have done some EC events where I have had to play the bad guy and managed to swing a light saber or two against the order. I would be happy to remove my shield blinders to experience what else the community has to offer. Activity? No problem.
  13. Speaking of Doom's Unit. I am a fan of Unidentified Doom's Unit clone trooper (Plasma welder). Under rated in my opinion.
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