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  1. Baj

    pab or stingel

    Pretty much pab or stingel
  2. @Shanny @Borris is your homie in question.
  3. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Currently: "Sergeant [S-3] Animal-Mother" EDIT: Yah boy just got RSC CO Previously: "2LT Gregor" of Foxtrot "Colonel Spartax" of Doom's Unit "Staff Sergeant B-07 Boj" of Doom's Unit "Major Bacara" of Galactic Marines "Sergeant [S-6] Screamer" of RSC (before navy merge) Steam Link & ID: <STEAM_0:1:510879673> <Steam Profile> Discord Name: TeamSpeakUserBaj#0001 What experience you have in Navy: Before the Republic Starfighter Corps was was merged with Navy I reached the rank of Sergeant, proving my competency of LFS Vehicles. And Currently I have rejoined Navy with the intent of becoming the Republic Starfighter Corps CO as there was vacancy after the previous CO left. Also I have spent time in CG and know how to Arrest and Process clones so training up NSF wouldn't be hard. Why you want the role, & why you will be a viable candidate: I want the role to so I can turn navy into a functioning community dedicated to Navy RP on the server. I feel I have the necessary skills to run and train a strong navy. I have experience in leadership positions such as a Colonel in Doom's Unit, CO of GM, Beta ARC and I used to be a Moderator on Clone wars. I feel I can help lead navy with the other member's to a good place.
  4. Only joined Gateway to minge and be a serial asshole.. like the rest of the community. I think he did what most of us did and enjoy their time on gateway and tidy the act up a bit. from what I've seen Sydney has become a pillar of the community in 7th and in the TeamSpeak. he also takes his roles in regiments (7th company CO and 501st Jedi). +1
  5. Sevy was a brand spanking new level one shiny when he join Galactic Marines under me, some of his first questions was how he could become a CO and staff. from the very beginning he was eager to learn and apply himself to get the necessary skills and experience to become these roles, out of all the applicants for a GM Company CO position Sevy was the least experienced but by far the most eager and active. Sevy then lead Raider Company for a good while. If the staff team decides to bring Sevy on, he might not be the best moderator or most skillful but buy far the most eager to learn and improve himself as a leader in the community and moderator. +1 @Flea @Stingel
  6. if your gonna negative one, at least give some evidence to back your claim up.
  7. Might be back soon and idk. 7th reich under furhër Sydney sounds good.
  8. @Toblerone is a fooking gronk.
  9. Ye later lads, got a life to live. might come back later in the year when I got shit sorted. might not. still gonna be around, just ain't playing no fucking Garry's Mod. I would make a big list of the people id thank and shit but I can't be fucked. You people know who you are, all the great mates I have met on this platform. (fuck teamspeak) So here's a gem from the foxtrot minge days. Garrysmod_2020.08.29_-_22.56.08.02.DVR_Trim_2.mp4 Garrysmod_2020.08.29_-_22.56.08.02.DVR_Trim.mp4
  10. Baj

    Any Musicians?

    bro I hear @Flea is the master of the keyboard. he regularly ear rapes us with his hit single "Typing".
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